Monday, September 17, 2012


Starting this week, I will become very busy and i don't know how long this will last.  Reading blogs became a routine in the morning and posting became sort of a habit.  I need to focus and de-focus on some things so I had no choice but to set my head straight.

While I'm away, I know I will be missing a lot from you guys.  I'll try to still update when I have a chance.  I bet I'll have a lot to update you when I get back... :D

Thanks for staying with me for quite sometime.   I will surely miss you all guys!

Picture taken during the farewell party for my previous company,  don't mind my eyes, they were still soar from crying.


  1. Ok mel. Looking forward sa pagbalik mo uli. Blogging takes much of my time too, no one knows, i will take free sometimes too:)good luck to you:)

  2. time consuming talaga tong blog. since nagseryoso ako dito, nako di ko na nababasa mga books nalang. most filipino bloggers are amazing. may mga content kasi compared sa iba

    just me,

    1. i couldn't agree more... i'm back to the blog world!!! yehey!

    2. i couldn't agree more... i'm back to the blog world!