Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wedding Theme

It's been months since I was thinking of a theme for my wedding... my end in mind is 'simple elegant' but they are vague words...there are really  a lot of options and knowing myself I normally get mesmerized and get awed in everything I see. I can easily appeciate beauty, big or small and it is not possible to combine them all,  that is why it becomes really hard for me deciding which is which.

I was advised by my wedding coordinator not to rush because I need to know what I want and feel what my heart desires.  Can I phone a friend?  I need my sister... She's better than me in times like this...but she's not around so I have to do this on my own, I was asking boyfie and all he says was "whatever you want"... Yes, he's right, I am the star in our wedding and everything I want should be followed.  So, it took me several months to finally know what I want.

I haven't met with my designer yet for my gown because our scheduled meet-ups were always pushed out week per week.  I have no idea as well in what look I want to have so I have nothing to tell my designer.  So i browsed and browsed for wedding gown designs and capture those that I like.  After few months, i let my coordinator review them for me, and tsadahhh! we finally found the commonality on all the designs... VINTAGE....   It felt weird because I really have no idea about vintage but everytime I look at those dresses, they're the ones that stand out for me.  I will not share yet those that I think will use in my own dress but they will be something similar to these dresses below:

Ramona Keveza - Spring 2014 collections

We will add some modern touch on the vintage design to have some twist and finally, my wedding theme will then become MODERN VINTAGE, something that will meet my simple elegant desire for my look, not too grand like princesses or queens.  The challenge will be the look of the reception area, my wedding coordinator will surely have a hard job conceptualizing the look... But I trust we'll be able to think of something soon.  

One by one, piece by piece, we are starting to cross out our lists: 

Church... check!
Photos and videos...check!
Wedding theme...check!
Wedding dress...soon
... And other little details... This is getting more and more exciting!


  1. Modern Vintage? I don't like it... Change it! LOL

    They are two contrasting words. Can you think of something else?

    Grabe mahal magpakasal! I've been hosting weddings and my next sched is on Oct 19 sa Tagaytay.

    Keep us posted ah...

    1. contrast talaga..change it? no way.. hirap mag-isip kaya... hahaha!
      it suits my personality kasi makaluma pero trying to be modern..
      di ko pa din maisip kung pano... pero magiging ok din lahat. #keeping my fingers cross.

      Talaga, host ka din? hehehe!

    2. cge i-push natin yang modern vintage na 'yan.... hehehe

  2. Awesome Mel. Anyway, you are beautiful no matter what you wear:)

    1. thanks mommy joy... and i love you for finding me beautiful... hehehe!