Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I woke up last Friday morning feeling swollen and pain is everywhere, I had several field call schedules on that day so I needed to still drive up to Carmona when suddenly my head became so light halfway to my destination. I thought I just needed some fresh air so I rolled down my windows, felt better for a while but the light-headedness is still there.  I opted to stop in Petron Gas Station although Shell Station is the nearest one in SLEX going South Bound because I wanted to grab my breakfast in Mcdonald's... unfortunately, Mcdo is still under renovation and left my choices to Pancake House and Starbucks... I just didn't have the appetite to eat heavy breakfast so I had no other choice but to grab a Bagel butter w/ strawberry jam and Hot Choco in Starbucks instead.  I rested my head for a while because I couldn't eat my breakfast yet.  I didn't want to risk driving on that state for I know I am not a pro driver and accident can happen anytime.  I spent several minutes inside the car assessing if I can already drive or not still resting in my reclined front seat.  

Finally, I left the gas station past 8am feeling better and reached my destination.  I took my breakfast in our Carmona office and felt even better.  I attended one meeting and decided to cancel my other schedules in General Trias and Rosario Cavite, safety first!

I spent the whole morning in Carmona and still assessing if I could drive back to our office in Makati.  The doctor luckily visited the plant and I was able to consult her on my situation.  I still don't have fever when she checked me out, but have told me several reasons why I was like that:

1. Over-fatigue
2. Lack of sleep
3. Or, I'm pregnant?...  I WISH!!!

She then recommended me to take 1000mg Vitamin C with Zinc and advised that I should take Vitamin C everyday since I am stressing myself 4 times a week with heavy training and running.  She also advised me to take a rest, as in REST and not do anything for the rest of the day and on the weekend.  As if I can do that and file half day SL, sayang!... i was still hard-headed and went back to office instead of home.  I did felt better when I was in the Makati Office, and actually, no one noticed I was feeling sick that time.  I guess I still have the same energy level and with the body I have? everyone thinks I am healthy as a Carabao.

I had a scheduled uphill training the next day but I advised the coach that I'm taking a day off.  Surely then, on weekend, I spent my whole day in bed feeling feverish Saturday and recovered on Sunday.  

Until now, I'm still feeling the pain in my calves and sheen, so I needed to do the R.I.C.E. (got it from one of the coaches in Milo Running Clinic):

As a runner we should know R.I.C.E

I – ICE 

REST - We almost forgot about this, no wonder my body is starting to rally against my activities.

ICE and COMPRESS - I didn't know when to use the ice or Hot compress before.  I actually don't do it after every training because I am feeling exhausted and all I wanted to do is just to SLEEP.  Cold compress should be done within 24 hours of training to prevent swelling of muscles, afterwards  use the Hot compress to allow normal blood flow.

ELEVATE -  Elevating the legs is always helpful to relax the tensed muscles.
It always starts with R -Rest and have a proper sleep if not per day at least once a week

I learned my lessons now.
(1) Rest is always important
(2) too much can do more harm than good 
(3) know when to stop 
(4) Allow the body to adapt, heal and recover.

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