Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wedding Souvenirs

Is it a must to still give souvenir to your guests? Many suggests that since I already have a photobooth in my wedding reception, that can already serve as our suovenir.  But for us couple, we still want to give something our guests can bring home.  But of course, we want something that they can appreciate or consume, not like the usual souvenirs that everyone is giving like the figurines, display items, ref magnets (with the couple's picture?!!!... no way!) that we know the guest will just dispose afterwards.

We decided to give something edible as our give away so we considered several:

(1) French Macaroons - we love french macaroon but the cheapest that we know already costs P45 per piece.  We can't just give 1 piece per guest because it is too small.  3 pieces is the minimum that we can give.  Imagine P27,000 just for souvenirs?  (P45 x 3 =  P135 x 200 guest = P27,000)... So we scrapped the idea.

(2) Cupcakes - the cheapest that we can get for a personalized cupcake is P75 each.  This costs lower than the french macaroons and will cost us only P15,000 (P75 x 200 = P15,000).  We already wanted to settle for this but the cupcakes need to be stored in a chiller to preserve the frostings.  Since I have a destination wedding, the cupcakes should be picked up a day before so we can already bring them to the venue.  Without the chiller, the frostings will melt... Scrap!

(3) The Lollicake Factory - this store is owned by the actress LJ Moreno, she personally creates the items by herself and one of her bestsellers is the lollicake, a lollipop cake.  Who will not love this very unique idea? Plus, she can customize to your preferred design too, just perfect for souvenir, right?  I grabbed some of her creations in her facebook page: The Lollicake Factory

The Lollicake Factory is located in Unit 103 Westdale Residences Bgry. Kapitolyo, Pasig.  Store opens Mondays (2pm to 8pm), Tuesday (10am-8pm), Saturday (10am-8pm) and Sunday (11am-5pm).  I believe the cost of the basic lollicake is at P40 each and P55 for characters.  A great saving for us:  P55 x 200 = P11000 only.  We had few attempts but we failed to visit the store since everytime we want to go there, we were always stuck in heavy traffic on Mondays and my car is on coding scheme on Tuesdays and the store is already closed when we arrived.  As you know, almost all our weekends are already booked so we decided to make time to visit the store come November.  We still need to get a quote and know the logistics and storage requirements.

Funny though, after our appointments yesterday from the florist and my designer, it was almost 12MN and we still have had not taken our dinner... We were looking for a place to eat and we happen to pass by Banchetto in BGC.  While roaming around the food shops, we happen to passby 1 stall for desserts.  A lightbulb popped out and we thought that we can make them as our souvenirs.  We inquired and it was a coincidence that  Chef Rene, the one who's making those delightful desserts came from Cavite which is way nearer in Tagaytay. They can also deliver so we will have no worries for storage.  I got the contact number and gave it to my wedding coordinator this morning so she could visit and huggle for the price. 

We really liked the lollicakes so we think that we can get them for the baptism or the birthdays of our future babies.  But for now, we will settle for Chef Rene's delightful desserts.  It has already a good packaging so an additional ribbon, a tag or sticker will already make them a great souvenir.  Surely, the guests will like them too. ^_^


  1. What a nice idea:) good luck. Ang mahal pala mag pakadal:) huwes lang kasi kami hubby ko:)

  2. Oo nga mommy joy, mahal magpakasal... Daming add-ons, once in a lifetime lang kasi to kaya itotodo na namin. Hehehe!