Friday, March 28, 2014

Uratex Bio-aire Mattress Pad

So then, my complete bed rest started yesterday.  As in, I'm staying in bed the whole time but I cannot just turn sideways because I feel some pain everytime I do so.  I really don't want to take risk so I really have no choice but to lay on my back the whole time.  Although the AC was on the whole time yesterday I can still feel my back becoming too hot.  I now know the feeling of the babies that cry when they are left in bed for a long time.  Also, I believe we have the best quality mattress and I never felt uncomfortable sleeping in it since but yesterday was different.  I was complaining to hubby about it so he's helping to put me in sitting position but the pain in my abdomen is startng if I am in sitting position for longer time.  So I have no choice but to lay down again.

After breakfast this morning and after making sure I will no longer need to use the restroom, he went out for a while.  He was actually out for more than 1 hour and when he went back, he had some groceries and a Bio-Aire Mattress Pad from Uratex.

He helped me get up and i got a very quick shower while he puts the mattress in my space of the bed. I asked him to take pictures of course before setting up the bed sheets and pillows back on their places.  Well, the colors of our bed sheets are still very bachelor and the mattress that he bought is still blue.  I asked hubby he could have gotten the other colors like the yellow or the cream but he chose blue because this is the softest among the others, hhmmm... Sige na nga! :)

This is what's in the label.  Bio-aire Mattress Pad has a convoluted shape which prevents and helps heal skin ulcers, eliminates bed sores, reduces pressure pains, allows air flow and prevents your body from becoming too hot during sleep.  Its peaks provide softness and comfort while its hollows provides passageway for air to pass through.  Truly a great addition to your mattress!

We are just on the 6th week of my pregnancy and I don't know how long I need to be on bed rest but having this bio-aire mattress makes my bed rest more bearable and comfortable for me and baby.  Thank you hubby for being so thoughtful.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

6 weeks

"The essence of being a woman is bearing a child in her in womb and deliver it to the world".  This was the winning answer of a candidate in a pageant during my intel days and alas! She won the crown of Ms. Intel Summer Bodies 2006. #tbt

Being pregnant is the most wonderful news a couple/family could ever receive.  But pregnancy is not as easy as 1, 2, 3... Only those women who experienced pregnancy could tell.  There are those who are very lucky that may have not experienced any trouble during pregnancy and those that need utmost care and doctor's supervision.  Well, sad to say, i belong to the later.

Yes, I am on bed rest for a week now.  I saw the OB on my 5th week & 4 days and that was just last week.  There's bleeding inside of me and there was no heatbeat yet.  The baby was as small as a sesame seed that time.  I was advised to have a bed rest, no oily food, no coffee and no milk and few medicines such as folic acid, aspilet to absorb the blood and the other one "pampakapit".

I followed the advise of the doctor.  I took a medical leave from the office and just stayed at home.  I was on bed rest but from time to time I sit down in the sala to watch movies, go downstairs, go to my in-laws for each meals riding a car because their house is few blocks away from ours.  Last Sunday, We still went to the church early in the morning to hear a mass and oh, still working from time to time... This was pretty much my routine last week.

Today, was my follow-up checkup with my OB.    On our way to the hospital, i was feeling some pain in my abdomen, and this was the same pain i was feeling since yesterday.  I was scheduled to have the ultrasound first before going to the OB.  This was the 2nd time i experienced the most uncomfortable  ultrasound which is the transV, last week was the first because my baby was so small so it can not be detected yet by the normal ultrasound method.  Before taking the transV, i was again advised to empty my bladder.  I was surprised to see some blood on my panty and became so nervous.  My husband was itching to call the OB when I told him about the spotting, but i said let's see first the result of the ultrasound.

I was praying that the baby will have a heartbeat before the procedure begins. And when the doctor said, oh wow, we now have a heatbeat, my tears started to flow because that was what i was afraid of, that my baby do not develop a heartbeat.  But I still have the bleeding as per the doctor.  Some more measurements on my uterus was made and my hubby was called to enter the room.  The doctor showed us the movement inside which was not there last week.  The movement was the heatbeat and even my hubby was teary eyed hearing the good news.  The doctor said, the baby measures 6 weeks and 1 day, and that i started asking because I should supposed to have 6 weeks and 4 days old baby. My OB was immediately prompted of the result and advised me to go see her immediately.

The OB said the bleeding is preventing the baby to develop that is why it is already delayed for few days now.  The bleeding is also blocking the oxygen of the baby so it needs to stop.  The doctor cannot do anything but to advise me to take the medicine and have complete bed rest.  That means minimal movements, no standing, and walking.  It's up to me how i will be taking care of the baby since she already advised the same last week and the result was the same.  I was also advised that if i experience spotting again, any time of the day, be it midnight or dawn, we need to call her immediately and go straight to the delivery room.  I have a threatened abortion case as per my OB.

Hearing that last advise from the OB seems the most painful news i ever received that day.  It was as if the doctor is expecting something bad to happen on my baby.  Ok fine, the OB was really not harsh when relaying the info, she was just telling me to strictly follow her advise and see what happens when i didn't.  Maybe it was my fault too because i still did a lot of movements since last week. I was already crying going out of her clinic.

I still have ranging emotion that kept me crying but I am determined to keep my baby safe.  Now, i will be staying in bed all the time and will do this just to save my baby.  We are praying to God to protect our little one and stop my bleeding. Please please God.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

God's gift

Eversince 2014 came in, a lot of changes happened in my life.  I became a happy wife after i married my 12-year long boyfriend last new year's eve.  Packed my things and live together with my husband, and that means driving 1.5hours from home to office compared to when I was at home with my parents which was just 8 minutes drive. At work, new roles were given to me, meaning 3 bosses from the business aside from the 2 bosses that I have from technical.  Who's complaining? I'm not :). These are also the reason why I've been missing in the blogsphere for more than a month now.

Another big change is coming....

Last weekend, I thought my period was about to start.  I had some few drops of blood but then, it stopped.  I thought it will restart again after few hours or on the next days but it didn't.  This was when i started to suspect that I might be pregnant.  I also started to have some weird feelings.  Sometimes, I feel light-headed, feels like I wanna throw-up and in the morning, my breast are swollen.  I was scared to take the test at first, I wanted to follow the advise of my bestfriend Irene to wait for 2 weeks, baka delayed lang daw ako. Hubby and I agreed to wait for another week before we do the test.  You know it was so difficult to see the pregnancy kits just sitting on our medicine cabinet in the bathroom and not to use them....everytime I start opening the kit, i feel scared and immediately close the box again.

And today, it's been a week and it's time for us to do the pregnancy test.  Early this morning, before taking a shower to prepare for the Sunday service, I have confirmed that we are soon to become parents. Yes! Yes! Yes!  God has given us this wonderful gift... ❤️A baby soon! ❤️... Indeed a very beautiful blessing.  God is really good.  Thank you again papa God. 🙏