Sunday, March 16, 2014

God's gift

Eversince 2014 came in, a lot of changes happened in my life.  I became a happy wife after i married my 12-year long boyfriend last new year's eve.  Packed my things and live together with my husband, and that means driving 1.5hours from home to office compared to when I was at home with my parents which was just 8 minutes drive. At work, new roles were given to me, meaning 3 bosses from the business aside from the 2 bosses that I have from technical.  Who's complaining? I'm not :). These are also the reason why I've been missing in the blogsphere for more than a month now.

Another big change is coming....

Last weekend, I thought my period was about to start.  I had some few drops of blood but then, it stopped.  I thought it will restart again after few hours or on the next days but it didn't.  This was when i started to suspect that I might be pregnant.  I also started to have some weird feelings.  Sometimes, I feel light-headed, feels like I wanna throw-up and in the morning, my breast are swollen.  I was scared to take the test at first, I wanted to follow the advise of my bestfriend Irene to wait for 2 weeks, baka delayed lang daw ako. Hubby and I agreed to wait for another week before we do the test.  You know it was so difficult to see the pregnancy kits just sitting on our medicine cabinet in the bathroom and not to use them....everytime I start opening the kit, i feel scared and immediately close the box again.

And today, it's been a week and it's time for us to do the pregnancy test.  Early this morning, before taking a shower to prepare for the Sunday service, I have confirmed that we are soon to become parents. Yes! Yes! Yes!  God has given us this wonderful gift... ❤️A baby soon! ❤️... Indeed a very beautiful blessing.  God is really good.  Thank you again papa God. 🙏