Sunday, May 19, 2013


On our way to Tagaytay yesterday, we noticed that the famous The ORIGINAL buko pie bakeshop has opened a new branch along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road in Caltex Gas Station.  If you are not familiar with this bakeshop, its main branch is in Los Banos Laguna.  We are a fan of their buko pies and other pies and breads eversince we discovered it several years ago.  But because Los Banos is quite far from Manila, we can only buy from there everytime we have a family outing in one of the resorts in Los Banos.  Apparently, the dilemma on buying in Los Banos is the ever long queue of the customers, sometimes it even take us an hour or more before we are able to buy from this store.


Anyway, Boyfie was so excited when we saw this new branch because he was craving for the buko pie since April, he even wanted to drive one time just to buy one from Los Banos.  As expected, there's still a queue in the store when we arrived but not that long yet compared to Los Banos. 


They only have buko pie (P170), pineapple pie (P 170) and silvanas (P200) here, all other pies and breads like banana bread, tropical pie, etc are only available in Los Banos.  But I noticed that they have more offerrings here of their other products aside from the pies like the yema, pastillas and other sweets and kutkutin.


We bought 1 box of freshly baked buko pie (P170), barquillos (P80), yema (P65) and pastillas (P65), and we couldn't wait to taste this yummy buko pie again.  It was still freaking hot but boyfie already had his first bite.  #sarap



  1. Hello. Thank you for the post about the new branch of the original buko pie. Could you tell me the exact location of the branch? In google map I found a Caltex Gas Station in nearly middle of Sta.Rosa and Tagaytay near Lumil National High School.. But I wonder if it is really the Caltex which the branch is located.. Thank you :)

    1. Yes, the store is located within the area of Caltex. You found the correct location in google map, it is in the middle of Sta. rosa and tagaytay. :)

      Thank you for visiting my page ^_^

    2. great thank you very much for making it clear:) also if possible, could you tell me the contact no. of the branch if you know it ? we are planning on visiting it soon. thank you again.

    3. Hi sorry, just read this. There's no contact number posted in this branch. Hopefully, you already found the place. :)