Monday, May 28, 2012

Anvaya Bread and Deli

We recently discovered this bakeshop in Marikina for we were so hungry one night coming from somewhere far.  We were looking for a 24 hours store but we always had no choice but to grab something from the usual fast food chains within the Marcos Highway: McDonald's, Jollibee and Burger King.

While searching for something different to eat, we spotted this bakeshop along Fernando Avenue, Marikina City located just behind the McDonald's and the famous Tapsi ni Vivian Carinderia.  We stopped by and tried their Anvaya Big Burger for only 85 pesos.  We were surprised how different the burgers tasted. The grilled burger patties were juicy and oozing, the bread is tasty and I think there's a milky taste on it which blended to the cheese and veggies.  Pardon me for not posting the burgers since we were like Pacman's eating the delicious burgers in no time.  We haven't tried the other burgers but I bet they will taste as good as the Anvaya Burgers.

They have other breads as well, as usual no pictures, and I have tried some of them, here are my favorites:  Cheesy bread, Mongo Bread, Kababayan or also known as the Pan de Regla and as far as I can recall, they only cost only 5 pesos each. Maybe all the breads are all delicious and they have made them with a milky taste, yum!

They also are selling their own made sausages, ham and bacons, and I heard they are also best sellers.

Delicious and Affordable

Big Anvaya Burger, a must try!

Their Menu
And a few days ago, we found their 2nd store along the Marcos Highway behind Shakey's but is not operating 24 hours.  I don't know if they have other stores in other places but if you happen to see one, try it, you'll definitely have a different experience on burgers and breads.


  1. I agree, Anvaya burger tastes good and sulit for the price. My kids love it better than mcdo's big and tasty.

  2. same here... at least we have other options for burgers. :D

  3. Hi.. Can somebody tell me how to xontact them? Thanks.

    1. Hi Abbey, i tried searching for their contact number but no luck. Sorry, but will update you once I know it. Thanks for dropping by.

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