Wednesday, January 8, 2014

12-31-2013 Wedding Reception

What happened in the reception, I'll be telling the stories through pictures.  Below pictures show how my reception looked like before the party started.  Photos taken by Jops Espinili, a friend and the husband of my wedding coordinator kate:
At the entrance

Table arrangement before the guests arrived

Our love chair


Before we arrived in the reception area, I know everyone was hungry that's why I asked my coordinator to make sure everyone gets to eat.  Appetizers, fruits etc were served while our AVP for the prenup countinuously played on the screen and the N-tune band played acoustic songs.  When we arrived, we were welcomed by the guests and the party started.

Because our wedding date was the night before the New Year, we opted to keep the program very short and divided it to two parts so the guests who wanted to leave early can still take their dinner.  The first part includes the traditional 1st dance of the couple... And while we stroll the dance floor, the guests lit up their sparkles.

The cutting of the cake and the wine toast... 

Our coordinator surprisingly added a number wherein we will be saying our personal vows, and guess what? Hubby was prepared and I wasn't... Nyay!

Next, Picture taking with the couple and the most awaited part of all... The Dinner (sorry, i have no pictures yet)... While everyone was eating, we had the chance to say thank you to the guests and bade goodbye to those who will be leaving.

For the 2nd part of the party, our moms had their individual speech and I had a dance with my dad. Funny though, I was really trying not to cry and my dad was telling me not to cry and kept on nudging me with his shoulders so I will not cry, but i still did.  He just opened a topic so we'll revert our emotions to other things.

Then, I had a surprise number for my groom. This one I prepared (quite) by listening, but I had no chance to practice singing. I sang "Feels like home" by Chantal Kreviazuk.  #WalaNgAtrasan

Then, the garter and bouquet tossing... But we did some twist.  Instead of throwing the bouquet to bunch of single women and the garter to the bachelors, we made it into a kissin game.  We called in couples (not married yet) and the women were handed with red lipstick.  They need to kiss their partners and the pair with least kissmarks wins the game.  The least fortunate couple este the lucky couple Jeannine (sister of hubby) and Ged won the game. 

The consequence was, the winning couple will do whatever the groom and bride will do, the usual stuffs like macho dancing, etc.)

Afterwards, the Same Day Edit Video was played where it showed the summary of the whole event (will post it in my next blog)... Then, the guests were asked to go outside to witness the fireworks display (this happened before the new year countdown). This is pretty much the end of the program, hope you also enjoyed the party like we did.

...But the real party where drinking and dancing are involved will just start. So brace yourself and wait for my next posts. :)


  1. Looking forward for the next post. I am så glad that you shared this event. Para na rin akong nakasama sa kasalan:)

    1. I love telling the story mommy joy kahit medyo lutang na ako dahil sa kakaiyak. Hehehe!