Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Haircut

When babies are about to get their first haircut, the old folks believe that it should be done by intelligent/talented people so that they will grow as intelligent or as talented as the one who cut it.  Our family believe in this superstition so when we had our niece and my nephew in the family, they asked me to cut it for them... i didn't volunteer, i swear! they just thought I am more intelligent than everyone else in the family, guess they have no choice though :P... so then I cut their hairs and thought it's worth trying, if it will happen in the future, so be it...

Those first hair cut moments were long forgotten until my sister reminded me last thursday about it.  My niece, Yanis Uaine got these several awards from the Nursery school: 2nd honors, Best in Math, Most Industrious, Most Polite, Most Diligent, Most Helpful.

I want to believe that it's because I did her first haircut that's why she had these awards but i really cannot. I know that everyone has their own level of intelligence and it's a matter of developing it.  I saw how my niece discover things, how she'd learn her first words when she was 10 months old, sang taylor swift songs at 11 months old, know almost all Barney's songs, learned the ABC at 1 year old, etc.  so I really know that she can learn and excel from school.    It's a matter of teaching the kids the value of education, having fun while learning and gaining friends, and most importantly, know their interests and encourage them to excel in what they chose to do.

I really don't believe in this superstition, but if you'll ask me again to do another baby's first hair cut? You can count on me :D

Friday, March 30, 2012


This morning, in one of our meetings.  Carlo, my officemate brought Snickers chocolate bars from Duty Free for the team.  I took 1 piece because I missed eating sweets, chocolates specifically, and snickers is one of my favorite brand of chocolates.  Who can resist this temptation?

Since I was controlling my sweet intake for several months now, I took the liberty in eating 1 today since I am already burning it during running, as for the soar throat? Well, there's always water station nearby and I can always gargle with bactidol to prevent it.  

While discussing the agenda, i felt some itch on my arms, scratched it a bit and ignored it.  Then, it become more itchy, when i checked it again, the itch marks has spread and they became more itchy and itchy.  I thought that something must have bitten me,but then I realized they appeared after eating snickers, then the itch won't go away, until I can feel my eyes feeling tighter and tighter.  Later on, i felt hot on my face, that's when I decided to take anti-histamine.  It somehow made a relief but then the side effect made me too much sleepy.

I never had allegries in peanuts or chocolates, I just know I have one in shrimps/prawn.  I'm really worried that my body is having more allergic reaction to food.... is this a sign of aging?  I think I now need to see an allergologist. :(

Monday, March 26, 2012

Daryll's Surprise

Early this morning, Daryll, my officemate asked our boss for a day off tomorrow.   He needs to prepare for their 13 years wedding anniversary.  Imagine 13 years of marriage and he still makes efforts for this wife.  I can see that Daryll is really a sweet husband, no wonder they already produced 4 kids. hehehe!

During lunch time, he asked me and Chesca on what food to prepare.  He wants to cook for his wife and doesn't know what's best to prepare.  He just want to prepare for lunch but we suggested to surprise his wife for the whole day.  Below are the options that we suggested:

Breakfast in bed:

  • Toasted Bread
  • Omellete
  • Coffee/Tea
  • 1 long stemmed Rose
Lunch Time:
  • Food from his wife's favorite restaurant
  • 1 long stemmed Rose
After lunch:
  • Drive his wife to the salon/spa, let her feel pampered by all the services enough to buy him time to prepare for dinner.
Dinner Time:
  • Steak - told him that he can buy fresh meat in Mahogany Market at very affordable price
  • Mashed Potato
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Red Wine
  • Candle light setting
  • Bouquet of flowers
He can actually involve his kids to help him on the preparation of food, so they've got to see how men should be treating women, (kidding!).... a good bonding for the family.

... I remember a book that I read before from Nicholas Sparks, it's called "The Wedding".  It's the story of the husband who took his wife for granted because of too much work, it was almost over for their marriage and he realized he wanted to repair and regain the time that was lost for all throughout their marriage. Their daughter came home one day and told them that she's getting married in a couple of weeks and there's really a little time to prepare.  The poor wife was the busiest among all because she wanted her daughter to experience the best wedding of all time, in which she never got to experience since they were not married in church..  She was actually having the headache because her daughter doesn't know what she wants so the mom's got to choose for everything... the motif, reception, the food, the music, etc.  Finally, during the big day, it turned out that the wedding that she prepared is actually for her own wedding, It was the kind of wedding that she imagined eversince. It's a dream come true for her and she never thought that it will ever happen. 

...I was so touch by the story and as usual cried while reading it.  All I can say is that, it's never to late to rekindle the love and passion of a long asleep relationship.  Someone just need to make an effort so before giving up, try your hardest to regain what was lost.  But if there's a chance to always show how much you love your partner, don't waste it... just Love... Love... Love!

The Sunshine Award

I was hesitant to do this at first for I have only 3 followers in this blog site.  See rules below:

·         Each tagged person must post seven to ten things about themselves.
·         You have to choose and tag 7 people.
·         Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
·         Have Fun.

But dear Michi told me that it's alright to just post the things about me and forget the tagging :D.  Well here they are:

I love pearls... i don't normally wear any jewelry except for the earings.  When I go to places, especially on islands, I do look for pearls.. i have several sets already, but if you get to see me everyday, it's as if I only have 1 pair.. ;)

I'm a bookworm, but i'm not Einstein... I just love to read novels and imagine myself as one of the characters in the story.

I'm a crybaby... i do cry when I read, I cry when I watch movies, I am always touched seeing poor children and elders on the streets.

