Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creative Cake Design

January 18, 2012 - Yanis' 4th birthday celebration.  I was assigned for my niece's cake and Yanis requested for Tinker Bell theme.  Busy with my schedules that week, I opted to check out the designs 2 day before the event.  Found several fairy designed cakes from Goldilocks, however, i was shocked to know that the  lead time is 3 days, and cannot adjust to 2 days.

Had thought of buying cupcakes, but lead times for several stores I visited were also 3 days.  With broken heart and very low morale, I happened to stop by in front of Max's Bakeshop and luckily I was able to meet the order time for their cupcakes. Finally!!!! yahoo!!!!! thanks Max's for saving me...

To complete the design, I just purchased the following:
          1) 24 assorted designed cupcakes - Max's Bakeshop - Cost: Php 500 per 12pcs = Php 1K
          2) 1 square dedication cake - Red Ribbon - Php Cost: 500
          3) Princess garden background (I just took off Snow White figurine) - Goldilocks - Php 300
          4) Fairy Dolls - Cost:  roughly Php 3K

This design made me through that day and made my niece super happy.  

Few lessons learned:  
1) Never again trust that cakes will always be available...
2) Happiness of a child is priceless, but disappointment will surely cost you a lot.
3) Everything has lead time


  1. Hello. Does Goldilocks have snow white cake topper? I can't find it in their website. Thanks.

  2. Yes they have... they might have not included them in their website. I advise that you visit their store, the cake toppers are mostly displayed in their shelves.

    thanks for dropping by. :)