Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hope he'll be ok soon...

It's been 6 days since my dad was admitted in Manila Doctors Hospital for his knee surgery.  He's been complaining pain in his right knee and the finding was that there's no more cartilage tissue left in his knee.  He had his operation Wednesday and it was successful.  He's been spending his 3rd day of recovery when the doctor said, he needed to undergo another operation since the stitches were accidentally removed and there was a hematoma (blood clotting) inside.

As quoted by my sister "It's ok papa"

Today is his 2nd operation at 2 pm and the doctor said it will only take 30 minutes.  The nurses got him in the room at 1 pm and we expect him to be back at 4:30pm the latest including 2 hours in the recovery room.   It was already 6pm but no news yet from the doctor or the nurses.  We tried going to the Operating Room and the Recovery Room but the nurse said, the operation is still on-going and they will inform us when he's transferred to the recovery room.  Another 1 and a half hour passed, we tried again asking what is happening but there's still no news.  Until now, it's already 8:15 and we are now worried.  We are praying that my dad can handle the operation, that he'll be safe and recover soon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Health and Wellness Plus!

Some of the reasons why it's great to work in my new company are the programs and perks they prepare for the employees.  They are investing in making their people in check with their fitness and in health, community and environmental services.

In fact, today was the program for free health analysis: Body Fat Analysis, Blood Sugar and BMI Check.  Of course I didn't miss having all these analysis and below are the results:

The results are quite good news except for the Body Fat, i can't imagine I still have these excessive fats knowing that I am already exerting more effort in exercise.  This maybe caused by the STRANDED days of purely eating and sleeping... To my dismay, I think I really need to double my effort in opening my sweat glands and do more exercise to lose these fats.

In parallel, we also have a Blood Donation Drive...  I tried donating blood before in my previous company but because of my newly pierced ears, I wasn't allowed to donate.  This time, though I wanted to try again,  I opted not to donate since I am reserving my blood for my Dad's operation this coming Wednesday since I am the only one with the same blood type as him in the family (Blood Type: A+), just in case he'll need a blood transfusion.

And, the best part for today's activity was the free 15-min back massage.  They made the ambiance of the room the same as the spa with matching scented candles and very soft background music.  I wanted to stay longer but SNAP! I totally forgot I was still in the office.  It feels really good after the session and if there was no queue I would like to have another round or stay in the room for a while and  have a nap... #Sarap!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A very gloomy day

I was so happy that finally the flood already subsided and Mr. Sun kissed my skin today.  Though I have an approved Vacation Leave for today (filed for the supposedly Boracay Trip for the ECB Team), I opted to go work because I am quite guilty on "not so fully utilized me" working from home from the previous days.  I'm happy greeting my Boss a happy birthday and seeing my colleagues doing "kulitan" again and I started scribing the "Things to do" for today.

I went out for a field call and visited my previous company.  After my 2 meetings there, I dropped by my good friend's cube and had some exchanges of hugs and hellos.  I've known Rose since Intel Days (2006) and we transferred to Onsemi right after Intel closed its facility here in the Philippines.  We were lunch buddies, text-mate, phone-mate and I became close to their group though we are from different departments.  Before I left for 3M (my current company), she got married and got pregnant a year after.  We were so happy to know that she was bearing a baby boy and a baby girl - a TWIN!!!

5 months old - Baby Miguel and Baby Sophia
Every time I have schedule meetings in Onsemi, I usually drop by her cube if time permits and hold her tummy or just wave and send flying kisses if I am with my sales or with my boss.  On the 5th month, she was advised by her OB to stop working and have a bed rest because the baby girl is quite small and needs to be very careful.  On the 7th month, she experienced spotting, and knowing that they are first time parents, they didn't know what to do.  So she called up her OB and then was rushed to the hospital. The OB said, she's already at 4cm so she is already in Labor, she in fact didn't experience any labor pain... she was CS to ensure both babies will be safely delivered, they were named: Antonio Miguel and Sophia Marie

The twins since they're only 7 months old in her tummy need to be incubated.  The vent support is needed since the lungs are not yet fully developed.  Miguel is bigger than her sister Sophia.  Mommy Rose was discharged from the hospital after 4 days and the twins were left in their incubators. During the evening, the hospital called her up about something about Miguel.  The couple rushed into the hospital and then they saw the oxygen level of Miguel dropping until it reached 50, 40, 30, 20, 10... then zero.  The doctor said, they'll still try if the baby will still respond on the medication, but the couple saw that the chest of baby Miguel was already bluish from the attempt of reviving him.  The couple was given a choice to continue or to give him up. It was so painful seeing their little boy like that and knowing the baby suffered enough, they decided to give up.
Sophia, the smaller one has somehow survived for few more days.  She also suffered oxygen saturation the same as his kuya Miguel.  It was so painful for the couple especially for Rose.  She couldn't understand why this happened to them, she got lots of questions and all are "WHYs".

