Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This past few days I felt so restless with the busy schedule at work and some personal stuffs, the need to always be prepared for something, the non-physical stresses and the like... they're really exhausting.  I now had the chance to finally cope up with that restlessness by reaching home early and taking a good nap, I can now feel that tomorrow will be just an ordinary day, lighter that the previous days.  Excited by the book sharing of Jaybee in the morning and will just have one presentation for the business comm meeting with Andy in the afternoon.  There will be mini-celebration afterwards for a job well done in 2011, being the only group who met 2011's OP.  Then, it will be Friday again and I know it will only pass swiftly. Then, wallah! it will be Saturday again... Yehey!

JS Prom

Have seen some high school girls in Prom dress last night, reminded me of my school days...

One thing I know, it's really not a good thing if you are so active in school because you'll be part of the organizing committee and you'll be very busy with everything and you'll miss the exciting parts of the prom night.

Junior Prom - i was the Junior President then, was part of the organizing committee of course and helped plotted the program.  The only thing I remember was the ballroom dance that we officers are required to and the wardrobe failure I had during that dance, I was a late bloomer and it's my first time to wear a strapless bra and didn't even know how women move with it, it's really uncomfortable to wear.  I noticed that while dancing, i felt that it was moving downwards so i kept on adjusting them.  The strapless bra finally succeeded and my ever gentleman best friend noticed that I was already very uncomfortable so he made an effort to make us a graceful exit.  Another thing I remember that night was the "acceptance of the key of responsibility", the passing of the responsibilities of the seniors to the juniors, and as the president, i needed to make a speech after receiving the key, I had my "kodigo" in my hand and lost it on my way up to the stage, so my speech became very brief and just said "thank you for the key and I accept it".  No one seems to care because everyone was excited for the dance.  And of course, as a member of the organizing committee, we were not given a chance to experience the slow dance because we needed to choose the best couple of the night, the king and queen of hearts, etc...

Senior Year - i was again elected as the Senior President (told yah I'm always the most loved person and it was evident ever since :P)... and again organizer of the JS Prom.  Same roles and responsibilities in the junior year but I made sure that we got to experience the slow dance.  Marami ng nag-abiso to dance with me earlier and I was flattered of course.  And when it's time for me to dance, the moment I've been waiting for... our Directress paged several names including mine to pack up and get ready to leave because of the irregular activity of Mayon Volcano (we used to live just below the Mayon Volcano and our house was within the 10KM radius). , our parents were waiting outside the Hotel and were rushing us to immediately hop in the car. :(

...So there, I think I had the most unfortunate experience for prom and prom happens twice in a lifetime unless you repeat the high school over and over again.

...Slow dance became very important to me after then, so everytime i had one, I treasure every memory of it regardless who am I dancing with.... by the way, had recent slow dance experience but will share to you on my next post. :D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Long Day

... woke up again at 4am to practice my spill in my mind for my upcoming presentation, but spent roughly 30 minutes and felt so sleepy so i raised the white flag and hugged my pillows and let my mind run to the wilderness... forgot to set my alarm, good thing I left the recurring alarm set to 6am... prepared for the usual day and saw the text message of Glen last night that we should be wearing our barong, so it added to my time to iron the barong that was really hard to straighten even if how many times I press it, finally let it go and just wore it. It's 7 o'clock and was glad to still leave home early so I can have a quick review of my prez material. At the parking lot, was shocked to see my plate number ending at 4... didn't realize earlier that it's Tuesday today and my plate is in number coding scheme. As you know I just got my plate Thursday last week and it's my first Tuesday with plate.  So I have to rush driving to the office and avoid the possible intersections with traffic enforcers. Lucky me, that when the traffic light turned red, there was a bus before me and was saved from the traffic tickets.  Arrived in the office at around 7:30am and still had plenty of time to prepare my spill. While waiting for my slot, my hands were so icy and was hoping not to forget anything... good thing, Kiko was making funny faces across the table, manong ariel was teased as Budoy, Carlo was making funny comments to the stilletos of the girls and it made my nervousness to went away somehow. The presentation to Ramesh went well and everyone did a good job.  It finished at around 12:30pm but I had to skip lunch because I have a telecon at 1pm, guess I was the only one left in the office and everyone went out for lunch.  BF was within the area after his coaching session with his basketball team and picked me up for lunch at 2:30pm. We had a quick and heavy lunch at Shakey's and we promised to have a light dinner afterwards. 5pm ticked and most of my workmates were packing their things, of course I can't go yet before 7pm.  BF was stucked in the heavy traffic because of the INC activity at Quirino Grandstand and went back to pick me up in the office. At 6:30pm we decided to just drive to the south because that's the only way where we don't have to mind the number coding and the only way that has a moving traffic.Fortunately, i got my gas card last monday and i still have 180 liters to consume until end of the month, that leaves me then 3 days to  gas up and spend each drop. :D

