Saturday, April 20, 2013

Broken promises

Tita Lods planned to play with you on Thursday but because she needs to prepare 2 presentations, she missed seeing you my little ones. Tita Lods promised she'll visit you last Friday but broke her promise again, she forgot she had a dinner with her officemates on that night. This weekend, she can't still make it so she swears she'll make time next week.

Because your mom is in another land right now, Tita Lods promised to look after you but all she can do is just call. Good thing Tita Lich, Tita Tonts and Tita Kalay had a day-off last week ng sabay-sabay so they were able to take you to swimming. Thanks tita dears for looking after the kids when ate mabz and Ate lods are not around.

Happy 1st Birthday Zoe!

Today is the 1st birthday of our inaanak Zoe and we are here at a resthouse here in Pila Laguna. The place is owned by their Tito and it has a big house, 1 big and 1 small pool, cottages and has a wide space to house us all guests.

Lilo and stitch is the theme of the party so we are in a hawaiian mode right now... This is my first summer get away for this year and though I couldn't swim because of the very wrong timing of my period, i still am enjoying the relaxing feeling of this place.

Thanks Ate Len and Jovet for inviting us.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kimy Crazy Banana

Because it is so hot, we are always looking for something cold desserts to tickle our dry mouths.
We tried this Kimy Crazy Banana from Nestle... And it's really crazy eating this popsicle because you have to peel it like banana, it tastes like frozen banana and i loved it.

It will be fun sharing this with the kids... I know they'll love it too... :)

Love Letters

The technology today is so advanced. With the cellphone, social networking sites and all other social media, the courtship nowadays became so different than decades ago. I don't even know if the teens today even know how to write letters anymore... So I am proud to have experienced receiving love letters from my suitors during my younger days.

I found these letters from my old cabinet back home in Bicol and I can't stop myself laughing while reading some of them. It feels so good to know that my old guy friends sent me those letters. Hahaha!