Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby names.... Baby names... Baby names

Hello everyone! Hope everything is well with you all.  I'm having extra time to do some blogs as I am on bed rest for a week.  I'm on my 8th month now and few weeks more, we will be seeing our baby boy.  I've been contemplating on what name we will be giving him since before knowing the gender we assumed we are having a baby girl and I liked the name MEMRY so much I'm settled with it.

Since after the congenital test and the gender was revealed, I am having hard time thinking of possible names for him.  Well, my in-laws are suggesting to use my hubby's grandfather's name CORSINO, but I find it too vintage.  I like to use though my grandfather's name JUAN.  For quite sometime, my hubby is settled with JUAN CORSINO, well I'm not.  For sure my son will be questioning us when he gets older why we named him like that... he maybe will like it or he may find it distasteful.  

We are grateful for the internet and we don't need to buy a book just to find names, I know we just need to have time, patience and few debates to come up with the perfect name for our child.  But it's still very frustrating finding names and gets rejected everytime. I like some names but hubby always have violent reaction to them.  I gave him the task to find names too but he never does his task.  This was our scenario for few months now. 

So now that I am near my due date and I am on bed rest, I forced him to look for names for our baby.  We searched the net separately and list the names that we like.  Finally, we found common in the names that we liked.  We agreed to name him:

Here's the meaning for the names:
- "Caden" spirit of battle.  
- People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.
- People with this name tend to be passionate, intuitive, romantic and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity.  Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on.  They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.

- Victorious.  
- People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set own pace in life without being governed by tradition.
- People with this name are competent, practical and often obtain great power and wealth.  They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams.  Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement. They may neglect private lives and relationships.

Did you have a hard time too finding names for your babies?

Monday, August 25, 2014

28 weeks

Felt guilty for abandoning my blogsite for almost 5 months. Well, i really need to set priorities as I've been juggling the long travel, work, family and rest.  I am always out of energy after the long working hours plus the stresses in driving due to the frequent heavy traffic in C5.  

I went back to work after 5 weeks of bed rest. Slowly, I again started doing field works and at the end of the day, thankful that hubby is always there to drive us back home, so I have time to nap while he battles for the traffic.  On weekends, I still have some few errands to do aside from the monthly check-up with my OB-gyne.  So basically, I only have Sundays to rest, as in sleep all day long.  Para makabawi, I'll give you updates on what was happening in my life for the past 4 months.

May 16, after a week of returning to work and doing field calls. I had another spotting on the day of my birthday. The OB recommended again for a week of bed rest. Sorry for the mugtong mata, we still celebrated my birthday even after finding out the spotting.

June, attended the Christening of baby Robin (my ex-boss' daughter)

July 5, morning, It was my 5th month and we had the congenital scan.  We just thought that the ultrasound will just tell us the gender of the baby.  We were surprised that the doctor checked everything from head to toe, we were so tensed and nervous during the process and thankful that everything is normal.  We are having a baby boy. :)

In the afternoon was my mom's 60th birthday celebration.  We originally planned for a simple dinner and we'll just give her a brand new smart phone. But a week before, she demanded, este asked for a birthday celebration with guests.  So here I was, tarantang gulay to cancel the reservation for the dinner and search for a venue that can accomodate 50 - 75 pax.  

July 12, attended my bestfriend Irene & Gold's wedding.  My hubby & I were originally part of the entourage but because of my condition I begged off. Good thing, my condition got better and we were still able to witness their vows.

July 13, attended baby Seppe's birthday/christening.  I was the ninang of course :)

August, we had our group outing in Batangas.  Yes, this is how good my condition is now, I am able to join out of town trips.

Then, surprisingly, we are receiving a lot of gifts for our baby.

Two weeks ago, my nephew had an on/off fever. Without the parents, we needed to have a shifting schedule of sending the kid daily to the hospital to monitor the CBC, we were like this for the whole week.  And on the 5th day, my nephew was finally admitted to the hospital.  We stayed there for 3 days.

Last week, I've got a surprise baby shower from my team in the office. I originally thought it is just my other preggy officemate since she's already due for delivery on the next weeks. And then, the party was prepared for both of us. 

Now, I am now on my 28th week (7th month) and I can now feel his movements whenever he's awake, hungry or if we are stressed.  We are still debating for the name and we are still undecided.  This baby is giving his mom and dad a more deeper connection, love and so much happiness.  We are thankful everyday to God for giving us this precious gift.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Carmen's Best Artisan Ice Cream

You'll know the latest food craze if they flood your IG (instagram) with it.  And yes, carmen's best ice cream is one of them.  

