Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tick tock....tick tock

Time flies really fast.  Now, we are down to more or less 10 weeks before our big day.  Every weekend we are out for different appointments and I think this will go on until end of this year.  Whew! I know it is a bit tiring but every accomplishment means a fraction of our dream becoming a reality.

There are few flaws however, but we are glad it happened earlier at least we can fix them instantly. Like for the case of my invitations.  We rushed making the invites since we needed to send them to our relatives in the other parts of the world.  Almost all of the stores that we inquired, the minimum order quantity is 50 pcs.  We initially needed 10 -15 pcs only but decided to get the full quantity and made it 75 pcs to save us time. I just wanted a simple invitation but also wanted it to have a glam so we chose an envelop type that is gold with silver lining (gold and silver are our color motifs, weird? I know).  The process of validating the wordings and the spelling took us more than a month before they got it all right (almost, I still found one error on the finished product.. Grrr! ). Then, we finally got the 75 pcs last month but they were not enough to cover the guests as there are more names coming up our list along the way.  So, we ended up getting another 50 pcs more.  

Last Saturday, since my car was on repair and we don't want to make plans that will involve travelling and a need to gas up, we decided to finish naming the invitations.  During the process, the first set that we ordered were all broken and peeled off, the adhesives no longer hold the cards in place, so we really had no choice but to repair them.  We already spent almost P13K for the invitation and spending for even another cent is not in our option.

I honestly have no passion for art but in times like this, i have no choice but to help.  Using the 3M double sided tissue tape, this made our life more easier rather than using glue guns. Our art attack project lasted until 3AM.  Imagine the back pain and the eyebags...waaah! #pandaEyes

After the tiring evening, we finally finished repairing the invites.  Thankful that there were no traces of damage, they are as if they are freshly out from the store.  We are really so proud of ourselves... Our job for this week and the succeeding weeks is mainly for the distribution and a door to door delivery for our sponsors.  

This is it for now, my schedule is getting tighter and tighter but hopefully I can still update you and give you some glimpse on some my wedding preparations...  ^_^