Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Sunglasses from Firmoo Optical Store for Giveaway

I was personally invited by Balut to join this giveaway contest.  Never won any raffle my entire life and here I am trying again my luck.  I have a feeling I might be winning this giveaway! hehehe! (very positive outlook in life)

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Golden Love

Last Saturday, we drove for 2.5 hours to reach San Pascual Batangas (taking SLEX, ACTEX and Star Tollways and Balagtas Exit)  for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of the eldest sister of my dad and her husband.  Actually, the invitations were just sent out Thursday, a few days back before the big day so we were not able to prepare for it.  I forgot to grab on my bag with my extra clothes and camera, so the pictures were just taken using my iphone.

The renewal of vows was held in San Pascual Baylon Parish Church, the same church where they were married 50 years ago.

San Pascual Baylon Parish
Getting married is another stage of the couples lives but keeping the marriage is another thing.  I dream to also have the same kind of marriage and I may not reach the 50th Anniversary but at least we will die loving and keeping our vows together.  As I shared to you on my previous post, I am always emotional when I am in wedding ceremonies, good thing we were late and I wasn't able to see the bride walking the isle.
Tita Edita was so emotional from the start up to the end of the ceremony.

Upper:  The grandchildren and the great grand children, Lower: the kids and their better halves.

So I told you we were all not prepared, look at our clothes! hahaha!
Upper:  Siblings of the bride, Lower: relatives of the bride.
Not to bore you so much on the ceremony pictures, let me jump into the reception.  The reception was held in a Gymnasium of a school with around 65 tables with 10 seats each.  I was surprised seeing lots of people coming in in which we didn't see in the Church earlier.  I have known that it's typical in Batangas that all neighbors are invited during this kind of occasions and some even brought along all their family members and friends and friends of friends.  The 65 tables were not enough to accommodate all the guests, but the food was overflowing, the other guests found their own place to eat.  Good thing there were reserved seats for us relatives so we didn't have to take the long queue of the guests.    If this will be the setup when I get marry, I will just ask my future hubby to just runaway with me... hahaha!

The presidential table was decorated with golden balloons instead of flowers like in the normal weddings, well, I just can say that the design was grand.

The presidential table
One of Tita Edita and Tito Remy's businesses is the dirty ice cream here in Sta Ana, Manila.  It's the line of business of Tito Remy's family in Batangas, most of his siblings also have the same business in different places.  So one of the cake's design was the dirty ice cream carts. Cute!
The cake
No one left without taking their desserts plus the famous Ilagan Ice Cream.  I remember this lovely couple gave us all 2 sets during our graduation days and all the guests went gaga over the ice cream.
Dirty Ice Cream
 If I were to choose between the Magnum Ice cream and this dirty ice cream, I will definitely choose the dirty ice cream. :)

Anvaya Bread and Deli

We recently discovered this bakeshop in Marikina for we were so hungry one night coming from somewhere far.  We were looking for a 24 hours store but we always had no choice but to grab something from the usual fast food chains within the Marcos Highway: McDonald's, Jollibee and Burger King.

While searching for something different to eat, we spotted this bakeshop along Fernando Avenue, Marikina City located just behind the McDonald's and the famous Tapsi ni Vivian Carinderia.  We stopped by and tried their Anvaya Big Burger for only 85 pesos.  We were surprised how different the burgers tasted. The grilled burger patties were juicy and oozing, the bread is tasty and I think there's a milky taste on it which blended to the cheese and veggies.  Pardon me for not posting the burgers since we were like Pacman's eating the delicious burgers in no time.  We haven't tried the other burgers but I bet they will taste as good as the Anvaya Burgers.

They have other breads as well, as usual no pictures, and I have tried some of them, here are my favorites:  Cheesy bread, Mongo Bread, Kababayan or also known as the Pan de Regla and as far as I can recall, they only cost only 5 pesos each. Maybe all the breads are all delicious and they have made them with a milky taste, yum!

They also are selling their own made sausages, ham and bacons, and I heard they are also best sellers.

Delicious and Affordable

Big Anvaya Burger, a must try!

Their Menu
And a few days ago, we found their 2nd store along the Marcos Highway behind Shakey's but is not operating 24 hours.  I don't know if they have other stores in other places but if you happen to see one, try it, you'll definitely have a different experience on burgers and breads.

