Saturday, August 31, 2013


Who needs a new pair of shoes? I do... As in I really need na daw to buy new shoes.  Bakit ba? I can still use my old shoes pa naman, super matibay naman yun, from baha, putik at iba pa, napagdaanan na nun kahit anong panahon pero buhay pa din.  Ewan ko ba, pero sino tatanggi sa libre? 

We were checking out shoes one weekend para pang office ni father in law to be when we happened to passby the Sebago store.  I just know Sebago is famous for top-sider shoes and they are expensive that's why I never checked their products. I never honestly had topsider shoes except maybe when I was a kid.  So when we got inside the store, I saw the shoes for women and they have very cool designs.  I had an eye on one of the designs so I tried it on and they perfectly fit my big feet.  

I have no plan in buying so I immediately re-place it back to its shelf.  Everyone picked their shoes and we had a total of ~P18000.  We are P2K short to avail the loyalty card worth P20K so they urged me to get the pair that I picked earlier.  I was having a second thought if I should get it or not.  Then boyfie said bagay nga daw sakin then he asked the staff to get a new stock and immediately paid for my new pair of shoes.  Wala na ako magawa, or should I say nagtatatalon ako sa tuwa, for my new pair of shoes, LIBRE!

Sebago for women is a lot more cheaper (P3500) than those for men (P5000 and above).  They have so many branches in different malls and in department stores.  Try to visit their store, you'll never know  one of the pairs is also meant for you, sana nga lang may man libre din :)

Salamat sa libre!  Sa uulitin! :)

Gavino's Japanese Donuts and More

Had enough of cronuts?  Let's try a different dougnuts then.... Yes, the Japanese have their own version of doughnuts, they look pretty much similar to the usual doughnuts that we know but just wait until you take your first bite.

If you were able to taste Mochi, the Japanese ice cream, you will have a similar biting experience for their donuts, just take away the freezing coat from you teeth, and its already the donut.  For the benefit of those who don't have any idea, i'll just describe my first bite experience.  

Japanese donut is chewy, not the chewy rubber type, but it is chewy soft that melts in your mouth.  When I tried my first bite, I can't decide much if it has a chocolatey or caramelly taste, so I disected the donut and checked out what was inside.  The filling is i guess a combination of both caramel and chocolate, so there's no need for debate, the donut have them both.  This is what you call love at first bite.

Gavino's donut can be found in several branches: Robinsons Ermita, Landmark Trinoma, SM Megamall, Greenhills and Banawe.  1 box of 6 costs 160 pesos only.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Breastfeeding a baby boy in a dream

I saw this poster in a mall tonight while me and boyfie were debating where to grab our dinner.  I remember my dream about a baby earlier this morning and I can't help sharing it with you guys.  Here's what happened.

This morning I was awaken by my alarm that cut my very weird dream.  I dreamt that I was breastfeeding a baby, a baby boy as in literally feeding him with my breast milk.  I initially fed him with my left breast but there was no milk so I tried my right breast and hurray there was milk in it.  The first thing that came into my mind is that, maybe I will be a mom soon and I am looking for the dream to be a positive thing.

I had a history that my dreams became true or sometimes they became warning or were related to something that is about to happen.  Examples are the following: my dad won in jueteng P80K because I talked in my sleep and told him of a number combination.  Everytime  I dreamt that my tooth fell off someone I know died... so a healer advised me not mention to anyone if I have another similar dream, instead, whisper that dream in a tree or plant so it can represent the persons life.  I had the same dream of a tooth falling earlier this year and I was so afraid that someone I know will die again, so I whispered it to a small plant.  True enough, my friend Kate, now my wedding coordinator got into a car accident and her car was so smashed but she survived the accident.  I was so thankful that I believed the healer and when I checked the small plant the next morning, it was so dry and lifeless. I know it's scary that is why I am taking my dreams seriously.  So I searched for the interpretation of my latest dream.