On our way to my check-up this morning, we thought traffic will be mild since it's already Holy Monday and everyone is on vacation mode.  But we were surprised by the early bumper to bumper situation in Eastwood so we needed to have a detour in White plains.  Then I happen to saw the sign of Carmen's Best Ice Cream in Kids Academy and told hubby that it is very famous in IG.

During my check-up, we received a very good news from my OB-Gyne that I no longer have the bleeding, thanks much God, and the baby is growing fine.  Which means no need for bed rest and i can already go back to work after the holy week.  Yey! Then I totally forgot about the ice cream after the check-up.

Lunch time, I asked hubby if we can grab our lunch in Recovery in BGC but no luck, the restaurant is full and there's long queue for customers waiting to be seated.  So we just decided to just drive back and see if we can find something in Eastwood.  Then, hubby thought of eating in Flaming Wings in White Plains and he remembered about the ice cream.

At first, we thought the Carmen's best ice cream was just an advertisement since there's no store in the area.  Good thing, hubby braved to ask the security guard of the school and wallah! Freezers of Carmen's best ice cream are there inside the school.

Price is 50 pesos higher in White Plains than when you buy them in Makati.  The best sellers and their regular flavors are 400 pesos (350 pesos in Makati) and the 450 pesos (400 pesos in Makati) for the special flavors.

I chose pistachio almond fudge for 450 pesos and I just love it.  It's not that I'm pregnant but it really tastes good and creamy, hubby also loved it and we finished 1 pint in 1 sitting, yay!  

You gotta taste it for yourself to judge... But promise, it's really really good. 

Wonder why Carmen's Best is this famous and expensive?  Here's the reason why. Captured this from the tube: 

Carmen's Best ice cream - Pure Indulgence.  If this is your first taste of Carmen's Best, you may wonder why our ice cream only comes in small tubes.  Well, like the finest artisal ice cream, it is homemade, the old-fashioned way, in small quantities.  

We use only 100% fresh cow's milk and cream thant brought over daily, at dawn, from the family's dairy farm in Bay, Laguna.  The amount of ice cream that we make depends on the amount of fresh milk that we get.  From the fresh milk, we extract the cream that rises to the top, and this is what gives Carmen's Best that incredibly smooth, silky texture.

We source the rest of our i gredients from all over the world.  Horlicks malted milk from England, chocolates from Switzerland, rum from Jamaica, the finest vanilla beans from exotic Madagascar Vanilla, and Turon de jijona from Spain.  

Quality means taking no shortcuts, and getting no substitutes for the finest ingredients.  Very simply that is the secret of Carmen's Best.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

7 weeks

Mommy and daddy was so worried on your 6th weeks.
Mommy was crying hard fearing to lose you baby.
So they promised themselves to be extra careful
And do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Mommy followed her OB and almost did not leave her bed except for restroom breaks. 
When mommy feels some pain in her abdomen, the more she never moves from her bed.
Daddy helps mommy to sit and stand and transfer to a moving chair
So we will not walk and just enjoy the ride for the weewee breaks.

Mommy welcomes the ever painful breasts because she knows its preparing for your milk.
Mommy tries eating more even for just few bites, her tummy says I'm already full
Mommy loves talking and singing for you everyday, and
Mommy and daddy also pray to God to protect you and keep you safe.

On your 7th week, mommy and daddy were so happy.
You grew bigger and even grew more than your age.
Your head and body are starting to develop, and
Your heartbeat was moving fast and loud saying mommy I love you.

Mommy and daddy are so relieved
And thanking the Lord for hearing their prayers.
Although mommy still have the bleeding,
Just continue to grow and she will take care of the rest.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Uratex Bio-aire Mattress Pad

So then, my complete bed rest started yesterday.  As in, I'm staying in bed the whole time but I cannot just turn sideways because I feel some pain everytime I do so.  I really don't want to take risk so I really have no choice but to lay on my back the whole time.  Although the AC was on the whole time yesterday I can still feel my back becoming too hot.  I now know the feeling of the babies that cry when they are left in bed for a long time.  Also, I believe we have the best quality mattress and I never felt uncomfortable sleeping in it since but yesterday was different.  I was complaining to hubby about it so he's helping to put me in sitting position but the pain in my abdomen is startng if I am in sitting position for longer time.  So I have no choice but to lay down again.