We end up driving to Nuvali, dined in at Crisostomo and the promise of light dinner did not happen.  Checked the MMDA update for the traffic situation in Manila but still heavy, so we decided to dropby to my sister's house. Played with the kids while waiting for my sister to arrive from her Ilocos Trip.  I was supposed to be joining the all girls Ilocos trip but given my status at work, I can't afford to miss anything. ... this is indeed a long day and i'm already dreaming of sleeping in my bed now...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Personality Plus

Attended the book review today of Amron regarding Personality Plus by Florence Littauer as part of his project for the Future Leaders Program.  He did a good job in delivering the overall message of the book and was able to engage his audience on assessing their own personality by giving a very simple activity.

From the activity, I was able to know that Peaceful Phlegmatic is my most dominant temperament and I agreed with the result.

Here are the positive attributes of a Peaceful Phlegmatic person:

  • Happy Reconciled to Life
  • Low-Key Personality
  • Easygoing
  • Calm
  • Cool and Collected
  • Patient – Well Balanced
  • All Purpose
  • Has administrative ability
  • Mediates Problems
  • Easy to get along with has many friends
  • Is a good listener

And the problems with Peaceful Phlegmatic Person and what to do to address them:

  • Problem# 1: PP are not exciting
    • Try to get enthused
    • Try something new

  •  Problem# 2: PP Seems Lazy
    • Learn to accept responsibility for your life
    • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today
    • Motivate yourself

  •  Problem# 3: PP have a quiet will of iron
    •  Learn to communicate your feelings

  •  Problem#4: PP appear wishy-washy
    •  practice making decision
    •  Learn to say no!

The Peaceful Phlegmatic as noted by Amron are the ideal leaders, usually the best leaders... really???  was seem interested, no wonder I was the most loved boss during my times in manufacturing industry and everyone, even not my subordinates liked me a lot.  Of course I am guilty for most of the problems listed above, but at least I understand now why I am like this and how to motivate myself.  

Also with this activity, our team was able to know each of our personalities:
Boss Ed - is also a  Peaceful Phlegmatic
Darryl - Perfect Melancholy, usually they are the thinker, genius-intellect, talented and creative, perfectionist (high standards), detail conscious, economical, likes list, graphs and figures, orderly and organized, serious and purposeful.
Jed, Amron, Elsa, Tom are all Powerful Choleric, they are the born leaders, most dominant, are usually right, strong-willed, goal-oriented, organizes well, thrives on opposition, can run anything, compulsive need for change, has little need for friends.

Our team is really a great mix of personalities and most of them are dominants and unfortunately I am the submissive one.  Let's see how are we going to blend with each other but at least we are all willing to adjust from each other's personality. 

Monday... and I'm too early

My boyfriend is not feeling well since last week and no one's gonna take care of him since he's alone in his house, his parents live somewhere near his place so I advise him to stay there during the morning so her mom can take care of him.  I was of course busy with work and couldn't stay in his place last week, so I made sure to take care of him on Saturday.