Breast-feeding Dream Explanation — (Imprisonment; Suckling; Nursing) In a dream, it means being in need, becoming an orphan, business losses, being emotional or having a temper. If a woman sees herself breast-feeding a man in a dream, it means tightness of worldly means or imprisonment for both of them. Breast-feeding a child after weaning him in a dream means a sickness or imprisonment. Though, if a pregnant woman sees herself breast-feeding a child in a dream, it means that she will have a safe delivery. 
In woman’s dream: In quite a number of women’s dreams the breasts appear in a health sense, connected with the anxiety about breast cancer. To dream of that does not mean you have cancer, only that you are anxious.
The breasts also link with how positive you feel about your own womanhood and ability to feel proud and easy with your sexual as well as intellectual functions. So in some women’s dreams the breasts are exposed to say, “See, I am a real woman.”
Of course the breasts also are used in dreams where the desire, lust or love feelings link you with a man. But such a link is not necessarily to do with an external male. They also indicate how well or badly you are relating to your own wholeness.

Breastfeeding: Quite a number of dreams are about breast feeding, and this usually indicates how easily you can give of yourself. At times it can be about past experiences of feeding and any difficulties encountered.

There are so many different interpretations when I searched the web and I no longer want to think of them.  I just wish that I will have  a real baby soon that's why I saw a baby in my dream for the first time and I am praying to God that this dream is a positive one.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Doctor will see you now...

Yesterday, Boyfie rushed me to the emergency room of St. Lukes Medical Center in BGC. I didn't expect that I will come to that point where I needed to ask boyfie to bring me to the hospital, I have a high tolerance for pain but yesterday was a different story.

Flashback to earlier time, I was just feeling great coming back to work and attended a whole day training.  Lunch time, we ordered chicken barbeque with java rice from Aristocrat.  Afterlunch, manong Ariel who was then seated on the table behind me noticed that I had some red marks below my nape, I felt nothing on that time so I just said it will be gone in no time.  Few minutes later, I felt hot on my skin and Kate who was seated beside me saw I was having some red marks in my shoulders and in my arms.  That was when I decided to take anti-histamine. I always have Celestamine in my wallet so everytime I got an allergic reaction, I'm always ready. 

I was expecting that I will feel sleepy after taking the med and the allergic reaction will vanish eventually.  But something unexpected happened.  I got dizzy but I ignored it so I continued with the training.  During the hands-on we were exposed to different chemicals used to sample in the equipment and the dizziness elevated.

I asked boyfie to just pick me up in the office because I already felt very light headed.  After that, the veins in my nape got suddenly very stiff, I felt it's going to break soon.  Natakot na ako so I asked boyfie to bring me to the hospital immediately.  

My BP shoot up to 153/108, the doctor said it is because of the pain why my BP elevated.  To relax my muscle in my nape they gave me medication thru IV.  It was so painful compared to my previous IV experiences, I can really feel the medication running in my veins.  

Finally, I was released at 2am without any serious findings but will continue to take some medication for a week.  I will then be cautious in my food intake and will try other anti-histamine brand.  I need to really take good care of myself, ikakasal pa ako noh. :)

Need to go back to healthy lifestyle soon...  

Le Coeur de France Cronuts

Still the battle for the cronuts is in.  And now we have tried the cronuts of Le Coeur de France. It is smaller compared to Dunkin' Donuts and is more expensive, P89 per piece. But the cronuts from Le Coeur de France is awesomely more delicious.  

The berry on the right side of the picture tasted like the one I usually make in my bread everytime I am in a hotel for breakfast.  I usually put a butter on a toasted bread and add a strawberry jelly in it.  This captured my tastebuds and i loved it.  Just don't mind much the appearance, the jelly seems not evenly spread or it was just messed up with the wrapper.

The chocolate cronut apparently has a dark chocolatey taste.  I can't really describe it as I only tried 1 small bite but boyfie said it's deliciously perfect for his taste. Hhmmm.... gotta try it next time.

So there, i think I will be checking out other cronuts if I see them from other bakeries and will of course share them to you.  Happy eating!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry

Yesterday, my boyfie's mom had grocery galore in SnR.  My mother in law to be is not really a thrift shopper, when she see things that she finds interesting she would definitely buy them.  She doen't mind her budget, she tends to buy for everyone, bagay kay at pwede kay ang theme... Di naman ako nagrereklamo kasi kasama ako sa priority list.  Hehehe!

Anyway, she bought this Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry in SnR for P750.  I loved this product because this is a healthy option for dessert, dark chocolate which is a very good anti-oxidant plus the benefits that we can get from Acai berry.