After breakfast this morning and after making sure I will no longer need to use the restroom, he went out for a while.  He was actually out for more than 1 hour and when he went back, he had some groceries and a Bio-Aire Mattress Pad from Uratex.

He helped me get up and i got a very quick shower while he puts the mattress in my space of the bed. I asked him to take pictures of course before setting up the bed sheets and pillows back on their places.  Well, the colors of our bed sheets are still very bachelor and the mattress that he bought is still blue.  I asked hubby he could have gotten the other colors like the yellow or the cream but he chose blue because this is the softest among the others, hhmmm... Sige na nga! :)

This is what's in the label.  Bio-aire Mattress Pad has a convoluted shape which prevents and helps heal skin ulcers, eliminates bed sores, reduces pressure pains, allows air flow and prevents your body from becoming too hot during sleep.  Its peaks provide softness and comfort while its hollows provides passageway for air to pass through.  Truly a great addition to your mattress!

We are just on the 6th week of my pregnancy and I don't know how long I need to be on bed rest but having this bio-aire mattress makes my bed rest more bearable and comfortable for me and baby.  Thank you hubby for being so thoughtful.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

6 weeks

"The essence of being a woman is bearing a child in her in womb and deliver it to the world".  This was the winning answer of a candidate in a pageant during my intel days and alas! She won the crown of Ms. Intel Summer Bodies 2006. #tbt

Being pregnant is the most wonderful news a couple/family could ever receive.  But pregnancy is not as easy as 1, 2, 3... Only those women who experienced pregnancy could tell.  There are those who are very lucky that may have not experienced any trouble during pregnancy and those that need utmost care and doctor's supervision.  Well, sad to say, i belong to the later.

Yes, I am on bed rest for a week now.  I saw the OB on my 5th week & 4 days and that was just last week.  There's bleeding inside of me and there was no heatbeat yet.  The baby was as small as a sesame seed that time.  I was advised to have a bed rest, no oily food, no coffee and no milk and few medicines such as folic acid, aspilet to absorb the blood and the other one "pampakapit".

I followed the advise of the doctor.  I took a medical leave from the office and just stayed at home.  I was on bed rest but from time to time I sit down in the sala to watch movies, go downstairs, go to my in-laws for each meals riding a car because their house is few blocks away from ours.  Last Sunday, We still went to the church early in the morning to hear a mass and oh, still working from time to time... This was pretty much my routine last week.

Today, was my follow-up checkup with my OB.    On our way to the hospital, i was feeling some pain in my abdomen, and this was the same pain i was feeling since yesterday.  I was scheduled to have the ultrasound first before going to the OB.  This was the 2nd time i experienced the most uncomfortable  ultrasound which is the transV, last week was the first because my baby was so small so it can not be detected yet by the normal ultrasound method.  Before taking the transV, i was again advised to empty my bladder.  I was surprised to see some blood on my panty and became so nervous.  My husband was itching to call the OB when I told him about the spotting, but i said let's see first the result of the ultrasound.

I was praying that the baby will have a heartbeat before the procedure begins. And when the doctor said, oh wow, we now have a heatbeat, my tears started to flow because that was what i was afraid of, that my baby do not develop a heartbeat.  But I still have the bleeding as per the doctor.  Some more measurements on my uterus was made and my hubby was called to enter the room.  The doctor showed us the movement inside which was not there last week.  The movement was the heatbeat and even my hubby was teary eyed hearing the good news.  The doctor said, the baby measures 6 weeks and 1 day, and that i started asking because I should supposed to have 6 weeks and 4 days old baby. My OB was immediately prompted of the result and advised me to go see her immediately.

The OB said the bleeding is preventing the baby to develop that is why it is already delayed for few days now.  The bleeding is also blocking the oxygen of the baby so it needs to stop.  The doctor cannot do anything but to advise me to take the medicine and have complete bed rest.  That means minimal movements, no standing, and walking.  It's up to me how i will be taking care of the baby since she already advised the same last week and the result was the same.  I was also advised that if i experience spotting again, any time of the day, be it midnight or dawn, we need to call her immediately and go straight to the delivery room.  I have a threatened abortion case as per my OB.

