Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Puerto Princesa Palawan 2014

We had an early summer outing last February in Palawan with my hubby's family.  My hubby and I were actually just singit in this trip.  The trip was originally planned by hubby's cousins last year but it coincided when typhoon Yolanda badly hit the Philippines.  When the children re-booked their flights, the parents decided to also book theirs, then kami ni hubby we just booked last January and luckily found a promo in Air Philippines, 3Kphp round trip for two. 

For the past years we've been meaning to visit Palawan but everytime we plan to go, we always end up buying tickets to Boracay.  So I was really excited for this trip...  We were 3 batches to arrive in Palawan.  My hubby and I and his cousin RA we're on the 1st batch and arrived in Palawan at 5pm, the next batch arrived at 6:30, the 3rd batch on the next day.  

So being the first to arrive in Puerto Princesa, we looked for a coffee shop and found the Crossing Bridges just outside the exit gate of the airport.  The place is so open, no walls just pavements and the food was very affordable.  We had 2 french toasts and 1 clubhouse and several drinks and the bill if i'm not mistaken was just 600php, with free wifi pa.  We stayed here until the next batch arrived.

When the 2nd batch arrived, we went directly to the RAQ pensionne house.  It is not a hotel so it has a homey feel.  The place was very clean and the staffs were very accomodating.  When we arrived, there were welcome drinks and a rainmaker souvenir for each one of us.  The rate is php500/pax only.  Super affordable. 

Then we decided to take our dinner to one of the most recommended restaurant in Puerto Princesa, The Kalui.  On the entrance, you need to take your shoes, it was a barefoot dining experience for everyone of us.

The food was so yummy and affordable, 200-300php per dish.

The place was so beautiful, it seems like we had a photo-ops in here.  One thing that I was awed in that restaurant was the restroom.  I think i failed to take picture but it looked like a room where you can relax, ang bango at di mo feel na restroom sya.

We wrapped up the night with our tummy so full and the feeling so wonderful because of our dining experience in Kalui.   On the next day, we went for a city tour.

First stop, was the Roxas boulevard of Puerto Princesa, we just passed by the area so no pictures for the place.  Next, the Immaculate Conception Church which was damaged on World War II and was rebuilt 1961.

Across the street was the Plaza Cuartel, were hundreds of american soldiers were burnt in this place.  It was kinda creepy so we did not went inside.

Next stop, the PEARLs and the pasalubong centers.  We went to Delma Pearls and they offer the different kinds of sea pearls.  If you are eyeing for pasalubong you can get the fresh sea pearls from P10- P70 so I got few pairs for my sisters and my mom, t-shirt and sando for the boys.  But there are South Sea Pearls which are very expensive, naka-vault pa talaga sya because they are the most valuable pearls in their store.  1 pearl costs a thousand pesos, so if you want a pair of earings that will cost you 2kphp and just count the pearl for a necklace... Ang mahal!  But that was my only chance to get my own South Sea Pearls so i asked hubby if I can get one pair, and yehey he paid for it.. I was so happy, nakalibre!

Crocodile... Crocodile... Before going to the crocodile farm, we had a chance to taste one in Croconatics, there's a stall near the pasalubong center so we ordered crocodile sisig and tapa for take out. Crocodile was unbelievably delicious, promise!  On a side note, may nakapark na tricycle sa gilid, in Palawan it is called taxicle... It has a huge body compared to the normal tricycle we have here in the metro.

While eating crocodile sisig, off we went to see live crocodiles in the Crocodile Farm.  We had a chance to meet Rio, the 2nd biggest crocodile, 16.7 feet versus the famous Lolong of 20 feet.  So big and scary!

Hubby was so scared of the crocodile he didn't want to touch it... But I was persistent and convinced him to just have a picture with me for few seconds and then he left the crocodile in my arms na.. Hahaha!

Next stop, Senator Mitra's resthouse called Rancho which is overlooking the Honday bay.  They also have the zip line but we opted not to try them because we still have few more places to go to.

Then, we went to the butterfly farm and the tribal village.  I wanted to try to hold the snake kahit hubby was so against it but when my chance came, biglang naninigas na yung snake and pumupulupot na. Hubby was so relieved, hehehe! The tour guide said, baka nastress na, so ayoko na din noh!

And finally, The Baker's Hill... My MIL parang nag panick buying na naman.. Dami binili, so libre na naman kami lahat sa pasalubong and madami baon going to El Nido...Oh I so love their hopia...

...and I love the place too!  Sarap mag photo-ops... :)

Few things that Puerto Princesa must be proud of:
1) Puerto princesa is the most cleanest city. Mayor Hagedorn did a very good job implementing the no littering law.
2) The tour guides are excellent!  
3) People there are very tourist oriented
4) Abundant in fresh sea food and affordable restaurants.
5) Beautiful culture and tourist spots to showcase, and
5) the pearls of course

This is pretty much the end of our city tour.  We just waited for the 3rd batch to arrive then off we went to El Nido.  Watch out for my next post... Hopefully, it will be soon :)


  1. Very nice place. Naalala ko tuloy yong trip namin dyan:)
    Very nice bonding tine for you all:)

    1. By the way, pano mo edit pictures mo at ano gamit mo?
      Ang galing ng pagkagawa ng collages:)

    2. Hi mommy joy, instacollage po yung gamit ko :)

  2. Hindi namin napuntahan ang plaza cuartel and tribal village.

    1. Yung plaza cuartel across the street lang ng church, then yung tribal village kadugtong nung butterfly farm. May door lang leading to the small village and they'll showcase their culture, how they hunt, make fire and their livelihood.