Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tablea Chocolate Cafe

The first time I noticed this Tablea Chocolate Cafe was during my 2nd trip in Cebu inside the departure area of Cebu-Mactan International Airport.  I was kind of full that time because of the CNT loaded Lechon meal that I had for lunch so I did not mind getting another meal before my flight.

This May, I had the chance to go back to Cebu and in the departure area in the airport, I again noticed their spot.  Since I arrived in the airport quite late and I only had around 15 minutes before boarding, I just bought Sylvannas (210 pesos) to bring home as pasalubong.

My first bite on the Sylvannas brought back so many memories from childhood.  The bitter taste of the chocolate made me reminisce my grandma's china wares, white little tea cups where she pours the freshly made hot tablea chocolate drink, the tablea chocolate molded into small circles as "baon" in school during my elementary days, etc.

I loved to know another pinoy's best offering, making some chocolate inventions out from our local cacao nuts, preserving the local taste while making it a world class chocolate.  #proudpinoyagain.

For those who do not know what Tablea is, here's some description I got from their website:
Tablea Chocolate Cafe

Tabléa Chocolate Café was inspired by its principal ingredient. Tabléas (or tableyas) are pure cacao beans that are dried, roasted, ground and then formed into tablets traditionally used in the Philippines to make hot chocolate.  

Tabléa seeks to continue this Filipino tradition, while updating it by finding many new uses for tabléa, including unique hot chocolate variations; ice-blended Fríos; and a wide array of tabléa-based desserts and snacks.

Based in the island of Cebu, we are proud to use local cacao from various parts of the Philippines, and hope we can one day play a role in reinvigorating the Filipino cacao growing industry.

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