Hearing that last advise from the OB seems the most painful news i ever received that day.  It was as if the doctor is expecting something bad to happen on my baby.  Ok fine, the OB was really not harsh when relaying the info, she was just telling me to strictly follow her advise and see what happens when i didn't.  Maybe it was my fault too because i still did a lot of movements since last week. I was already crying going out of her clinic.

I still have ranging emotion that kept me crying but I am determined to keep my baby safe.  Now, i will be staying in bed all the time and will do this just to save my baby.  We are praying to God to protect our little one and stop my bleeding. Please please God.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

God's gift

Eversince 2014 came in, a lot of changes happened in my life.  I became a happy wife after i married my 12-year long boyfriend last new year's eve.  Packed my things and live together with my husband, and that means driving 1.5hours from home to office compared to when I was at home with my parents which was just 8 minutes drive. At work, new roles were given to me, meaning 3 bosses from the business aside from the 2 bosses that I have from technical.  Who's complaining? I'm not :). These are also the reason why I've been missing in the blogsphere for more than a month now.

Another big change is coming....

Last weekend, I thought my period was about to start.  I had some few drops of blood but then, it stopped.  I thought it will restart again after few hours or on the next days but it didn't.  This was when i started to suspect that I might be pregnant.  I also started to have some weird feelings.  Sometimes, I feel light-headed, feels like I wanna throw-up and in the morning, my breast are swollen.  I was scared to take the test at first, I wanted to follow the advise of my bestfriend Irene to wait for 2 weeks, baka delayed lang daw ako. Hubby and I agreed to wait for another week before we do the test.  You know it was so difficult to see the pregnancy kits just sitting on our medicine cabinet in the bathroom and not to use them....everytime I start opening the kit, i feel scared and immediately close the box again.

And today, it's been a week and it's time for us to do the pregnancy test.  Early this morning, before taking a shower to prepare for the Sunday service, I have confirmed that we are soon to become parents. Yes! Yes! Yes!  God has given us this wonderful gift... ❤️A baby soon! ❤️... Indeed a very beautiful blessing.  God is really good.  Thank you again papa God. 🙏

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Puerto Princesa Palawan 2014

We had an early summer outing last February in Palawan with my hubby's family.  My hubby and I were actually just singit in this trip.  The trip was originally planned by hubby's cousins last year but it coincided when typhoon Yolanda badly hit the Philippines.  When the children re-booked their flights, the parents decided to also book theirs, then kami ni hubby we just booked last January and luckily found a promo in Air Philippines, 3Kphp round trip for two. 

For the past years we've been meaning to visit Palawan but everytime we plan to go, we always end up buying tickets to Boracay.  So I was really excited for this trip...  We were 3 batches to arrive in Palawan.  My hubby and I and his cousin RA we're on the 1st batch and arrived in Palawan at 5pm, the next batch arrived at 6:30, the 3rd batch on the next day.  

So being the first to arrive in Puerto Princesa, we looked for a coffee shop and found the Crossing Bridges just outside the exit gate of the airport.  The place is so open, no walls just pavements and the food was very affordable.  We had 2 french toasts and 1 clubhouse and several drinks and the bill if i'm not mistaken was just 600php, with free wifi pa.  We stayed here until the next batch arrived.

When the 2nd batch arrived, we went directly to the RAQ pensionne house.  It is not a hotel so it has a homey feel.  The place was very clean and the staffs were very accomodating.  When we arrived, there were welcome drinks and a rainmaker souvenir for each one of us.  The rate is php500/pax only.  Super affordable. 

Then we decided to take our dinner to one of the most recommended restaurant in Puerto Princesa, The Kalui.  On the entrance, you need to take your shoes, it was a barefoot dining experience for everyone of us.

The food was so yummy and affordable, 200-300php per dish.

The place was so beautiful, it seems like we had a photo-ops in here.  One thing that I was awed in that restaurant was the restroom.  I think i failed to take picture but it looked like a room where you can relax, ang bango at di mo feel na restroom sya.

We wrapped up the night with our tummy so full and the feeling so wonderful because of our dining experience in Kalui.   On the next day, we went for a city tour.

First stop, was the Roxas boulevard of Puerto Princesa, we just passed by the area so no pictures for the place.  Next, the Immaculate Conception Church which was damaged on World War II and was rebuilt 1961.

Across the street was the Plaza Cuartel, were hundreds of american soldiers were burnt in this place.  It was kinda creepy so we did not went inside.

