Sunday, February 24, 2013

E.A.T (Exciting Adventure Tour) in Danao, Bohol

November 2009 - we joined my sister Mabz and her friends on their Bohol Trip. We spent 4 days and 3 night to tour around Bohol.

The best part of our trip was on our 3rd day where we spent the whole day experiencing extreme adventures in the mountain of Danao. Beware to those who have fear in heights, this is not the place for you, but if you want to overcome your fear, try it and you'll definitely have fun!

The first ride we tried was the ZIPLINE or ZIPLET... Sounds ordinary right? ... But imagine yourself passing through one mountain to the other, 200 meters above ground with nothing holding you but a piece of cable, it's nerve wrecking at first but as you go along...SARAP!!! it's super stress reliever and as you go against the wind, everything you worry about will also be blown away. It's a 15 minute ride going to one end and another 15 minutes going back. You have the option to go solo or have someone to experience the journey with you seeing the breathtaking view of Bohol. Rate: P100/pax.

Next on our list was the PLUNGE... Plunge: a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons. Now longer (70 meters) more fear some. One has to literally plunge to an open air where about two seconds, the plunger will all be defenseless, feel nothing and left all alone. This experience is one great way to de-stress and even make one appreciate life the more. Total experience will just take around 10min. Rate: Php 700.

“The Plunge” is the best “fear factor” experience among other adventure activities on offer. Only few from our group tried this and one of them was me of course. Boyfie was stopping me from trying it like the space shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom. But this time, I really fought for my freedom and off I went to Plunge. Yeppiiiii! Sarap!!! ... We got certificates afterwards as a reminder of our bravery ^_^.

The last that we tried was the CAVING. There are two options that you can choose from. If you are beginners, the moderate caving will suit you better. Rate: P350/pax. But if you want extreme adventure, you can try the Extreme Caving for P500/pax. There will be tour guides who will be assisting you and get your pictures... Yes, you read it right, they will not allow you to take pictures especially with Flash ON since it is burning the crystals inside the cave. Allow them to take your pictures instead, they know the best spots and the safest spots to take pictures.

During our time, we only tried the moderate caving since it was raining then and the Extreme Cave is almost full of water.

There are few more adventures that this place offers like the Offroad Buggy, Skide Ride, Suislide, River Trekking, River Tubing, River Kayaking, Wall Climbing, Cliff Rappelling and Root Climbing... but you have to stay for another day to do all of these activities... and it will definitely slash off your budget.  Although now a days, they already created the Nature Lover Package which includes any 3 of the activities mentioned above.  Package prices ranges from P1,400 to P2,300 / pax.

If I am going back to Bohol, I will skip all the city trips but go straight to Danao and experience all those activities that we haven't tried yet.  ^_^

Saturday, February 16, 2013

French Macaroons

Recently, me and my boyfie have this crazy love for french macaroons. I first tried it last year when I had a field call to one of our customers in BGC Taguig. The parking near the customer was full so I had no choice but to park in Burgos Circle which is quite far and is 5-10 minutes walk to the building.

Burgos Circle has several restaurants and one of them is Sweet Bella. I always wanted to try their cupcakes since I always hear good comments about it. After my tiring day, i made sure to treat myself and satisfy my sweet tooth. That was the time I first laid my eyes on french macaroons but was taken aback because of the expensive price of this very small sweets - 1 macaroon is 70 pesos, this is already equivalent to a burger meal in Jollibee or Mcdo. But I was so curious why it costs too much so I bought 3 pieces of different flavors. It was love at first taste! I spared the other 2 flavors for boyfie and oh lala, he has the same reaction.

Later on, i discovered the french macaroons of PAD (Park Avenue Dessert), it costs lesser that Sweet Bella but I can't deny the similarity of their tastes, they are both delicious! 1 macaroon is only 35 pesos.

This week, i found Bizu beside starbucks inside St. Lukes Medical Center, Taguig, when I had my check-up. Guess what? Their french macaroon is just 55 pesos each, so I couldn't stop myself buying 1 box for boyfie as my gift for valentines day. Imagine his eyes popping out when he saw the macaroons inside the box... I can't say that it's the best gift I have given him but his reaction told me so, which gives me the idea to always include this to my options of gifts for him, cost me less and lesser time to think. But I have to note, not all the flavors passed my boyfie's standard, he only liked Caramel with Fleur de Sel, Dark Chocolate, Espresso con Panna, Dulce de Leche, Madagascar Vanilla and Hazelnut & White Truffle... the rest he couldn't finish and I had to finish them kasi sayang and I understood why, may lasang Calpol and I can't describe the rest.

