Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zoobic Safari

We had attended the Subic International Marathon last weekend and I was supposed to run 21 km but because of my period my boyfriend did not allow me to run, this was the argument few days before the event... I tried to reason with him, but he still did not agree.. :(

Since the run will start so early in the morning of Sunday, the original plan is to drive to Subic on Saturday afternoon and check-in to a hotel nearby the place of the event so we can rest before the actual run.  But since I lost the argument to run the 21km, I asked him if we can add Zoobic Safari in our itinerary. #PampalubagLoob.  So we left Manila at 6 am and arrived in the area at ~10am.   The zoo opens at 8am so when we arrived in the area there were already lots of people around, mostly students from different schools and families with their kiddos.

Zoobic Safari is not like an ordinary zoo that we tried here in Metro Manila where you will just pass by each cage and take pictures.  Zoobic Safari is a 25 hectares land housing different animals (except giraffes and elephants) and have different attractions in each station which includes shows and interaction with the animals.

First stop is of course the main ticketing area where you can buy your passes to the zoo:
495 php - Adults
395 php - Kids (3 ft to 4 ft)
Free - Kids (3ft and below)

You will be given option to buy the shuttle ticket for only 50 php or bring your own car to tour around the area.  It is best to ride the shuttle service to avoid the hassle in following where everybody is going and the stress in parking your car in each destination, plus you've got to interact with other families and hear the tour guide's instructions and reminders.

You will be advised to wait to be assigned in a big group and while waiting, you will also have an option to have a picture taken to the white siberian tiger for only 240 php (1-2 pax).  I really want try it but as expected my very brave boyfriend said no :( ... so i just had my picture taken outside the cage of the gigantic white siberian tiger and the tiger background #corny!

We were assigned to Mariel as our tour guide...

After the orientation, next stop is the animal show...There was a parade of trained animals doing their different stunts plus the volunteers from the audience who want to play and interact with the animals where both kids and adults enjoyed.  I did enjoy the show and was thinking of bringing my niece and my nephew next time..the kids will surely love it.

Next stop... zoobic park

I have to take note that there really are White Carabaos, they are called Albino Carabarao... i remember joking around about it and wallaaah! white carabaos are true... hahaha!
Next stop, zoobic cave where you can find preserved animals... i feel for those baby animals who died and are just serving their purpose as preserved attractions.

Next stop, Forbidden Cave... I couldn't recall why it is called forbidden and I can't correlate any picture in it.. I just know, there are some hanging bridge, night animals and owls in it.

And then, the Tiger and Safari Ride where you will have to experience feeding the tiger... it's not actually the visitors to feed the tigers but there's an assigned person in each caged jeepney to feed them.  Chicken bucket can be bought for 200 php, the strategy is for the group to chip-in for 1 bucket. Limit: 1 bucket per jeepney.

And then, next stop is the close encounter with over 20 Tigers. Be warned, when the tiger raised it's tail up, that means it will urinate... the urine of the tigers really stinks and can last 3 days to 1 week before it's gone. This is the fact that I captured from our tour guide.

And then, the battery of our camera died down... we're not even through with our tour yet... we tried to capture using our phone camera but I still haven't transferred them to my laptop.  Anyway, there are still around 4-5 more attractions left and I will try to have a follow through on this post. :)

We had ~4 hours to finish all the attractions so I suggest you allot one whole day for zoobic safari.  I will surely go back and bring the kids with me on my next visit.  This is a must visit place!


  1. Thsnksfor the free zoo ride. Bagay din sa mga apo ko yan:)

    1. yes mother, di pa kami nakakapunta diyan. hehe!

      nagmura na yata yung photo, last year P500+ yata yung price niya dun sa nabasa ko na blog.

    2. for 2 pax lang kasi yung natandaan ko, depende sa number of pax yung amount.. di ko natandaan yung iba.. hahaha!

    3. @ joy: yep, siguradong magugustuhan ng mga kids... educational and fun!

  2. naku I look forward to go there too... parang scary yung feeding the tiger session...it reminded me of richard parker ng Life of Pie... Thank you for the tour... my first time na mapadaan sa tambayan mo, happy naman... wait ko pa 'yung ibang pics ha...

  3. Thanks for droppping by. I'll try to make a folow-up post for this trip, but will not promise ha. Hehehe! Thanks ulet!