But reading through the labels, i didn't find the nutrition content on this product so I search over the net and landed in Scooby's blog, Acai is Healthy, right?  This changed my view over the product but will still definitely buy and eat it.  

Have a control on your sugar intake, so be in control of the amount of sugar you are taking.  You can indulge yourself with this product by taking few pieces per day, it still contains the Acai berry and the dark chocolate which is way healthier than the usual chocolates that we are eating. I believe that you should take it in moderation else you'll get all the sugar if you'll eat it in one seating. #healthyDessert

Happy Sunday everyone!

Asia Novela... Rewind

Browsing through the channels on a saturday evening, I landed in the Fox Pinoy and was surprised to see Hana Kimi series that is continuously playing in this channel.  I think I haven't shared yet, that there was a point in my life where I got so addicted to asian novelas.  It started with this series Hana Kimi, a taiwanese series wherein a girl entered an exclusive boy school and pretended to be one of them because she wanted to meet his idol.  It was the first and other asia novelas followed...

I became an addict, I fell in love with the lead actor of Hana Kimi, Wu Chun.  It was the first time I had a crush and became obsessed in an actor.  I followed his very appearance in tv, movie and guestings, etc.  his pictures were everywhere, in my room, in my phone, in my ipod, in my laptop.  I remember when I was in Malaysia, my counterpart brought me to one of the stores in there, I got crazy and bought several posters, stickers, etc.... Whew! Those were the days.  Good thing I already got over on that craziness, I am recovered.

Anyways, although I still know the story, it was fun watching my first loved asia novela again.  If you want to watch this series, it is available online and in Fox Pinoy channel every Saturday and Sunday 10:10PM up to 12MN.  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eyes on your fries - shake shake fries

It's back!!! The shake-a-shake fries is definitely back in McDonalds. Yehey!

It comes in 3 flavors: cheese, barbeque and sour cream for P55 only.  Best eaten with sundae or with mcflurry.

Why is shake-a-shake fries so memorable for me?  Because my boyfie and I were first teased in McDonalds in Intramuros during our college days, we were just blockmates and friends then, and I didn't know how it started but he had a secret crush on me.  Our guy friends teased us when he bought me a shake-a-shake fries and spaghetti and my girl friends gave way for him so he can sit beside me and I was red as tomato... Of course, we did not became together because of shake-shake fries, it took him almost a year before he got my YES! Hehehe!

Anyway, it's always fun eating the shake-a-shake fries.  Just put powder flavor in a bag of fries and shake, shake, shake!  Beware, let the flavor settle down first before peeking in the bag else you're going to inhale the powder and sneeze. Enjoy shaking!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Habagat... Until when?

Waking up this morning, i heard no more rain and thought today will be the start of a good weather.  After several minutes, the rain started to fall hard on our roof again, then suddenly will stop and will start all over again.  This is the 3rd day that we are experiencing heavy down pour attributed by the habagat caused by the typoon maring.  Everywhere in Metro Manila and nearby provinces were flooded and thousands of families were affected.  I'm not really sure if they are able to go back to their houses yet because the weather is still so unpredictable.  

Yesterday, our area was not exempted to flooding, the streets were almost knee deep, good thing our house is kind of elevated.  Some of our neighbors houses however were flooded and needed to raise their things to an elevated area.  When the water subsided, they had no choice but to clean the remnants of the flood. 

Walang mahirap o mayaman, everywhere was flooded.  This was Paseo de Magallanes and their expensive subdivision.  The flood was waste deep.  I wonder if our office was flooded too, sana hindi...

Thankfully, the Typhoon Maring already left the Philippines area of responsibility but we will continue to feel the habagat especially in the western section of Luzon.  We will still continue have light to medium rain but not as severe as the previous days.  Tomorrow, we can expect a better weather.  Yehey!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cronuts in Dunkin Donuts

After office today, I was so excited to go to BGC to get my first bite of cronuts in Krispy Kreme.  To my dismay, i found no cronuts in there... (double sad face).  The crew said, they are only producing 150 pieces of cronuts per day starting 6AM but because they are so famous they will not last until 10AM.

