Saturday, November 3, 2012


I wonder if I will also dress up my children same as my outfit when I have my own children someday... hhhmmm... pwede!

I remember the days when my mom used to dress us in all in one theme.  She would buy fabrics and will tell the tailor what design she wants and chada!!!

One time, she made us all pajamas including my dad... and all of us were like bananas and pajamas, so terno... too bad I can't find any picture of us in that blue pajamas.... but I think it was cute ^_^

The girl in the left side was me, I was just 6 or 7 years old and  I think I just came from crying here because my mom didn't want to buy me balloon  that time... hahaha!


  1. same here, nung bata kami pareho kami ng damit ng sister ko.

  2. uso yata talaga nung unang panahon ang terno terno... hahaha!