Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Face - Show me some colors!

... i was thinking of going back to blogging for the past few days and i thought it will not be long... and now is the time for my great come back. Oh yeah!

Since I am feeling great today, "except that I am in a tele-conference right now, and a bit sleepy", I decided to have a new face on my page.  The previous design was kinda dark and boring... Now, although the background color is still black (sorry, I just love black and can't drop it), it has now some colors on it... I kept the backgrounds of the main page lighter though,to add some positive sides on it.

I think I had enough hiding of myself and I want now to share how colorful my life is.  I will no longer keep myself shy and it's about time for a more revealing and fearless posts...este... positive and colorful posts. ^_^


  1. ako nga di matahimik sa color ng blog. papalit-palit. hehe!

    btw! you can remove your captcha code. hirap makatama ng code. hehe!

    1. wait... meron ako nun? di ko lam... i-explore ko.. hehehe!