Monday, January 23, 2012

A glimpse of me

Why should you be reading my posts?  

Let me start by giving you a brief background of myself.  My name is Melody, and it evolved to Mel as I grew older, same as what my dad and my brother are being called by their friends.  We are now 3 Mels in the family, but at least I am the only girl Mel in our house. :D

Being a very reserved woman, I don't normally share my every thought so writing became my easy escape.  I do normally write blogs before when I have extreme emotions, publishing it is a different story.  I just normally type and type the words until my emotion cools down, then just leave it saved and unpublished.

Anyway, as what I ended my 1st post, I am 27 years old, working and in a relationship for almost 11 years now. So, let me make this as a pattern for you to know me better.

27 years here on earth.  I let my life revolve around the people around me, my family and my boyfriend.  A responsible daughter and sister to my siblings, a mom-like to my nephew and niece, a friend of everyone... I'm not a saint by the way, but I think its the way how we were raised by our parents.   I became the tutor of my siblings and cousins at a young age, and liked the fact of guiding them to the right path.  I love children and the ultimate dream I have is to become the best mom on earth, that's why even not having children of my own yet, I got to be a mom to my nephews and nieces, and even to my small cousins.  

Working.  Have been working in several multinational companies dealing with microchips and other products that are making our lives easier each day.   I work to experience a working life and have a freedom away from my normal life.  Though sometimes working is stressful, it makes me a different person from a typical sweet girl to a strong and independent woman.

Love for a lifetime.  Having said that I am in a relationship for almost 11 years now, yes I know, 11 years is just too long for others but we enjoy ourselves together and our relationship is becoming stronger as days pass by.  There are several questions running into my mind but will just tell you on my next posts...

...As you read along my next posts, you've got to discover more about me...

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