Monday, August 25, 2014

28 weeks

Felt guilty for abandoning my blogsite for almost 5 months. Well, i really need to set priorities as I've been juggling the long travel, work, family and rest.  I am always out of energy after the long working hours plus the stresses in driving due to the frequent heavy traffic in C5.  

I went back to work after 5 weeks of bed rest. Slowly, I again started doing field works and at the end of the day, thankful that hubby is always there to drive us back home, so I have time to nap while he battles for the traffic.  On weekends, I still have some few errands to do aside from the monthly check-up with my OB-gyne.  So basically, I only have Sundays to rest, as in sleep all day long.  Para makabawi, I'll give you updates on what was happening in my life for the past 4 months.

May 16, after a week of returning to work and doing field calls. I had another spotting on the day of my birthday. The OB recommended again for a week of bed rest. Sorry for the mugtong mata, we still celebrated my birthday even after finding out the spotting.

June, attended the Christening of baby Robin (my ex-boss' daughter)

July 5, morning, It was my 5th month and we had the congenital scan.  We just thought that the ultrasound will just tell us the gender of the baby.  We were surprised that the doctor checked everything from head to toe, we were so tensed and nervous during the process and thankful that everything is normal.  We are having a baby boy. :)

In the afternoon was my mom's 60th birthday celebration.  We originally planned for a simple dinner and we'll just give her a brand new smart phone. But a week before, she demanded, este asked for a birthday celebration with guests.  So here I was, tarantang gulay to cancel the reservation for the dinner and search for a venue that can accomodate 50 - 75 pax.  

July 12, attended my bestfriend Irene & Gold's wedding.  My hubby & I were originally part of the entourage but because of my condition I begged off. Good thing, my condition got better and we were still able to witness their vows.

July 13, attended baby Seppe's birthday/christening.  I was the ninang of course :)

August, we had our group outing in Batangas.  Yes, this is how good my condition is now, I am able to join out of town trips.

Then, surprisingly, we are receiving a lot of gifts for our baby.

Two weeks ago, my nephew had an on/off fever. Without the parents, we needed to have a shifting schedule of sending the kid daily to the hospital to monitor the CBC, we were like this for the whole week.  And on the 5th day, my nephew was finally admitted to the hospital.  We stayed there for 3 days.

Last week, I've got a surprise baby shower from my team in the office. I originally thought it is just my other preggy officemate since she's already due for delivery on the next weeks. And then, the party was prepared for both of us. 

Now, I am now on my 28th week (7th month) and I can now feel his movements whenever he's awake, hungry or if we are stressed.  We are still debating for the name and we are still undecided.  This baby is giving his mom and dad a more deeper connection, love and so much happiness.  We are thankful everyday to God for giving us this precious gift.


  1. Welcome back. Natawa naman ko kay mother, birthday party ang gusto, hehehe! Mukhang mas magiging busy ka pag lumabas na si baby boy. :)

    1. yep. makulit talaga nanay ko. hahaha!

      ... I'm actually preparing my mind pati si hubby about the possible sleepless nights paglumabas na si baby. Dami ko nababasa na super irregular sleep and demanding sa feeding si baby. 100% breastfeed ang plan so malamang talaga puyatan ito.... kaya to! :)