Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Eversince I can remember, my dad has been working outside the country and has spent really less time with us. Probably 70% of his life has been spent to work and we grew up with my mom and my grandparents.  But regardless of this fact, my dad made sure that he always get in touch with us no matter what.   

In early 90's, I can still recall how difficult the communication was but our family still tried to keep ourselves connected. We used to record our messages in cassette tapes, made endless letters and shipped them with pictures.  Replies would come after a month or two, and sometimes even longer. 

Late 90's, RCPI was finally opened near our place, communication got better, we were able to talk freely and got to hear his replies instantly.  Schedule of his calls was every Friday at 8 pm,so we were always excited every Friday to go to the chapel and pray the rosary at 6 pm because afterwards we gotta hear dad's voice again. 

During high school, my mom bought a cellphone... a giant cellphone actually under Mobiline. Frequency of calls became more often and technology got better and better until we have the internet, and you know how easy communication has become. Even without my dad physically present in our lives, we felt as if he's always there for us. We understood his sacrifices and he always tells us, "i don't want you to experience what i had experienced before."   

As most of the people don't know, my dad was from a very poor family, his mom and dad were both farmers and he has 7 siblings. All of them worked really hard just to be able to go to school and finally, they became all professionals, almost. My dad knew every work that you can imagine. He's been a farmer, fisherman which made him a very good swimmer, a carpenter, a sales boy, a bagger, name it. He's a good student by the way and a math whiz. His dream was to take up engineering in Mapua but even if he worked day and night, he still couldn't afford it. So he ended up enrolling for night schedule in Technological University of the Phil (TUP) which is also a good school while working in the morning. He passed the board exam and is now a Master Electrician (same level as by boss today mind you) and was able to give his family a better life, all of his children are now college degree holders. 

We love him so dearly and we always want him to be pleased. He never demand for anything from us, but I always consider him in every decisions I am making, for that, at least I know I will be always on the right path.

....My goal is to accomplish his frustrated dreams and see him always proud of me.  So, you should know by now why I am also in engineering profession, and studied in Mapua.  And everything else that you can see from me have somehow influence from my dad, why I chose to appear to be a simple and a natural woman, why I have no passion for luxurious things, why I don't demand for anything, why I always keep my feet on the ground, why I'm contented on what I have, why I love dads.  

I'm guilty here, I am truly a certified daddy's girl... :D

oh oh...I lost track of time and it's late again. Will see you soon in my next post.  

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