I suggested that I stay in his place while he's still feeling sick and can just drive early going to work but again did not accept my suggestion.  I can see that he felt the need of someone to always be there by his side especially in times like this, but still very arrogant and won't entertain the thought.

So I end up setting my alarm clock every 6 hours for his medication and call him up every time.  So at 4 o'clock this morning, after calling him, I can no longer force myself to sleep... and had no choice but to prepare for work and arrived in Mckinley at 6am...

...too early, so I had plenty of time to eat my breakfast, check the weekend mails, and prepare again for the upcoming presentations for this week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Part II

... to continue with the my guilty pleasures

4) Twilight Saga ... as much as I don't want to admit it, but I fell in love with this book series.  I don't know how many times I read these books, have even bought both the paper back and the limited edition compilation of this series, I also had the e-books and audio books.  I'm not really a fan of the movie but still love the source of the story so I also got copies of all parts and looking forward for the 2nd part of the breaking dawn.  My sisters kept asking why I read these books over and over again... and i can't really answer why I couldn't get over with the story...  Because of this, I had a hard time reading another similar genre so I shifted to Nicholas Sparks, and then gone crazy and cried on all his books.

5) Sidney Sheldon - I just love how this author makes up the power on the characters of his books.  I don't know how he does it but he makes all the women become so powerful and I love him for that.  Last two years, I traded for a complete compilation of his books over a travel vacation with my boyfriend (he offered it and he knew exactly that I can't resist the offer)... so he ended up travelling with his friends and I guess he also loved the trip without me :).

6) Harry Potter - no words to describe how J.K Rowling wrote this series... PERFECT! I loved the movie as well and became emotional during the last big screen movie of the deathly hollows part 2.  Comparing to the Twilight Saga, the HP movie series were almost played page per page of the book, it's pretty much as if I can read the texts on the screen :)... Last year I was tempted to buy the limited edition chest box for the compilation of the hard bounds but held myself...7K worth of books is not so practical at all besides I still don't own a house to have my own bookshelf or mini library where I can put all my collections.

7) Betty Boop - not really with the same beauty like the princesses in the fairy tales but I just love how naughty and voluptuous Betty Boop looks like.  Let's just say because I'm kinda conservative, I let Betty portray the possible sexiness I have in me. :P

8) Virtual Babble - though it's hard to admit, virtual babble sometimes makes my day more exciting and makes me look forward to next days.

9) Random books from Book Sale - this is my one-stop shop when I run out of books to read... you can find books with prices less than 100 pesos if you have limited budget and reserve books if they are expecting delivery of books that you like.  I found a book last year of Mary Balough's The Huxtible Series for only 95 pesos, but can no longer find the other parts... until now, I'm checking once in a while if they already have the other part of the series, but still no luck.   Mary Balough's books are written in a classical texts that is likely similar to William Shakespeare's writings... it's hard to read this kind of writing at first but as you go along, you can also feel how powerful each character were built up and the twist in every story like Sidney Sheldon's and you know how exciting this kind of stories can be.

10) Anime - Sailor Moon - I no longer watch any of the sailor moon series and I can no longer track how many parts are there now, the last thing I remember, it was Sailor Moon R or Super S, 15 years ago?  I just found sailor  moon cute especially when she says my favorite line "Paparusahan kita sa ngalan ng pag-ibig!" and when Tuxedo mask appear on the scene....  Naruto - super makulit, I think I also stopped watching during the Shippuden parts... Saber Marrionette, etc.... isip-bata pa rin ako sometimes... and I love the feeling :) ... but I can no longer find time to watch any of it and I think di na healthy for me to spend time watching.