Next stop, the PEARLs and the pasalubong centers.  We went to Delma Pearls and they offer the different kinds of sea pearls.  If you are eyeing for pasalubong you can get the fresh sea pearls from P10- P70 so I got few pairs for my sisters and my mom, t-shirt and sando for the boys.  But there are South Sea Pearls which are very expensive, naka-vault pa talaga sya because they are the most valuable pearls in their store.  1 pearl costs a thousand pesos, so if you want a pair of earings that will cost you 2kphp and just count the pearl for a necklace... Ang mahal!  But that was my only chance to get my own South Sea Pearls so i asked hubby if I can get one pair, and yehey he paid for it.. I was so happy, nakalibre!

Crocodile... Crocodile... Before going to the crocodile farm, we had a chance to taste one in Croconatics, there's a stall near the pasalubong center so we ordered crocodile sisig and tapa for take out. Crocodile was unbelievably delicious, promise!  On a side note, may nakapark na tricycle sa gilid, in Palawan it is called taxicle... It has a huge body compared to the normal tricycle we have here in the metro.

While eating crocodile sisig, off we went to see live crocodiles in the Crocodile Farm.  We had a chance to meet Rio, the 2nd biggest crocodile, 16.7 feet versus the famous Lolong of 20 feet.  So big and scary!

Hubby was so scared of the crocodile he didn't want to touch it... But I was persistent and convinced him to just have a picture with me for few seconds and then he left the crocodile in my arms na.. Hahaha!

Next stop, Senator Mitra's resthouse called Rancho which is overlooking the Honday bay.  They also have the zip line but we opted not to try them because we still have few more places to go to.

Then, we went to the butterfly farm and the tribal village.  I wanted to try to hold the snake kahit hubby was so against it but when my chance came, biglang naninigas na yung snake and pumupulupot na. Hubby was so relieved, hehehe! The tour guide said, baka nastress na, so ayoko na din noh!

And finally, The Baker's Hill... My MIL parang nag panick buying na naman.. Dami binili, so libre na naman kami lahat sa pasalubong and madami baon going to El Nido...Oh I so love their hopia...

...and I love the place too!  Sarap mag photo-ops... :)

Few things that Puerto Princesa must be proud of:
1) Puerto princesa is the most cleanest city. Mayor Hagedorn did a very good job implementing the no littering law.
2) The tour guides are excellent!  
3) People there are very tourist oriented
4) Abundant in fresh sea food and affordable restaurants.
5) Beautiful culture and tourist spots to showcase, and
5) the pearls of course

This is pretty much the end of our city tour.  We just waited for the 3rd batch to arrive then off we went to El Nido.  Watch out for my next post... Hopefully, it will be soon :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top 10 ways to ensure your best people will quit

Just saw this shared in facebook...

Most reasons the most talented and productive people flee a given workplace can be avoided. Here are common mistakes, along with better alternatives.

Here are 10 ways to guarantee that your best people will quit:

10. Treat everyone equally. This may sound good, but your employees are not equal. Some are worth more, because they produce more results. The key is not to treat them equally; it is to treat them all fairly.

9. Tolerate mediocrity. A-players don't have to or want to play with a bunch of C-players.

8. Have dumb rules. I did not say have no rules; I specified dumb rules. Great employees want to have guidelines and direction, but they don't want to have rules that get in the way of doing their jobs or that conflict with the values the company says are important.

7. Don't recognize outstanding performance and contributions. Remember Psychology 101: Behavior you want repeated should be rewarded immediately.

6. Don't have any fun at work. Where's the written rule that says work has to be serious? If you find it, rip it to shreds and stomp on it, because the notion that work cannot be fun is actually counterproductive. The workplace should be fun. Find ways to make work and/or the work environment more relaxed and fun, and you will have happy employees who look forward to coming to work each day.

5. Don't keep your people informed. You've got to communicate not only the good, but also the bad and the ugly. If you don't tell them, the rumor mill will.

4. Micromanage. Tell them what you want done and how you want it done. Don't tell them why it needs to be done and why their job is important. Don't ask for their input on how it could be done better.

3. Don't develop an employee retention strategy. Employee retention deserves your attention every day. Make a list of the people you don't want to lose and, next to each name, write down what you are doing or will do to ensure that person stays engaged and on board.

2. Don't do employee retention interviews. Wait until a great employee is walking out the door instead and conduct an exit interview to see what you could have done differently so they would not have gone out looking for another job.

