Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raffle winning for the FIRST TIME!

oh my... oh my.... For 28 years of my existence, and a thousand or maybe millions of raffles I joined, never in my life I have won any of them.    My goal is just to change my luck so I am still trying to join in raffles even in blogs.  So when I see the word RAFFLE, I will surely join and follow every steps no matter how tedious the instructions are (but only when I have the time) and no matter how petty the prizes are.

Last night, when I was about to sleep, I unintentionally checked my personal mail on my iphone, I saw an email saying I won an e-book.... My eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing.... I instantly opened my laptop just to verify... and whola! I really won... she's just asking the file format of the e-book so she could send to me.  I was so happy and replied back and after a few minutes, I received my WINNING.

I tried reading the e-book because of my excitement.  It is not my genre and it is kind of "sensual", so I stopped reading.. boooh!.  I couldn't recall that I even joined this raffle... hhmmm!
Anyway, the most important thing is that I finally won a raffle!!! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Will there be more winnings for me in the coming months? ... I BELIEVE! :D


  1. hindi mommy michi eh.. Maid for Pleasure
    50 shades medyo nacu-curious na ako dyan. someone sent me an ebook of that di ko ma-open, iba file format. hehehe!

    1. nabasa ko na pero skip ko yung part na R18, married na ko ha pero di ko ma-take basahin. hehe! let me know if you want copy, i can send the ebook.

    2. hhhmmmm.... wala naman mawawala... then hindi din ako makarelate pag pinaguusapan na sya, so might as well read it. just don't let your hubby send it to me... you can send it to hehehe! thanks!