Love and Hate

There are so much topics I am thinking to share but I would write this first as I think I still have hang-over for my birthday.  I shared the surprise birthday and post birthday celebrations a few days back and now it's time to share my pre-birthday celebration.

Tuesday, May 15, my boyfriend and I had a scheduled circuit training for the Milo running clinic and the activities that night were really exhausting.  Since I was on vacation leave on the 16th, I was scheduled to stay at my boyfriend's house since we'll be going to Pink Sister's early in the morning the next day.  On our way to his house, we were talking about the family outing, I told him not to talk about it just for that night since it's already stressing me, then suddenly, for no reason at all, we were arguing and then became silent until we reached home.  I was so sad and disappointed because he was really not talking to me, so I had to give him a silent treatment as well.  For 11 years, we don't argue much so I was really sad thinking, it's almost my birthday and we should be happy and celebrating, but here we were not even talking.

I was crying while taking a bath and when I went out of the rest room, there he was holding a cake and a balloon singing a happy birthday song and got me a Charles and Keith bag.  It's the first surprise for my birthday and there was so much drama acting that night but we ended up happy sharing the dulce de leche cake.

My eyes were still swollen from crying... but my smiles won't hide the happiness on his surprise.

Dulce de Leche, yummy!
So there, I must say I hate and love surprises. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Average Jane: Giveaway

Checking over twitter, I saw the post of Michi of My other nook about the The Average Jane: Giveaway.
I've been meaning to join the giveaways posted by Michi but couldn't find time.

This is actually my second time to join a contest and it's fun!

Crazy over the Wake Up Show

There came a time when I was so outdated on the new songs, maybe 3 years or more and I was just learning them through my siblings and boyfriend for I didn't have the chance to listen to the radio because I was always out for work from dawn to dusk... most of those times I was on the road (shuttle service) getting a nap to fill the number of hours lost for sleep and to fuel me up for the next 8 hours of purely working.   Workaholic you may say, but that was my life before.  

Transferring to my new company last year changed my life.  The best change was the TIME where I can do the things I couldn't do when I was in my previous jobs.  In this new company, I own my time, I have so much spare time especially during the first months like the following: I've got to see the sun when I go home, get to see movies even on last full shows, tire my legs for strolling the mall and different places for 4 to 5 hours more before they close.  In this new company, I also learned how to drive and is actually spending 60% of my time driving from one customer to the other.  

What's keeping the fun during driving is the Wake Up Show of Mellow 94.7.  Hosted by the super kulit  DJs Tracy Abad and Vince Golango together with Mr. Ching from 6am to 10am.  When I'm tuned in, I can feel as if I'm always part of the show.  They have the following in their program:  

(1) Wake up Call - you'll have a chance to have 3 minutes of fame by dialing in the numbers: 6329470 and greet everyone you want to greet. They have the traditional "Good Morning, I'm awake Becheez!" when you are to answer after they pick up the line.  
(2) What the Fact! - get to know the facts all over the world.
  • #WTFact Beijing Toilets Now Have A Two-Fly Rule 
(3) Birthday Call and On this day in history - sending in the birthday greetings from the callers, facebook, twitter and the text lines; learn celebrities with the same birthday as today, special events and the #1 hit songs from the history.
  • #daytoday May25 Towel Day: In honor of author Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, carry a towel & make sure it's conspicuous
  • #daytoday #1songtoday May25 "Burn" by Usher was the number 1 Billboard song on this day in history.
(4) Topics for each day - the topics are always so interesting, sometimes I am sending out my responses over twitter.  
Example of Topics for this week:
  • Monday Madness Topic: What are you protesting?
  • Topless Tuesday Topic: What are those song lyrics you can really relate to?! What songs sound like they're about your life?!
  • Wake Up Wednesday Topic: Not to be rude, but __________.
  • Throbbing Thursday: Who do you wanna vote for Jessica Sanchez or Philip Philips?
  • Commando Friday: Girl Guy Decoders - give us the real meaning of things girls and guys say or do.
(5) News of the Hour - live updates from the local and international news
(6) Dirty Minds - a contest where everyone can join in.  With lots of prizes!!!
(7) Moment of Zen - some words just before ending the show.
  • #momentofzen If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.
And now, I sent my car for preventive maintenance and decided to wait until it finish, while waiting, I am tuned the Wake Up Show Online while publishing this blog.