Two weeks after another friend lost her 4 month old boy due to "Meningococcemia."  The doctor said, the boy must have gotten the virus from one of the visitors from his Christening (4 days back).  It was also very unexpected.  The mom was also so hurt and no one can console her.  Rose however, though still mourning for her babies tried and all her questions was thrown back to her.  She didn't know how to answer for she herself don't know the answer.  She felt she needed to be strong for this other mom, and Rose finally found the answers to both their questions.  "It was God's decision, they are now safe in heaven, etc."...  Until now, the other mom is still holding on to Rose, she needs more consoling from her and Rose is becoming even stronger for her.

...Rose got back from her maternity leave before end of July.  I saw her several times but didn't ask anything related to the twins.  Today, when I visited her in her cube, she felt I was avoiding asking her about the twins.  She opened the topic by showing me their pictures and alas! my tears were already flowing.  She was so strong, she didn't cry even while sharing me the journeys of her two angels.  She's optimistic that they are in the good hands of God.  Their faith to God became more stronger... I'm happy that they are still willing to try again.  May God bless Rose and her husband.

... Going back to the office, I needed to stop by the gasoline station in SLEX.  I couldn't stop crying and I am feeling so sad remembering the pictures of the twin. The rain suddenly started to pour down and everything became so gloomy afterwards.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Which Zodiac Are You In?

Saw this in FACEBOOK...

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kinda secret. pretty much flawless.

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Botchog... Again?

I won't let it happen again, I hope... but because of the weather, I have no time to run and all I have to do is eat and sleep.  Working from home seems no stress at all, I can take naps in between, watch television and movies while having some junk food and sweets to munch in.  This is an ideal life.... ooppps! really?.. maybe... but not for long.  Why am I itching to go out and work?

I already started a healthy lifestyle early this year and I don't plan to go back to my old lifestyle.  That's why I'm trying to make a mindset that even though I'm not doing any exercise this week, I promise myself to burn these fats on the next weeks. I still got my yoga and gravity yoga gift cheques from Beyond Yoga courtesy of Michiphotostory and I'm planning to use it this August.  I will be going the same schedule with my good friend Irene, she needs more motivation to continue yoga, plus this will give us more time to bond and chitchat...#excited!

The TIC girls also want to try the Yoga in Urban Ashram Manila located in BGC but the 2nd season of FitFil is about to start and most of them are about to sign-up, as much as I want to join, I saw the activities during the 1st season and I think it is beyond what my body can do... maybe I'll just stick to running then, besides the Milo APEX season 5 will also be starting this September and I won't surely miss to sign-up.

It's really hard to stay on track in keeping a healthy lifestyle... so I advise you to find someone who will inspire and motivate you to continue like I do:

My Romeo, my boyfriend, best friend, my confidant, my motivator
but he's so caring that he doesn't want me to push myself too hard...
So I needed to cling on to the following who are pushing me to my limits (even beyond) that I was able to do what I can't even imagine doing...
Coach Mherlz, she's my first ever coach... she was invited to conduct a mini running clinic in my office at 3M Philippines together with Coach Mitch Estuar, she invited me to join the Wednesday Group of Runners and that's when I started my running habit.  She's an elite runner and a good teacher. She's the "Kwela" Coach and I adore her.  During the 36th Milo Marathon, when she saw me panting and is about to walk, she ran with me and never failed to encourage and motivate.
Coach Janette Agura, my Milo Coach for 10K beginners.  A very passionate woman and is  very strict in her training plans.   Seriously, she's the one who made me run 18 kilometers of purely uphill and downhill.  She won't go easy on you and there's no way you won't improve your running skills.  She instills in us the discipline in running and I believe we still need more to learn from her. We'll still enroll on her class the next time.
Ate Jackie Gutierrez, my Team Manager  in Milo APEX.  What can I say about her?  She's certainly the Most Congeniality and is so "Masigasig" in ensuring everyone of us can keep up on the training Coach Janette is giving us.  She never fails to check and motivate us.  She's a certified Adik in running and she's the best friend everyone can have.
Oh how I miss everyone...

TIC (Team Ice Cream)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


With the heavy rain still storming NCR, here I am wondering if I can already go to work tomorrow.  I am still at my boyfriend's place in Antipolo and been stranded here for several days already.  Every morning, I've been trying the road but I only have Marcos Highway as the only access from here that is safer from flood, other options will be Marikina which is a No-No or Cainta which is again a big No-no.  Unfortunately, the Marcos Highway was not exempted from flooding. In fact, the water along Filinvest area was waist deep this morning so I had no choice but to turn around... It is still raining hard as I write this blog but I still hope it will stop soon...