Guilty Pleasures

... it's midnight now, but sleep won't visit me yet, maybe because i had 3 hours sleep this afternoon after work or my mind is still working after doing my presentations for tomorrow.  Anyway, I just recall the topic in the wake up show with Vince and Tracy this morning about the guilty pleasures.  I wanted to join the discussion but I figured I have better things to prioritize. So I'll just list down here my guilty pleasures:

1) Even with so much thing to do... i still have time writing in my diary, sometimes to the point that my journal is done but what i'm working is left half-made. :D

2) Sweets... who can resist sweets?... Two reasons why I should be in control of my sweet intake: 1) I have problem with my soar throat when I take too much sweets 2) "Sweets" is the number 1 catalyst for my weight gain, have proven that after taking off the desserts in my meals, have lost 5-10 lbs.

3) Old music...I can't live without music and probably won't last a day without doing at least humming for the LSS songs.  There are lots of new songs each year and I admit they are all good music...  But in my playlist after playing several new songs, I tend to shift genre to older songs, maybe because I think all the possible emotions I am having each day has a song for it... And, at the end of the day... i normally tune to piano music, these are mind relaxing music, can also boost some emotions and has calming effect afterwards. I only have few of these from Carter Burwell and Rob Pattinson in my playlist though, so will probably explore more of it next time.

....oh's now late... my eyes are now stressed... will add more on my next post...

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Tasks list piling up, upcoming presentations here and there, customer demands, inquiries from everywhere, bosses demands, need for analysis and commits... what more to add in my list?  I started only with 4 items and now they grown to 12, they already occupied almost the whole page of my notes.  I only crossed out 4 from the supposed tasks for today, the rest will be carried over to the next day.  Toxic time comes in season, I still believe tomorrow is another day.... need to stay focused, don't give up.. yet. AJA!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Stage Fright

It's 3M's 48th year Anniversary today and the new hires from last year are to perform as part of the 3M culture.  We are suppose to perform last 2011 Christmas party but the event was cancelled so the performance was pushed out to this year's anniversary.  We were told by RK few weeks ago about this performance but we can't even find time for it due to our toxic schedules.  The new hires had only 1 night to rehearse and we pretty much learned the steps by heart.  Before the performance, we had 1 more sweep and everything was perfect.  I was the one who was placed in front together with Rhea and Tin to lead everyone especially those who weren't able to attend the practice.

Preparing for our number, Kate Belmonte volunteered to touch up some make-up to us participants.  She was so amazing she was able to make me look different, she only did my eyes and the rest stayed the same but it really made a lot of difference.  When I went out the restroom, I felt like some eyes laid on me and it made my heart go erratic.

When RK called out the new hires, all the people went crazy and went very close to the stage and were shouting and cheering.  I heard my name being called out by my team, cheering for me.  When the song started, my mind went blank, i can't even hear the music and all I can see were wild people still shouting and making fun of us.  I couldn't recall the steps and the next thing I know, I was dancing different steps from the rest.  Good thing Rhea was still in the front gracefully dancing, and i had the courage to know the next steps by looking at her.

There were lots of cellphones in front of the audience I feel like everyone's taking videos and pictures.  My face was so flushed even before the dance ended.  I was grateful that it was only 3 minutes of shame.  I just hope no one will upload any video in facebook. :(

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back to where I belong

Visited my original dentist today after 2 long years.  I've tried the other dentists (in the malls) because I can't make time to travel to his clinic but I found difference on the result after the oral prophylaxis and laminates.

Doc Ogsimer is our family dentist and he took care of our teeth eversince I can remember.  We just call him Doc and all members of his family are also in line with the same field... guess they just really love teeth :D.

For those two years i missed going to his clinic, I was surprised that he still knows every detail of my teeth.  He knew that I had my laminates from the other dentist and he kept on commenting that those were not properly done.  As you know I had my braces 8 years ago and i had a perfect smile after taking them off.  Doc was explaining to me that because of that laminates it made a difference on my bite and my lower teeth was affected and caused some misalignments.  He also noticed that my teeth alignment are becoming square-type wherein my front teeth are equally aligned with their neighbor teeth, as in super pantay daw.  I thought that's how the teeth should look like but I was wrong.  Doc explained to me that kind of alignment makes me look older.  Based on the model, the upper front teeth should be more dominant than their neighbor teeth.

