Monday, January 23, 2012

Should I start my own blog site?

I've been reading the blog site of my friend's wife last weekend and was hooked into reading more (I will probably link her site here next time once i get a permission).  I started doing blogs 6 years ago in friendster but i was keeping it private, in short, no one's gotta read it except me.  Can you call it blogging or just an e-diary?  Too bad, I can no longer retrieve those blogs since friendster had a new face.

Since then, I've been thinking if I should start my own blog site and take the next level of blogging... blogs that can be read by anyone.  Let's just say that this lovely couple inspires me to finally reveal some of my hidden passion that I was keeping for the longest time.

But, how will I begin?

I'm afraid I might be sharing too personal feelings, so I'm still weighing things out.  I can definitely do blog like how others do theirs but I think the genre might not suit me.  It will be a challenge on how to make my posts different and interesting, so I guess i'll just try to be myself and see how it will go.  

...I am 27 years old, working and in a relationship for almost 11 years now.  So I'm thinking to make my story evolve from here.

Hope everyone will stay tuned.

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