Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bag of Beans - Tagaytay

Had read enough from my birthday celebration last May? ... I know, I know! it's already June but I'm not through yet with all the happenings from last month.

... After my mini party at my sister's house in Betterliving, my brother in law was busy preparing for his departure going back to Tagaytay, for he was recently assigned to be reporting in their office's tagaytay branch.  He will not be bringing his car for we will be using it for the Friday's family outing, so he planned to leave early to commute going up to the Highlands.  My dear boyfriend and I volunteered to drive him to his office and my sister hopped along with us.

It was an unplanned trip so we had no plan going anywhere but to go straight to our destination and just grab a meal on our way.  Then, I remember that I always wanted to try BAG OF BEANS but the resto is always full of people everytime we wanted to dine in.  I was lucky that day I guess because there were only few diners and we were able to get the best seat.

The resto seems like a small store when viewed from the outside, but when you go inside, there's a stairs going down to the main resto and you will be surprised of how classy and huge the area is.   Pardon me for not arranging the pictures well... but I guess I will be sharing our experience through pictures again.

View from the outside

I'm always fond of pretty stairs but I'm really not good on walking in them.  

I ordered sausages and mashed potatoes, my sister had a porkchop and both my boyfriend and brother in law had the beef steaks? (sorry, i'm not sure how it's called, :P)... The prices are ranging from 150 to 300 pesos only and you can get the value of your money to the delicious food on their menu.

We were all full from the food that we ordered but we still had the banana split for dessert.  There were only few customers during that time but we hardly got the attention of the crews everytime we want to order or needed their service, we were not in a hurry anyway so we found no problem of the slow service since we were stationed not very visible to the crews' whereabouts.
Dessert - Banan Split

The place has different ornaments that made the place into a beautiful place.
Lights made of scrapped bottles

A lamp behind the big roots beside the stairs

 Bag of Beans is one of the best resto in Tagaytay, it's a must try. :D


  1. nice to try something new. At least I have seen the place:)

  2. masarap raisin bread nila kahit hindi ko mahilig sa raisins, inaalis ko na lang. hehe!

    1. so bread na lang sya... di na raisin bread.. hahaha! i love raisins :D... masarap nga daw mga pastries nila but i haven't tried.