I was hesitant of the thought of having bigger front teeth but was told that it's the norm that will make me have a youthful smile.  Well, who am I to contest? so I allowed Doc to use his magic hands to perform all the work to make my teeth look better again.

Doc insisted for me to try to get used to this bugs bunny looking teeth and if for weeks that I don't really like them, he can always return them to its original size.

Visit his clinics at:

CYS Oral Health Wellness Center & Laboratory
Dr. Teofilo Y. Ogsimer, Jr., DMD, FPAID
Implantologist - Orthodontics

18A Republic Super Market Bldg., 
Rizal Avenue cor. Soler St., 
Sta Cruz, Manila

101 Armstrong Ave., 
Moonwalk Subd., Phase 1
Paranaque City

0526 Quirino Avenue
San Dionisio, Paranaque City

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exactly the things I expected to happen happened...

It's the happy hearts day and I went home early after office.  BF picked me up from home, with bouquet of flowers in his passenger seat.  So sweet of him he remembered the stargazer lilies i mentioned to him a long time ago and a dozen roses with some hearts and baby's breath as fillers.  It's not really practical to buy stargazers in this season because I know the normal price for 1 stem is already around 600 to 2K php, so what do you expect more for this season? ... he told me that this flower caught his attention while he was choosing the flowers for the bouquet arrangement and that he didn't know that it was stargazer at first, when the flower vendor said that it was the stargazer, he suddenly recalled that I told him once about it.  I really appreciate them not because of the value but the true beauty of this flower.

After hopping in his car, he handed me my favorite chocolates one at a time (ferrero and kisses), forgot to tell him I weighed-in last Monday for the Biggest Loser contest in the office... never mind, I never intend to win anyway; I just worry for my soar throat.

Drove to some place for dinner.  On the restaurant, a photographer approached us and took some pictures of us for free.. cool! Afterwards, we bought Krispy Kreme for home and I wasn't surprised at all to see all their donuts in heart shape except for the original glazed donuts.   Also bought some flowers for my mom to fill in my dad's place.

Finally, the long awaited question ..............

..... is still a "missing" question.  Exactly the things I expected to happen happened this v-day except for one.  I don't really want to expect it to happen but I still hoped for it somehow... it's false alarm again.

..... guess have no choice but to move on...again.... it will come soon I hope.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creative Cake Design

January 18, 2012 - Yanis' 4th birthday celebration.  I was assigned for my niece's cake and Yanis requested for Tinker Bell theme.  Busy with my schedules that week, I opted to check out the designs 2 day before the event.  Found several fairy designed cakes from Goldilocks, however, i was shocked to know that the  lead time is 3 days, and cannot adjust to 2 days.

Had thought of buying cupcakes, but lead times for several stores I visited were also 3 days.  With broken heart and very low morale, I happened to stop by in front of Max's Bakeshop and luckily I was able to meet the order time for their cupcakes. Finally!!!! yahoo!!!!! thanks Max's for saving me...

To complete the design, I just purchased the following:
          1) 24 assorted designed cupcakes - Max's Bakeshop - Cost: Php 500 per 12pcs = Php 1K
          2) 1 square dedication cake - Red Ribbon - Php Cost: 500
          3) Princess garden background (I just took off Snow White figurine) - Goldilocks - Php 300
          4) Fairy Dolls - Cost:  roughly Php 3K

This design made me through that day and made my niece super happy.  

Few lessons learned:  
1) Never again trust that cakes will always be available...
2) Happiness of a child is priceless, but disappointment will surely cost you a lot.
3) Everything has lead time