Regardless of the price, I think me and my boyfie will still be buying french macaroons... We just couldn't resist it everytime we see one. #guiltypleasure...

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe

For the past weeks, i've been feeling unwell due to terrible headaches and sometimes dizziness. So i pushed myself to visit a doctor last Tuesday to seek medical help. I was advised to take 3 types of medicine and have some blood chem tests (dime 8) since my blood pressure shoot up to 160/100. I was so worried so i wanted to take the tests instantly but i needed to go on fasting for 10 hours. Wednesday was kind of a busy day for me so I ended up taking the tests on Thursday.

Feb 14 (valentine's day), I started my day at St. Lukes Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and went to work afterwards. During lunch time, I again felt dizzy so I monitored my BP reading 130/100. I informed boyfie that I am again not feeling well and meet me earlier so we can go home and rest.

He asked me to meet him in BGC and unfortunately we got traffic ticket for violating the traffic law on our way to St Lukes to get my tests results. Oh, I forgot to mention he got me flowers but this time no chocolates because he doesn't want me to eat anything unhealthy until the result comes out... The mood instantly changed after the traffic officer finally confiscated his license.

After getting the result, since we are still unhappy about the traffic ticket encounter, I told him to just have a simple dinner and go straight home. He let me sleep in the car while he browse for restos. I doze off instantly and woke up in an unfamiliar parking lot.

He made a reservation for 2 at Mom & Tina's Bakery & Cafe. We never tried eating in there and everytime we passby on this cafe, I always say... "Ano kayang meron dyan at laging madaming tao?"

We were seated in the 2nd floor, all tables reserved for couples with candlelight in the center table. The food is good for their very fair prices. We ordered their soup of the day "beef and vegetable soup", 55 pesos each (half), Chicken Spinach Lasagna #healthyfoodforme for only 175 pesos and beef stew for boyfie (205 pesos) with fresh mango shakes (80-90 pesos, can't recall the actual price). Of course there's no dessert in our meal :(. They had a cupcake/brownies in a jar treat for all the ladies who dined in on that day. Thanks Mom & Tina's restaurant!

Because I was still not feeling well after eating, we went to Nuat Thai to have foot scrub and Thai Massage.... It was so relaxing and i felt better afterwards.

Thanks my babyheav for the Valentine Treat. You are always the sweetest!

Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe
FRDC Building, 106 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr Ave, Pasig City
(02) 914 0833

Note: i copied the below pictures from the Mom & Tina's image search in google because I failed to take picture of the restaurant.

iHop Philippines

At last, iHOP is here in the Philippines.  They opened they're very first branch in Bonifacio Global City yesterday and we of course did not miss the chance to be one the first customers to try their famous dishes.

iHOP is a famous breakfast restaurant in the United States of America and has been offering pancakes, waffles, crepes, eggs and a lot more. "Everything you love about breakfast" is the main theme of this restaurant.  When you feel like eating bacon, ham and omelletes... This is the best place to hop into.

Currently, the americans are still hands-on in managing and assisting the customers to ensure your first dining experience is perfect. They will be bringing coffee thermos in your table and will be asked if you want coffee or not. Be warn, the coffee is NOT FREE, it will cost you 111 pesos for the unlimited coffee. For coffee lovers, this is already a good deal but for non-coffee drinkers you will be stuck drinking coffee instead of enjoying your fresh fruit juices unless you want to pay extra.

For Health concious people don't fret for all the calories and cholesterols that you will be getting for dining in at iHOP because they have HEARTY meals that will surely fit your lifestyle.  I even got the fit n' healthy crepe which includes nuts and fruits because I am quite guilty for my recent health status.

For the mommies out there, yours kids will surely love their menu plus they have special rates for kids 12 years old and below, so don't worry paying for their food because they'll surely finish their plates in no time.

Prices ranges from 200-400 for pancakes/waffles/crepes combos and if you want heavy meals they also have steaks and other meats in their menu for 300-700 pesos.

Overall, it was a good experience dining it at iHOP. Visit them at:

iHOP Philippines
W Global Center, 30the Street cor 9th Avenue
BGC, Taguig City (beside CPK)
Tel # (632) 687.56.11
Operating Hours:
        Sunday - Thursday: 6am to 12am
        Friday - Saturday: 24 hours
Facebook: iHOP Philippines
Twitter: @iHop_ph