Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mindoro Escapade

Last April 2010, we had a summer escapade in the very island of Mindoro and will just relieve the experience through pictures again.

Day 1 - Pandan Island, Sablayan Occidental Mindoro. The sand is as fine as the sand in Boracay, a perfect place if you want peace of mind. Coral Reefs and fishes are extraordinarily beautiful than in Batangas or in Puerto Galera.  Philippines is oh so beautiful.

We were supposed to visit the Apo Reef but the waves that time were very big so the locals advised us that it's unsafe to go....  next time na lang ulet.

Underwater sight seeing thru the Glass Boat.

Day 2:
(1) Libuao Lake - lake with water lilies and lots of Tilapia (fish).  You can rent a cottage and spend your lunch in here... I wasn't the one paying so I guess the rates might be very affordable.

(2) Colonia Prison Farm - a prison of almost free people. Security is relied into barb wires, there are no escapees anyway and the prisoners don't want to escape because inside is almost a paradise. You can bring and live inside with your family, there are churches and farm lands, you can't ask for more. Cam and phones are not allowed inside so the photos were just taken from the vehicle.

(3) Pesing Park Parola (Lighthouse) - spectacular view of the islands and the perfect spot for the sunset.

The travel time:
                       A bus ride from Cubao to Batangas Pier - 2 hours 
                       Boat Ride (Row-row) - 2 hours
                       Bus ride from Mindoro pier to destination - 3 hours

It was my first time to ride in a large boat (Row-Row) and the experience was awesome!



  1. Wow, sarap naman ng trip nyo. Gusto ko rin makapunta dyan:)

    1. yeah! mura lang magpunta sa mga lugar na to... mahirap lang yung haba ng byahe...

      super maraming magagandang lugar dito sa Pinas. :D

  2. 7hrs travel time. napagod na ko agad. hehe!

    1. medyo nakakapagod nga, pero di ramdam kasi yung papunta evening naman, so parang natulog lang ako... pero super worth it naman...