Monday, October 28, 2013

Officially Engaged

I know that you know my boyfie and I are getting married this December but there was no wedding proposal like those we see in the movies,  I didn't even got an engagement ring but I am still happy because for the longest time, we are finally getting married. We are just 2 months away from our big day but i am still hoping to receive a wedding proposal... I thought this will never happen as I don't even see a sign from him.  

Today, we went to the jewelry store to buy our wedding rings.  We got the latest design, a two tone (white gold and gold) with 5 diamonds for P48K.  We got a big discount and only paid P38K.  We both loved our chosen design and we felt they are really meant for us to wear.  After paying, we went back to the car.  He said he wants to pee so he told me to wait in the car for a while.  It took him several minutes before he was able to come back.  

Then, he handed me a box and said to try it on.  I said, we already tried them in the store so why would I try it again? To cut the story short, I found an engagement ring inside the box.  He said, he really wanted to give me an engagement ring, it's just that he didn't know my size.  For 12 years, we never had a couple's ring because I am not fond of wearing jewelries.

And today, I can say I am officially engaged.... Yehey! ^_^ #sohappy


  1. ikaw na ang officially engaged! can't wait for the wedding details... hehehehe

  2. Hirap pag ring talaga, yung sa kin binalik pa namin kasi maluwag yung ring. =)

    1. so tama lang din diskarte ni boyfie, hinintay na makapag fit ako ng wedding ring... less hassle nga naman :)