Friday, November 15, 2013

Wine Tasting

When it comes to wine, regardless if it's red or white, sweet or vintage, Italian wines are the best.  But because we want our guests to experience the best wine in our wedding, we chose to give them the bests of the Italian wines.... Disclaimer: the best taste that we can afford... ^_^

Mid of this year, when we were searching for a place in Tagaytay where the family could stay the day after the wedding.  We bumped into Ms. Kristina, a sole distributor of the authentic Italian wines in the hotels here in the Philippines.  I didn't know that we will be needing wines in my wedding because honestly, I am not fond of drinking wines.  The wines I've tasted so far are the common wines that we have here which everyone of us know has bitter taste or 'mapakla'....Yaikz!

Fast forward to November, we are almost done with the preparations and we're just finalizing some little details including the wines for the wine toasting ceremony.  During our food tasting, we were able to try one of the wines Ms. Kristina offers: the Quercioli.  It is the best wine that I ever tasted that time.  So we decided to get few boxes for our guests for a very good price.

This week, we got our orders of the wines and together with my coordinator Kate, we went to Ms. Kritina's house in Imus, Cavite.  We just planned to pay and get the orders but we had a very good host and she let us try different kinds of Italian wine.  Among all of the wines we tasted, Brachetto was best.  I have learned it is the same wine Cleopatra was having before going to! Really?  The price is really expensive though but because she is very fond of us, we got a very good deal.  

Boyfie is really not a drinker, this was just his 1st glass and he was already very red and blushing.  He let me then finish his glass and did not take any other else.  While Kate and I had few more rounds of different wines.  Afterwards, Ms Kristina gave us 1 bottle of Unique, a Rosi' wine (combined white and red wine) as her gift for our couple's wine toast.  The price per bottle when you buy this wine in the hotels is ranging from Php 4k to 6k depending on their markup. We were tipsy and happy babies saying goodbye to Ms. Kristina.  Wine tasting is really a fun experience... Salute'!

Ms. Cristina, Kate and me

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mama Chit's

Marikina is one of the places were you can find the best food houses in the country, it was just unknown to everybody until Kris TV featured several restaurants that they think the best.  I know that the people from Marikina are very thankful to Kris Aquino for the exposure because every restaurants she featured when you visit them nowadays are so packed.  Kris' taste is unquestionable and many of us look after her, yes, including me, ha..ha..ha..(Kris' version of laugh)... she has a lot of followers and we can't really deny her influence to the Pinoys.  Your resturant once featured by Kris will definitely be an instant hit.

Mama Chit's cafe is one of the featured restaurants in Kris TV.  We used to visit the place and we were surprised when we saw the crowd queuing up waiting to be seated and some were also queuing for take outs. Our recent attempts to dine-in in Mama Chit's failed and it's always the same scenario when we go back.  I saw some pictures from Mama Chit's in my archive and I think they deserve a slot in my blogsite.. If fact, this is my 200th post since I started blogging last year.  

When you visit Mama Chit's restaurant, it will be as if you turned back time, everything in the place is vintage.  I'm not sure how they were able to gather them all but it was just so amazing to see old things that were kept for several decades. Mama Chit the owner of place can be charged guilty for hording things from as big as a jukebox and as small as the soda cans, hehehe!

But the people don't visit the place for its design but for their food.  They offer western food for very affordable prices: ~P100-P200. Their best sellers are their burgers and sandwiches.  The only pictures that I kept were the hungarian sauge bun and a phillycheesesteak sandwich, and oh the yummy salad. #sarap! Two thumbs up for you Mama Chit.