Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mary's Fancy Chocolate

Few weeks ago, i had a visitor from Japan and as their custom, they normally give chocolates to women.  Lucky me, I always recieve gifts from my visitors... Hehehe!

The chocolate was gift wrapped so I had no idea what brand it was.  My colleague Carlo have been telling me about the Wasabe Chocolate from Mary's that he tried 8 years ago so he urged to let me open my gift and walah! It was indeed Mary's Fancy Chocolate.  There's description on each of the chocolate but there's no English translation so we had no idea where the wasabe chocolate was.

We tried the chocolates one by one but there's no luck, we let everyone try them too but no wasabe was found.  There were only 3 pieces left and we gave up.  I brought home the 3 pieces and gave them to my sister, she only got 2 pieces and gave back to me the last piece.

And, did you know that the last piece was the Wasabe Chocolate?  It was really good as Carlo described it. The wasabe chocolate was indeed really meant for me.  LOL!

 Lessons learned: 
1.  Don't easily give up ... :)
2.  The most ignored one might be the most precious one.


  1. Hi hi. You are indeed the lucky one:) and may lesson ka pa natutunan:)
    Mukhang sarap ng mga chocolates:)

    1. yep... minsan lang ako maging lucky mommy joy.
      Sabi nga nila: life is a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you gonna get ^_^

  2. Inggit ako is an understatement.