Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wedding Video (Same Day Edit)

How lucky we are today that technology really makes everything possible.  Compared to weddings before, weddings today already have what they call SAME-DAY-EDIT Videos.  This video is the summary of what has happened on the ceremony and the early parts of your wedding.  Until now, I am still in awe of the result... still crying sometimes when I show this video to my friends and relatives #iyakinpadin

And finally, I was able to upload the same-day-edit video from our wedding.  Here it is.

Romeo & Melody
December 31, 2013
Church: Chapel of Transfiguration Calaruega
Preps: Taal Vista Hotel
Reception: Bali Village Resort and Hotel
Photography: Chito Ignacio Photography
Gown: NRG Bridal Couture
Bridal Car: Royal Carriages
Hair and Make Up: Teajay Nonato

The uploaded video seems not in its best quality... please feel free to check it out on this link posted by my coordinator Kate Espinili