Anyway, the food at boyfriend's house is overflowing as always.  His mom cooks whatever we requested her to cook.  We are all so pampered that's why I always love staying in their home.  But, I am quite guilty with it because I know lots of people are starving and are waiting for relief goods in the evacuation area and some are even waiting to be rescued.  I can do little less than nothing for them but offer prayer for their safety.


FavorDeal Giveaway: Michi's Birthday Special

I already tested my luck in blog and won my first ever raffle 2 weeks ago... here I go again trying my luck for the second time... who knows joining raffle is becoming so addicting. :)

I saw this FavorDeal giveaway from Michi of Michiphotostory for her Birthday Special and can't keep myself from joining.  Not fond of jewelries but when I checked out the FavorDeal page in Facebook, their items are so cute.. i love the designs especially the owl necklace, too bad it's not included in the prizes but the rest are also so cute and must be fun to wear.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Put on the spot

I hate when people put me on the spot... because I am not given any choice but to do things that I don't want to do.

May 2006 - I was just 3 months old from Intel, I was the youngest and the 2nd girl who joined the Test Engineering group.  It was summer then, what is summer without a company summer outing? (one eyebrow raised).. and they have what they call "Summer Body", it's a beauty pageant in which all the representatives need to wear their summer outfits...(of course).  My boss volunteered me to join in exchange for my regularization, he knew how badly I wanted to work in Intel, it was my 2nd dream company and he didn't leave me any choice. wasn't it unfair?  So then, I joined the contest without telling anyone including my boyfriend except for my sister Mabz.  Good thing, there was no talent portion because I will surely cannot do anything in front of those people.  Apparently, they forced me to exposed my always hidden body but not as bear as the other contestant, let's say I was just wholesome that time.  Luckily, I won the contest effortlessly without wearing any makeup...  Sorry, I kept no picture because until now, boyfriend still have no idea that I had this experience.

December 2006 - Christmas Party.  I was tricked by my boss and my group, they let me take a leave on the day of the party to let me prepare for it... Everyone told me that we all needed to dress for the occasion, so there I was bought a dress and had a make-over.  I was lost finding the venue and I arrived at the place late just wearing a black sando and a torn jeans, the dress and the stilletto are still in my bag.  I was surprised seeing the people in jeans and only those who are included in the pageant (again??!!!) are in gown/dress.  I was so mad at them, I almost cried.  The Emcee saw me and called my name and my team pushed me up in the stage.  I was the only one not in dress but I have to pull a show, I was already on the stage so I needed to save myself... I didn't want to win but I don't want to be a laughing stuff.  I survived the night but I swore to myself that no one will ever do this to me, ever.. again!

Apparently, today I received this news.  :(  :(   :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scary Moment

Last Monday night, I went to Sta Mesa LRT2 to meet a friend.  It was raining so hard and I arrived few minutes earlier than our agreed time.  I parked in front of commercial stores that are already closing near the LRT2 station when suddenly a strange man appeared in front of my hood.  He seems to be looking at me so I stopped the wiper from moving so the rain would blur his view.  Few seconds after, I was shocked that someone was trying to open my door, then tried to open all my doors including my compartment.... good thing I made a habit of locking my door and he wasn't able to do whatever his plan is.  I blown my horn several times just to scare the man away but he tried getting my wiper instead, so I had to switch it on again... he then can see me clearly then, so I blown my horn even harder thinking God, please help me and dialed my boyfriend's number instantly.

I wanted to leave the area but someone is standing behind the car so I couldn't move to another place. Good thing, another car parked beside me and the strange men went away. Few minutes after, my friend arrived and I drove so fast away from the area without saying any word.  I thank God for sending the distraction and for saving my life and my friend's life.  

It was a terrible night and I swear I won't park in that area again....

Raffle winning for the FIRST TIME!

oh my... oh my.... For 28 years of my existence, and a thousand or maybe millions of raffles I joined, never in my life I have won any of them.    My goal is just to change my luck so I am still trying to join in raffles even in blogs.  So when I see the word RAFFLE, I will surely join and follow every steps no matter how tedious the instructions are (but only when I have the time) and no matter how petty the prizes are.

Last night, when I was about to sleep, I unintentionally checked my personal mail on my iphone, I saw an email saying I won an e-book.... My eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing.... I instantly opened my laptop just to verify... and whola! I really won... she's just asking the file format of the e-book so she could send to me.  I was so happy and replied back and after a few minutes, I received my WINNING.

I tried reading the e-book because of my excitement.  It is not my genre and it is kind of "sensual", so I stopped reading.. boooh!.  I couldn't recall that I even joined this raffle... hhmmm!
Anyway, the most important thing is that I finally won a raffle!!! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Will there be more winnings for me in the coming months? ... I BELIEVE! :D