I drove away from BGC with a lonely heart thinking maybe cronuts are not meant for me, so I was just singing Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Tonight I'm getting over you".  It feels like I couldn't get over of my cravings for cronuts so my heart feels like shattering.  I'm not really sure how to end this loneliness.... Ooppss, di po ako naglilihi, dumadrama lang for cronuts.

Okay, cut the drama... On my way home, I passed by a Dunkin' Donuts store and decided to buy bavarian donuts.  To my surprise, they have their own versions of cronuts, 4 flavors, P75 each and they are all mouthwatering.  I didn't expect I could taste a cronut tonight.  All along, I was pushing my luck in Krispy Kreme not knowing there's Dunkin' Donuts that is waiting for me... Parang truth to life lang ang peg. :) 

The verdict? It is a crusty soft croissant with custard fillings and toppings like a donut. The sweetness level of the filling and the chocolate is balanced by the bread, a perfect combination.  The taste is comparable to beard papa, very similar if my taste buds served me right.  One cronut is heavy enough to fill your tummy, sulit sa P75.  I'll say I gotta raise 2 thumbs up for this.

So there, those were my dramatic journey for cronuts.  Have a happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

...and Krispy Kreme decided to join the croissant doughnut arena

The latest craze today is the croissant doughnuts.  There are only few stores selling this pastry and one of them is Chatime.  We went to one branch of Chatime yesterday and looked for cronuts but we were disappointed to know that only their Pioneer branch offers this crazy cronuts.

Now, we don't need to tour around the traffic area of Pioneer Boni because I am so happy to know that Krispy Kreme has finally decided to join the battle of the cronuts. Yehey!... Sana masarap. :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Soup to make you feel better

I took another sick leave yesterday although my colds seem to be better than the previous days.  I felt weak because of fever, headache and body pain.  I was taking bioflu every 6 hours and I guess it really helped.  I feel better today but still have some "sinat" (slight fever) as what my mom describes my condition now.

For the past days that I wasn't feeling well, soup was always included in my meal: goto, lugaw, noodles, mami, nilaga, sinigang or anything na may sabaw.  Soup as what I am told will help me feel better. True enough, I always feel better every after meal. I don't normally have the chance to eat these kind of food on my regular days as I am always eating in fast food chains or in restaurants from breakfast to dinner.  Thanks to my fever, I had the chance to eat real food again, made from scratch with love.  

Sarap ng inaalagaan, I missed staying home on a weekday...


Pho 24

Browsing my photos this morning, I saw these pictures from Pho 24 and realized I have missed posting them.  I am a fan of Vietnamese food especially the Pho (Vietnamese noodles), their Salad and the Spring Rolls.  Pho Hoa is my number one Vietnamese restaurant but I also liked this new restaurant in Libis called Pho 24.

We were able to dined in here early this year during their trial period.  Now, the restaurant is operating 24 hours from the last time we visited the place.  Pho 24 is serving rice meals and different Pho noodles, price ranges from P150 - P350.  I tried the chicken pho and boyfie for beef pho, you can't expect the noodles to be the best but they are already very good considering the affordable price per bowl.  Plus you will have the chance to see how they prepare them as they also have a glass window to their kitchen.  The spring rolls however are just like the regular lumpiang shianghai that we know of, the only thing that makes it different are the sauce and the lettuce wrap.  I'd say I still prefer the spring rolls of Pho Hoa especially their sauce.

Overall, i am satisfied with my dining experience and will still go back to Pho 24.  Rating is 4/5 stars.

If you happen to pass by libis, try to visit Pho 24, it is located just outside the Eastwood City after the Mercury Drugs and Police Station (north-bound).

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sa Sipon o Trangkaso, I-Sinuzip mo!

I've been nursing my colds for the past 2 days, it felt like I am having a fever and today I really had no choice but to avail my Sick Leave.  I am already feeling the symptoms of Flu: body pain, cold and fever; but I don't want to take any medicine.  What I do was water therapy but I realized that my condition will not change if I will continue not having any help of a medicine.  