... by tuning in to the show, i'm getting up to date information, music and fun... hope I did not bore you with this post, but if you have the time, try tuning in to this show, you'll definitely like it.... :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Wooden Bridge - Tagaytay

Instead of spending our anniversary in a travel, we opted to spend it with my family since this is the first time my dad is here for my birthday.  We discovered The Wooden Bridge located in Vinarao St. Tagaytay, a street just opposite of the way going to Pink Sisters, when we're doing the ocular visits looking for a place to spend this Christmas... I know it's too soon, but my boyfriend's family started this tradition last year, and they had difficulty looking for a place to stay then, so for this year, they wanted to reserve early.

Anyway, I really had no plan on spending a family outing at first but when I saw this place, it's just like there's a force that made me say the words "I'll get it for my birthday" without even thinking.  I tried to reserve for Saturday (May 19) but there's already someone who booked on the dates of all weekends of May.  I had no choice but to reserve it on Friday (May 18), spending my 2nd VL for the year but it's worth it since it's just in time for our 11th year anniversary.  Poor boyfriend had no choice but to agree with me. :)

I was in love at first sight and I felt the relaxing setting of the place.  The Wooden Bridge was designed by Architech Mavick D. Gabriel, she's also the one who's coordinating those who want to rent the place to the owner.  I never met her but she's so organized sending me some forms to fill-up and agreement form prior the reserved date, she also called for our whereabouts before the check-in time.

The wooden bridge...Every corner, every sides have some earthly ornaments which made a very relaxing feel on the place.  It has 5 rooms enough to house 15-20 guests, clean restrooms with heaters on the shower, the kitchen where all your needs are there so you'll only need to bring your food, a sound-proof recreation room/videoke room, Balcony? where the sungka area is located, the pool and of course the wooden bridge.

Here are some pictures I took, hope you'll also feel what I felt when I was with the place.

Seashells and native beads curtains

The white curtains create a beach feel all over the place

A classic touch on the furniture on the "balcony?"

The last time I saw this Filipino toy was ages ago, it was really fun playing again Sungka with my siblings and the little ones.

The size of the pool is just right and what made it special is the bridge on top of it.

Of course, the kids playing the mini-bangka.
And then, it's swimming time!!!!

My family... just don't compare... i know... that's why I'm kinda hesitant to join them in pictures
Kids enjoyed the cold jacuzzi
I was freezing but look at the kids... super enjoy!

The sound-proof videoke room

My mom and my dad

My sister and I

With my sister and her better half  and my half (not yet better)... hahaha!

It was indeed another memorable birthday for me... a memory that I will treasure in my heart forever. 

Officially 28

Last Wednesday, I took my very first VL from my company... the only plan I had was to pay thanks to God for all the blessings I received for the last 28 years of my existence.

Surprisingly, my boyfriend's dear mom got me an instant birthday party by cooking her best pasta which I love the most.... her baked spaghetti plus the Estrel's Cake.

The best caramel cake... it's actually yummier than Conti's I must add.

My Nephew wants to blow the cake too... so we had a part 2 for him.

Yanis and Yui with the Happy Birthday Balloons.

Yui was so fascinated of the balloons inside the balloon...
Estrel's Cake.  A must try!!!

The kids so loved the cake, mind you they are not fond of sweet,  so this is only piece that was left afterwards.
Although my mom and dad were not able to make it since they had an earlier appointment on that day and I didn't know I will be having my mini-party, I was still super happy on my birthday.  This is just 1 part of the celebration, I had the pre- and post- birthday celebration that will be shared to you guys... so tune in for my next posts. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Count Down: 2 days

For no reason at all, I've been looking forward to my birthday this month, I'm actually doing a countdown in my head and is "tarantang gulay" for my post birthday celebration this coming Friday.  The last time I became this excited was during my 18th birthday although I didn't have a grand party then, it's just that I was excited to become an adult.  But now, I'm turning 28 and is already nearing the end of the calendar days but  why am I still feeling excited? weird! ... and oh by the way, after my birthday, it will be my 11th year anniversary with boyfriend on the 18th.  I really don't know why but maybe there's "something" with this year, I had so much mixed emotions ever since 2012 came in... But I assure you I'm no longer thinking of the marriage thing but I'm still hoping for it somehow (slight na lang).  I learned to always think of happy thoughts and realized that I should be thankful that I found a loving, faithful and caring man. Cheezy!

