Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Nurture Spa

Was surprised to see this still in draft... #latepost

Wedding preparation and the wedding itself is the most stressful yet fun experience for us couple.  The tiring days, the sleepless nights and the tears I shed to fight off the stress to accomodate all the requests and demands of our guests were all worth it.  I can't believe that a year of preparation ended just for few hours. What we couple said after the wedding.. "Yey, natapos din".

We really want to rest, as in rest, sobrang hinahanap ng mga katawan namin talaga ang rest.  Good thing, one pair from our sponsors gave us a Romantico Package in The Nurture Spa, still in Tagaytay.  We availed the package 2 days after the wedding because our families still stayed in another place in Tagaytay after the wedding.  Muntik pang hindi magiging exclusive because the siblings of hubby went with us to The Nurture Spa to checkout the place and they also loved it.  They were tempted to stay and avail the spa service, buti di natuloy.  What we did was to roam around the place, kulitan to the max and they left before dinner.

Lakad kalinga means walking in a pathway with different kinds and sizes of rocks in barefoot.

It seems very easy to look at but when you try it, you'll experience different sensations.  Sometimes the rocks are smooth, rough, tickling, painful, etc. and is very similar to our walks of life, you just need to stay focused, determined and hopeful that no matter how hard life is today, tomorrow will surely be better... Below are hubby, fritz my BIL, ged bf of my hubby's sister and their cousin elyzar.

Wonder what it feels like upon reaching the Yin-Yang?  It felt like your feet had a foot massage, it was actually so relaxing. 

There's also a place for the kids and for the kids at heart.

After they left, we availed the Romantico package.  It is inclusive of the following: overnight stay in a VIP room, romantic dinner for two, 1 hour massage, 30 minutes footspa/facial, breakfast and lunch.  

We were given the VIP room for our accomodation.  It's decorated with cute welcome note, bed of roses este rose petals and swan towels on our bed.  The restroom is as big as the size of the bedroom, it has huge bathtub and very wide windows. It was just too perfect for honeymoon.

We were advised to take an early dinner at 6PM since we are scheduled for the spa service at 8PM.  We had the most romantic candlelight dinner in the garden, served with delicious and healthy food and a glass of red wine which made the dinner even more romantic.  Toast!

When we went back to our room... The bed was again made up with another welcome note and free cookies... #sweet

The Nurture Spa doesn't have cable TV, but they have menu of DVDs where you can choose 3 movies. There's no telephone so you'll need to ring the bell from your door and someone will get you your chosen movies.  We started watching Shakespere in love when we heard a knock on our door.  The physical therapists informed us that it's time for our spa.  I don't have pictures of the spa area but all I can say is that it was one of the best massage I ever had. #SoRelaxing.  Then we went back to our place and had the best night ever... Sshhh! este Zzzz!

Woke up in the morning seeing my hubby still fast asleep, felt his heart, listened to his breathing and watched him for few more minutes... That moment was priceless! Was thanking God for giving this man to me, the man for me to love and respect...  His love for me is overflowing and I feel it everyday.  I woke him up then so we can prepare for breakfast.

We had a hearty and healthy breakfast and lunch then checked-out at 12 noon.  The experience in the Nurture Spa was unforgettable.  We were so pampered and really felt like VIPs.  

Final verdict for this place: the place, the food, the people and the service are excellent.  #SarapUlitin

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