I am neutral... I am Switzerland... :D.. kidding aside, I normally choose neutral colors, I am not too experimental on colors so you'll often see me in black, grey or white.  I want to change this for 2012, i want to invigorate the colors in me.. i want to change other people's perspective, they might see me dull but just wait and see a little color in me next time...i'm waiting for the feng shiu result for my lucky colors.

I'm not sure if I love classics but I am sometimes surprised of myself and have a little taste of classical books and music.

I love betty boop.  I think that betty can portray what I can't portray.  She's so confident and naughty.  She's I think my exact opposite.

I'm a daddy's girl... he always treat me as a baby, but when he's not around, I'm the adult at home... My mom is a queen and doesn't know anything at home, but she's cool... If we don't have maids, I don't know how are we gonna survive. :P

I think I have the passion to learn how to cook because I can cook whenever I want to... It's just that I really have no time to spare for cooking... so I just cook during Christmas season.  I really want to learn!!!

I have asthma due to allergies so I can't eat shrimp/prawns... i don't have vices as well, cigarette is my number 1 enemy, when I inhale a cigarette smoke, I can feel that my lungs are reacting so fast... but I think I was able to overcome this already, but still I normally stop breathing when I see that I will be passing by a cloud of smoke.

I am a mosquito magnet :(... If there are ten people in a room and 10 mosquitoes get in... before they bite any other people... they'll all bite me... I hate them so much!... 

I am sharing this award to (no choice):

* Michi of Michi photostory
* Joy of Joy's Notepad

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First time

Coming back to my senses and coming back to blogging this week, I saw this contest from Michi and didn't have a second thought but to join in... it's really cool following the instructions and because of that I had a window to read through her mom's blogs too, I think she's cool too, also known the GFC as the Google Friend Connect, hahaha!

It was really fun and I know there will be more contests like this in the future.  But you know what?  I never had any chance to win any raffle ever since... but there's no harm in trying, not for the prize anyway... for fun lang.. :P

join her contest at:

michiphotostory contest

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm back!

For several weeks, I undergone some personal battles and gave me really lots of things to think through that's why I missed a week or two of not posting anything, thought blogging will help release my stress but opted not to post because of some too personal stuffs and chose to just jot down in my diary again. 

 For those times of hardships, I have realized so many things in my life. I may not fully understand what all those meant but at least I came around and tried to fight for it. 

* I learned that I am incapable of trust (not totally but it's not normal) and with what I just gone through? I wasn't able to share them to anyone that's why it was so hard for me to understand and decide on what to do next. I had my family of course but I know they will not understand. I don't want to bother my mom, she had enough stress from his drivers and my little brother and sister? What would I get from them? They look up to me for advice and may also not understand my situation, or maybe i just don't give them a chance to understand me... I thought I have a lot of friends, true friends I mean but I don't trust them enough for me to share my very personal feelings. Don't pity me please... it's never too late and it was good to know as early as now that I need to be more open and learn to trust others. 

 * I became very complacent on where I am now and limited myself to what I have today... I didn't give a chance for myself to grow. I was very contented on what I have and didn't practice to ask for anything... I am really not used to asking help because I believe i can... Then, when the time came that I knew what I wanted and didn't get it, it made me really disappointed and nailed me that stage for sometime, it shook my world... Since today, I promise to never miss this another chance for me to discover the UNLIMITED ME. 

* I can go out myself... I can do simple things my own now. 

* Learned new hobby - RUNNING and met new group that I know I can belong one day... i started to know them for the series of runs I did from last week. They can share a lot of tips from their very own experience during their runs because they have the advocacy to teach newbies like me for free. I'll be joining them every Wed at the Fort. 

* I am better today, I can do better everyday. 

* Feel good everyday. 

* The most important thing is to lift up to God and trust that everything He gives me are for me to become a better person. 

... I thank God for letting me get through to this hurricane and to daddy long legs for receiving all the stones I've thrown and for swimming through my tears and hearing my endless tantrums. My mind is clear now and my spirit is up. I will try to keep this up. :D

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The tagging feature of facebook or probably other networking sites can make someone's life stir to a different twist.  Do you know the feeling when you are keeping secrets then suddenly you got caught because someone tagged you in his/her photos?

My only brother, his 23 years old now has been very secretive in his relationships and I don't actually get to meet any of his girlfriends (if there were, i really don't know).  I still treat him as baby brother as well as my youngest sister that's why they became dependent on me especially during their school years but they never got to share their love stories.  I never probe anyway, I just know they were not interested because they were still studying before.

Tonight, when my youngest sister and cousins arrived from their running session, they immediately went in front of the computer and opened their facebook account.  They saw the tagged picture of my brother from a girl showing a french fries formed date (3/3/12) and a note "thank you for this date".  The curious girls begun the search and browsed the profile pics.  It's really funny to look at them browsing every picture and making side comments.  Later, they found out that this girl has another boyfriend and my brother was just a bridge for his two friends. Boink!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Brain Frying Activity

In my work today, we are required to think of innovations as part of our metrics this year and until now I can't think of anything else related to my business.  Last year was a fruitful year for me, had proposed of 4 and 1 was luckily accepted.  Late last year, I also proposed another one in preparation for 2012 but was rejected.   Two hours of staring in my screen tonight, I'm still thinking of what to invent....I think my mind is really exhausted and even if I squeeze it, nothing will juice up.

It's not easy to invent things, inventions are either created by gifted people or ideas come in by accident.  I am nobody and I am no Einstein... I guess I will just have to let go of this for now, besides ideas will not pop-out overnight.  And, it's just the start of the year, long way to go... Kudos to those who already got one, proud of you all!