Boyfie was of course always on my side and he brought this Sinozip since the moring but I kept ignoring it not until tonight.  This when I realized it is not the usual medicine in capsule or tablet form.  Sinuzip is an Analgesic/Decongestant in powder solution in sachet form, available in Lemon and Lemon Green Tea flavor, to be taken every 4-6 hours.  It is like taking a lemonade #masarap.  As stated in their tagline, Talagang "kakaiba ito! Sa sipon o trangkaso, i-Sinuzip mo!"  Hope this will be an effective relief for my colds... I still have yet to feel the effect aside from the drowsiness that I am feeling now.  I have to say goodnight to everyone... Hope to feel better tomorrow.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hair Scare

Today was the measurement for the gown of my entourage.  So early in the morning, the first that I picked up was my niece Yanis.  Because of my busy schedule, I seldom visit the kids lately and if I do, it will be very limited time because the kids also have school in the morning.  There were little bonding moments with us so I have not even noticed the changes in the kids haircut.

I noticed this morning that my niece Yanis have split ends and when I checked the split ends were everywhere.  I was worried so I asked the Yaya what happened.  She said, they had a haircut in INDEX salon (where was that?!).  Soon after our appointment to the designer was over, we immediately went to the mall and let her have a haircut.

The haistylist from FIX said, the damage on the hair must've gotten from the cutting method that was used to style.  Blades should not be used in the first place since she still have baby hairs and is still so soft and brittle, blades are normally used for cutting guys hair and not for women.  Split ends are like virus and if not controlled will damage the hair up to the roots.

I was so relieved that Yanis' beautiful hair can still be saved.  Lagot kami sa mommy pag-uwi if di naagapan...  #SuperHairScare

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Angel Whispers

I was in tears when I was reading this poem from my friend Rose.  I previously shared her story and her twins Sophia and Miguel and I can't still seem to forget their journey.  Rose already moved on but because she was a mother, she still can't deny missing her little angels and weep for them.  My prayers go for Rose and her husband, to hold on and be strong and I pray that they may find the calmness and happiness in their hearts soon.  I know their little angels are watching over them and I believe God has something planned for them.  


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gilas Pilipinas versus Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2013 FIBA AsiaChampionship)

I am giving you now the blow by blow update of the happenings in the basketball game between Gilas Pilipinas and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... (Trying to be a sports anchor here... Hehehe!)

Started the game by a 3 point shot from LA Tenorio from Gilas Pilipinas but KSA took the lead on the 1st quarter ending of a score 16 to 14.  The old people behind us were not so happy with the Gilas performance and have been BOO-ing the first 5 players: Tenorio, Pingris, Douhit, Fonacier and Chan.

The 2nd quarter was a close fight but the Philippines took the lead at 35 versus 28 and at 3rd quarter, 57 over 46.  There was also so much substitution for both teams as if testing the right combination of players, giving the chance for all of them to dribble. #FairAndSquare

The referees were also so active in giving calls to even the smallest pat or touch of each player, giving each team almost up to 4 personal fouls for some of them, like in PH: Fajardo, Pingris and Tenorio

And finally, the game ended with another 3 point shot from Alapag making the final score to 78 leading KSA by 12 points.

It was a good win by the Philippines, although the feedback from the people around us was that the players looked like they did not play at their best...

2013 FIBA Asia Championship

The acronym "FIBA" as defined in the web ( comes from the original French-language name of the organization, "Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur." "Amateur" was dropped from the organization's name in 1986, but the initial was kept.

The 2013 FIBA Asia Championship was originally planned to be held in a Middle Eastern country but because of the government situation or 'war' threats in that said country, the venue was moved to the Philippines.  Lucky are the Filipinos who are fan of basketball like my boyfriend and I (though I'm not thst of a fan, I sometimes can't relate at all), we will have the chance to watch the battle of the champions LIVE!

Apparently, I am here in SM Mall of Asia Arena right now, waiting for the Gilas Pilipinas and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia basketball game to begin.  This is really not planned, or should I say wasn't informed that we are going to watch tonight.  Anyhow, we are now here and will just enjoy the live show. 

We availed the lower box seats at 800 pesos each...

We have a pretty good view and was placed in the center...

... We did not worry to starve while watching because Mall of Asia Arena have a lot of food stalls... But be warn that if you'll buy bottled water, they will uncap it for safety reason, so better buy softdrinks.

If you want to also watch the games live, catch them at these schedules:

The game is about to start... Wishing my goodluck to the Gilas Pilipinas.  Go! Go! Go! Philippines!