Sunday, November 11, 2012

I need a break!

I've been busy since Saturday in creating my mini-project for my invention this year.  If you are curious what this invention is for, I will not tell you since this should be a secret until approved for disclose to public.  Anyway, this invention thing is really a brain frying activity but we are required to submit one every year.

I am not the only one desperate to comply on this requirement but it is really hard to invent things you know! (eyes rolling)... I have 2 proposals for this year but I concentrated in one idea but it failed during testing.
I have only 1 week left and I am still trying to somehow get this 8% mark on our performance rating this year.   Anyway, the one that's keeping me busy right now is supposedly a part of the idea for the demo box that my partner Carlo and Mon are creating but they don't know how to build that idea to reality.

Being the one experienced in the electronics field, I volunteered myself to do the project for them... this will be beneficial for my performance metrics this year and this will also be a fascinating demo material for marketing our product... 2 hits in one stone.

So then, I started the research and bought my materials yesterday.  I was supposed to go to Raon, a place in Quiapo Manila where you can buy all electronics parts you need.  Two famous stores in Raon are:  Alexan and Deeco.  I was kind of hesitant in going to Quiapo since I had a very bad headache for the past days because of the extreme change of weather (too hot and suddenly the rain will pour).  Good thing, there's a Deeco store in Marikina near my boyfriends house and I didn't have to go to Raon anymore.

However, I wasn't able to find all the parts I need since most of them are out of stock and I needed to make some conversions and computations just to find alternate for the parts that I need.  But still I couldn't complete the parts so I needed to go find them to other places.

I was grateful that Deeco has a centralized inventory system so the store attendant referred me to Deeco in Cubao Branch near Farmer's Market... and finally I was able to complete all the parts I need.

Today, I started assembling the project....

... and I guess there are some discrepancies on the values that's why it is not working yet... My brain is again starting to reach the frying zone so I guess I need a break...  I'll try again later :(

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dreaming of becoming a president one day?

Just a hangover from the 2012 US presidential election: Obama versus Romney...  But did you ever dream of becoming one someday?... me? I don't...

I tried sitting in the Philippine President's chair last time and tried to internalize what kind of president I will become when I am elected in this position...  I decided to become "the toughest president", but doing just the pose is already hard... so I guess I need to drop it and go back to reality... hahaha!

Her excellency, Melody Balmes
Republic of the Philippines

Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Official Raffle Winning

I am so happy to have won my first ever official RAFFLE winning in my entire life.. this is in exemption on the e-book that I won the last time which was an e-raffle.

Anyway, I won a gift check for the upcoming BGC run this month (15 Km run). Imagine that?
I hope and I can feel I will win more of this in the coming weeks... besides, it's nearing Christmas, more parties, more raffles! Yehey!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time flies too fast

I miss the times when we can still baby my niece and nephew...

But now they are all so grown ups and already prefer different things.  They've grown out their favorites before and shifted to different things... like my nephew... he used to like Thomas the train, shifted to Ben 10 and now Transformers.

They grew taller and heavier and are learning new things everyday... they sometimes don't want to be kissed anymore.

They are still as sweet as ever but I missed the day when I can still kiss and hold them in my arms for several hours....

I miss our babies...

I can't wait to have my own babies too... hope it will be soon........


I wonder if I will also dress up my children same as my outfit when I have my own children someday... hhhmmm... pwede!

I remember the days when my mom used to dress us in all in one theme.  She would buy fabrics and will tell the tailor what design she wants and chada!!!

One time, she made us all pajamas including my dad... and all of us were like bananas and pajamas, so terno... too bad I can't find any picture of us in that blue pajamas.... but I think it was cute ^_^

The girl in the left side was me, I was just 6 or 7 years old and  I think I just came from crying here because my mom didn't want to buy me balloon  that time... hahaha!