Anyway, here's how I spent my birthday for the last years.  I already lost my pictures in friendster so I can only share my birthday celebs starting 2009.

2009 - Enchanted Kingdom, ever since I started earning my own money (substantially), I sometimes set activities or family outing each year, it doesn't matter what occasion, basta may pera, go lang... It's one way of sharing my blessings and one way of thanking my family for everything.
My mom, always the "Bida" in the pictures

My niece: Yanis, always on the go with the rides
My niece - 1 yr old and nephew - 2 months that time.

Cousins from Bicol really enjoyed all the rides.

Another picture before going home after the whole day of fun and rides.

2010 - I missed my treat to my family since my boyfriend's family did the treat for me in Bora.

A surprised birthday cake from boyfriend, I didn't know how he got the cake, but most probably all of his family  planned for it... I was so touched because I don't normally have cakes and parties during my birthday.
Aside from the cake, boyfriend got me another Skull Candy Headset, different color from my other headsets but the same model.

We bumped into some of Ate Julie's (boyfriend's eldest sister) friends and they joined our island hopping. 

Had some few drinks in Club Parao, cheers!

Syempre, a pose in the powdered white sands of Bora.

Heavy breakfast courtesy of Microtel

My boyfriend's siblings.  from left: Romeo (my bf), me, Ate Julie (the eldest), Fritz (was the boyfriend then of ate Julie and now her hubby), and Jeannine (the youngest) 

2011 - I can't recall any celebration on this year since I just join my new company and had no vacation leave credits yet.  There's no evidence that we went somewhere so I just assume, we ate somewhere but I can't find any pictures.

Got another headset for my birthday from boyfriend, this time the limited edition of my favorite cartoon character : Betty Boop
For 2012 - Instead of spending in a travel for our anniversary, boyfriend and I agreed to just rent a private place in Tagaytay in which my family can all bond together.   The place is so cozy and I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on it, it's not a typical private place... you'll know it when I update you on my next post. :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day special

My mom, she's turning 58 this year has lived a princess life ever since she was a kid.  They are only 2 girls out of 7 and she grew up having 5 helpers around their house.  She honestly didn't learn the household chores, didn't know how to iron clothes, didn't know how to cook and didn't even know how to do the laundry.

When she got married, my dad promised my grandparents that she will be treated as a queen.  And dad made her as his queen.  When we were growing up, we learned the same as what she knows, so expect us not to know anything in the household.  Good thing my 2nd sister and I transferred a year ahead of them to Manila for college so we learned to live on our own.

But my mom tried her best to learn how to cook, she in fact enrolled in a cooking class but she only learned 1 dish which became her specialty, Menudo.  She's so funny when she's trying to cook other dishes because she can't really get it right so she gave up.  

I mentioned she didn't know how to iron clothes, she also tried, but she often get the clothes with iron marks or you can see that the clothes still have wrinkles.  We tease her no more since 1 time she got offended and cried and made litany of the hardship she gone through ironing the clothes, the heat of the iron, the pressing which made her arms really tired.. as in super baby like, and all we can do it to laugh silently so she'll no longer get offended.

Regardless of her household chores weaknesses, she excels in making some crafts, she made fun doing cross-stitches and she also do beautiful things from "Gantsilyo".  She is fond of make-ups, porma and perfumes.  From the stories of her teens, she has a lot of suitors and she is never forgotten as the prom queen, the majorette, the muse and the beauty queen, guess she never got over from her teen years.

We love her truly although she lacks a lot of qualities of being a mom, she seems like a sister and a friend to all of us instead.  She is so cool and is game to lakwatsa and everything, she is also our make-up artist, etc.  She is my exact opposite, but we jive together, me as the mature one and she's the baby like how i treat my other siblings.

We are not a hug and kissing family but we know we love each other and we make sure we let her and my dad know they are loved so dearly.

So for this year's mother's day she deserves a treat to a dinner for two in Seasons, Manila Pavillion Hotel since she and my dad as far as I know seldom have a chance to have a date like this.  Unfortunately, when I called for reservation, Saturday and Sunday are already fully booked, so I have no choice but to move it to Monday.  Hope they'll enjoy this gastronomic dinner and feel our love for the mother's day special.