Saturday, October 27, 2012


Last Thursday, I had lunch with my girls officemates and we just bought our food from the carinderia near our office.  I picked the fish cooked in the coconut milk.  It looks yum but I am not familiar much on the names of the fish except for Tilapia and Bangus, Joanne said the fish is called Tambakol (Yellow Fin Tuna Fish).

When we were eating, I felt something on my tongue and the itchiness intensified after a while.  I informed Faye about it since we both got the same fish but she is not feeling anything weird.  Joanne advised me to take sugar, but I opted not to.  Few minutes later, I felt my ears and face were becoming so hot so I immediately took anti-histamine.  I felt my throat is starting to get tighter as well...  I was waiting for the medicine to take effect but it seems very slow so I took another one.  Good thing I was able to meet boyfriend before the medicines took effect.

We picked up my niece and my nephew for the Trick or Treat in the office, but on the way to the office I was already feeling groggy.  I believe I was groggy all the time we were at the office, I even forgot to  take pictures of the kiddos... super guilty :(....

So after the Trick or Treat in the office, we sent the kids to play in the Active Fun located in the The Fort... (pambawi lang)....


  1. may allergy ka yata sa seafoods.

    btw, i'm tagging you on this post

    1. Alam ko sa shrimp lang... Hay dumadami na allegies ko:(