Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Misalet

It's 11 days more to go before our big day... And we are just finalizing some more little details for the wedding.  The one we've missed is the misalet.  The church provided us the template for the misalet as early as I could remember but I think i prioritized the other bigger details and thought the misalet will be just easy to accomplish.   When I had the time and started to read the instruction for the misalet, I found that we are the one who will be deciding for its content.  I am lucky I have mommy joy of Joy's notepad who helped me on the bible verses... Thank you again mommy joy.

When I finished the content, we seek for supplier who could do the misalet.  The one in the mall has again a 100 pieces MOQ for 85pesos each... It's a big NO-NO, i don't really need 100 pieces of misalet you know, i just need at least 35 pieces. Our wedding coordinator Kate found another supplier, for 65pesos each but the leadtime is 2 weeks, di na aabot and we need to pay additional kasi rush na daw. :(

So, we opted to do it ourselves.  I thought it will be very easy but I was wrong.  The challenge was arranging the sequence into a booklet form back to back.  The pages should finish on even number so there will be no blank pages and be sure that every turn of pages will lead you to the next right page, took me half day to figure out the correct sequence.

We prepared the following:
1) board letter size paper for the cover (P33.50 per pack, 10 pieces each) - cost: P134
2) Printing on the board paper in Netopia (P10 per page, 35 pages) cost: P350
3) Printing for the content in Netopis (P10 per page, 6 pieces back-back) - cost: P120
4) Photocopy of the content in National Bookstore (P1.50 per page, 420pieces) cost: P630
5) 1 roll of Gold ribbon (30 meters, P4.25/m) - cost: P127

Total Cost: P1,361 for 35pcs (still a great saving versus P2,275 from the supplier with 2 weeks leadtime)

We had an option to photocopy in copytrade for P0.75 each but we opted to do it in National bookstore since we no longer want to drive to another mall.  It will be a great savings if we have a printer... Pero di na kami students kaya di na naginvest sa printer ulet.  So there are really other options if masipag ka para you'll have a much greater saving. 

So here is our finished product... Mission Accomplished!


  1. Turned so beautiful after all. Gawa nyo pa. I am glad na nakatulong ko kahit pano:)

    1. Always greatful I've known you mommy joy. Thanks so much!