1. Make your onboarding program an exercise in tedium. Employees are most impressionable during the first 60 days on the job. Every bit of information gathered during this time will either reinforce your new hire's "buying decision" (to take the job) or lead to "Hire's Remorse."

The biggest cause of "Hire's Remorse" is the dreaded employee orientation/training program. Most are poorly organized, inefficient, and boring. How can you expect excellence from your new hires if your orientation program is a sloppy amalgamation of tedious paperwork, boring policies and procedures, and hours of regulations and red tape?

    To reinforce their buying decision, get key management involved on the first day and make sure your orientation delivers and reinforces these three messages repeatedly:

    • You were carefully chosen and we're glad you're here;
    • You're now part of a great organization;
    • This is why your job is so important.

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014

    Wedding Video (Same Day Edit)

    How lucky we are today that technology really makes everything possible.  Compared to weddings before, weddings today already have what they call SAME-DAY-EDIT Videos.  This video is the summary of what has happened on the ceremony and the early parts of your wedding.  Until now, I am still in awe of the result... still crying sometimes when I show this video to my friends and relatives #iyakinpadin

    And finally, I was able to upload the same-day-edit video from our wedding.  Here it is.

    Romeo & Melody
    December 31, 2013
    Church: Chapel of Transfiguration Calaruega
    Preps: Taal Vista Hotel
    Reception: Bali Village Resort and Hotel
    Photography: Chito Ignacio Photography
    Gown: NRG Bridal Couture
    Bridal Car: Royal Carriages
    Hair and Make Up: Teajay Nonato

    The uploaded video seems not in its best quality... please feel free to check it out on this link posted by my coordinator Kate Espinili

    Sunday, January 19, 2014

    Happy 6th birthday Ate Yanis!

    Yesterday was my niece's 6th birthday.  The family gathered together and prepared a mini celebration for her.   My dear cousins Tonts and Kalay and my brother Deks took over to prepare the food because I have appointments since the morning.  My hubby and I arrived 5:30pm and saw ate Yanis still not dressed, she didn't want to because the dress she was wearing was the dress that she was wearing when her mom left again for Australia last January 3.   Her classmate Mica and her family arrived shortly so I persuaded Yanis to change her dress immediately.

    While I was dressing her up, we had a very heartfelt conversation:

    Yanis:  Tita Lods, Kuya Carl and Ate Sam (Yanis cousins) have fever... They will not be here for my birthday.
    Me: it's okay, they'll just visit when they are better.
    Yanis: Tita Lods, this is my 1st birthday
    Me: No ate yanis, this is your 6th birthday, kaya nga 6 years old ka na diba po?
    Yanis: this is my first birthday without mommy, daddy, kuya Carl and Ate Sam...
    Me: (speechless for a while)... Mommy will call you later and daddy will be here soon after his work is done.  They love you so much that's why they are working hard for you and Migs.
    Yanis: (silent)

    Mamitz, Papa Lolo, tita Lich and tita Mitch arrived at 6PM and brought Amber's spaghetti and gelatin. We can really sense her sadness so we tried to cheer her up.  We sang the birthday song and she blew her candle.  Of course, we had a repeat of the birthday song for little Miggy para mag blow din sya ng candle kahit sa March pa birthday nya, then opened their gifts.  

    This is Mica, Yanis's bestfriend in school.  She somehow made Yanis felt happy, they danced and play together with the gifts.

    I know Yanis is beginning to notice the absence of her mom, i saw her crying non-stop when my sister left compared to last year.  And she was still crying even after we reached their home.  She hugged me too tight that night.  I tried to convince her that her mom will be here soon again and I stayed with her until she fell asleep.

    I still don't know how to tell my sister about this, I know it is also so hard for her to leave and she misses her family so much... Hope that she can already settle the papers very soon so they can be together again everyday.

    Saturday, January 18, 2014

    The Nurture Spa

    Was surprised to see this still in draft... #latepost

    Wedding preparation and the wedding itself is the most stressful yet fun experience for us couple.  The tiring days, the sleepless nights and the tears I shed to fight off the stress to accomodate all the requests and demands of our guests were all worth it.  I can't believe that a year of preparation ended just for few hours. What we couple said after the wedding.. "Yey, natapos din".

