Monday, April 14, 2014

Carmen's Best Artisan Ice Cream

You'll know the latest food craze if they flood your IG (instagram) with it.  And yes, carmen's best ice cream is one of them.  

On our way to my check-up this morning, we thought traffic will be mild since it's already Holy Monday and everyone is on vacation mode.  But we were surprised by the early bumper to bumper situation in Eastwood so we needed to have a detour in White plains.  Then I happen to saw the sign of Carmen's Best Ice Cream in Kids Academy and told hubby that it is very famous in IG.

During my check-up, we received a very good news from my OB-Gyne that I no longer have the bleeding, thanks much God, and the baby is growing fine.  Which means no need for bed rest and i can already go back to work after the holy week.  Yey! Then I totally forgot about the ice cream after the check-up.

Lunch time, I asked hubby if we can grab our lunch in Recovery in BGC but no luck, the restaurant is full and there's long queue for customers waiting to be seated.  So we just decided to just drive back and see if we can find something in Eastwood.  Then, hubby thought of eating in Flaming Wings in White Plains and he remembered about the ice cream.

At first, we thought the Carmen's best ice cream was just an advertisement since there's no store in the area.  Good thing, hubby braved to ask the security guard of the school and wallah! Freezers of Carmen's best ice cream are there inside the school.

Price is 50 pesos higher in White Plains than when you buy them in Makati.  The best sellers and their regular flavors are 400 pesos (350 pesos in Makati) and the 450 pesos (400 pesos in Makati) for the special flavors.

I chose pistachio almond fudge for 450 pesos and I just love it.  It's not that I'm pregnant but it really tastes good and creamy, hubby also loved it and we finished 1 pint in 1 sitting, yay!  

You gotta taste it for yourself to judge... But promise, it's really really good. 

Wonder why Carmen's Best is this famous and expensive?  Here's the reason why. Captured this from the tube: 

Carmen's Best ice cream - Pure Indulgence.  If this is your first taste of Carmen's Best, you may wonder why our ice cream only comes in small tubes.  Well, like the finest artisal ice cream, it is homemade, the old-fashioned way, in small quantities.  

We use only 100% fresh cow's milk and cream thant brought over daily, at dawn, from the family's dairy farm in Bay, Laguna.  The amount of ice cream that we make depends on the amount of fresh milk that we get.  From the fresh milk, we extract the cream that rises to the top, and this is what gives Carmen's Best that incredibly smooth, silky texture.

We source the rest of our i gredients from all over the world.  Horlicks malted milk from England, chocolates from Switzerland, rum from Jamaica, the finest vanilla beans from exotic Madagascar Vanilla, and Turon de jijona from Spain.  

Quality means taking no shortcuts, and getting no substitutes for the finest ingredients.  Very simply that is the secret of Carmen's Best.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

7 weeks

Mommy and daddy was so worried on your 6th weeks.
Mommy was crying hard fearing to lose you baby.
So they promised themselves to be extra careful
And do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Mommy followed her OB and almost did not leave her bed except for restroom breaks. 
When mommy feels some pain in her abdomen, the more she never moves from her bed.
Daddy helps mommy to sit and stand and transfer to a moving chair
So we will not walk and just enjoy the ride for the weewee breaks.

Mommy welcomes the ever painful breasts because she knows its preparing for your milk.
Mommy tries eating more even for just few bites, her tummy says I'm already full
Mommy loves talking and singing for you everyday, and
Mommy and daddy also pray to God to protect you and keep you safe.

On your 7th week, mommy and daddy were so happy.
You grew bigger and even grew more than your age.
Your head and body are starting to develop, and
Your heartbeat was moving fast and loud saying mommy I love you.

Mommy and daddy are so relieved
And thanking the Lord for hearing their prayers.
Although mommy still have the bleeding,
Just continue to grow and she will take care of the rest.