Saturday, September 8, 2012

Having Break - the Japanese Edition

I had a Japanese visitor few weeks ago and he brought me a gift.  He was just telling me he brought me Kitkat, I was thinking, maybe he doesn't know we also have Kitkat here in the Philippines, but I'm still grateful for the thought.

Anyway, before he left the Philippines he handed me the Kitkat and surprise! it's a different Kitkat... it is Sakura Matcha flavored kitkat and I loved it...

The packaging is really cool, this whole pink thing around the box made me love this the more.
I want to go to Japan to see live Sakura... as in the Cherry Blossoms!

Have a break, have a Kitkat!


  1. ang cute ha! sweet naman ng visitor mo. =D

    1. yep yep! super cute talga...

      di ba pinapasalubungan si hubby mo ng mga visitors nya? hhhmmmm.... baka kasi masyado nyang sinisindak... :P hahaha! joke... baka kasi girl ako. :D