    We really want to rest, as in rest, sobrang hinahanap ng mga katawan namin talaga ang rest.  Good thing, one pair from our sponsors gave us a Romantico Package in The Nurture Spa, still in Tagaytay.  We availed the package 2 days after the wedding because our families still stayed in another place in Tagaytay after the wedding.  Muntik pang hindi magiging exclusive because the siblings of hubby went with us to The Nurture Spa to checkout the place and they also loved it.  They were tempted to stay and avail the spa service, buti di natuloy.  What we did was to roam around the place, kulitan to the max and they left before dinner.

    Lakad kalinga means walking in a pathway with different kinds and sizes of rocks in barefoot.

    It seems very easy to look at but when you try it, you'll experience different sensations.  Sometimes the rocks are smooth, rough, tickling, painful, etc. and is very similar to our walks of life, you just need to stay focused, determined and hopeful that no matter how hard life is today, tomorrow will surely be better... Below are hubby, fritz my BIL, ged bf of my hubby's sister and their cousin elyzar.

    Wonder what it feels like upon reaching the Yin-Yang?  It felt like your feet had a foot massage, it was actually so relaxing. 

    There's also a place for the kids and for the kids at heart.

    After they left, we availed the Romantico package.  It is inclusive of the following: overnight stay in a VIP room, romantic dinner for two, 1 hour massage, 30 minutes footspa/facial, breakfast and lunch.  

    We were given the VIP room for our accomodation.  It's decorated with cute welcome note, bed of roses este rose petals and swan towels on our bed.  The restroom is as big as the size of the bedroom, it has huge bathtub and very wide windows. It was just too perfect for honeymoon.

    We were advised to take an early dinner at 6PM since we are scheduled for the spa service at 8PM.  We had the most romantic candlelight dinner in the garden, served with delicious and healthy food and a glass of red wine which made the dinner even more romantic.  Toast!

    When we went back to our room... The bed was again made up with another welcome note and free cookies... #sweet

    The Nurture Spa doesn't have cable TV, but they have menu of DVDs where you can choose 3 movies. There's no telephone so you'll need to ring the bell from your door and someone will get you your chosen movies.  We started watching Shakespere in love when we heard a knock on our door.  The physical therapists informed us that it's time for our spa.  I don't have pictures of the spa area but all I can say is that it was one of the best massage I ever had. #SoRelaxing.  Then we went back to our place and had the best night ever... Sshhh! este Zzzz!

    Woke up in the morning seeing my hubby still fast asleep, felt his heart, listened to his breathing and watched him for few more minutes... That moment was priceless! Was thanking God for giving this man to me, the man for me to love and respect...  His love for me is overflowing and I feel it everyday.  I woke him up then so we can prepare for breakfast.

    We had a hearty and healthy breakfast and lunch then checked-out at 12 noon.  The experience in the Nurture Spa was unforgettable.  We were so pampered and really felt like VIPs.  

    Final verdict for this place: the place, the food, the people and the service are excellent.  #SarapUlitin

    Sunday, January 12, 2014

    Food trip in Baguio

    Each place has their food that they can brag about, so we searched for restaurants during our stay in Baguio.  We avoided those that are always available here in the metro.  We went to SM Baguio of course just to checkout again the place but we just saw the usual restaurants.  I asked Mr. google and here are the results of the best restaurants in Baguio:

    Choco-late de Batirol.  Located in the heart of Camp John Hay. Serves Filipino food with hot chocolate.  They have some other branches too, one you can find in Barbara  restaurant in Intramuros.  We grabbed our lunch here on our first day.

    50's Diner.  Serves american food, shakes, steaks, pasta and sandwiches.  Price ranges from P150 and above.  The serving was so big, we were not given heads up so the result was... we couldn't finish everything.

    Buffet breakfast in microtel. We consumed the free buffet breakfast for 2 mornings.  They have rice and ulams, french toasts, salads, omelettes, etc.  Buti din, di paulit-ulit yung mga food. The strawberry jam and the peanut butter are superb!

    Oh my Khan Mongolian grill & hotpot.  We arrived here at 3PM so we were not able to try the mongolian grill because it is only open for lunch and dinner.  The food here are also so good, price ranges from P200 and above.

    Little John's in Camp John Hay. This restaurant also offers American dishes.  Price ranges from P150-250.  They have paper mats and colors to scribble and draw while waiting for your food... I think my drawing skill is not that stagnant and it was not that bad afterall. :)

    Other restaurants that we want to try next time: Oh my gulay, Rose Bowl, Cafe by the ruins and Hill Station.