Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gastronomic Daddy's Day Special

I couldn't compose blogs this past few days because of the busy schedule from work and from my trainings, so here again a late post for the happenings last father's day.

...I wasn't able to look for anything to give my dad since he is not really fond of material things, I remember giving him ipod before for I know he loves music but then when he went back to work, his workmate bought it from him before he left for home again, i know how boring their lives in the ship so maybe his workmate did asked my dad for something to listen to to even pay for it twice the price.  I bought him Lacoste rubber shoes but I can't recall now if he even wore it, bought him some random shirts and pants but my dad always has his favorites, he goes for Plain shirts and the ever Levi's 501 pants.  I just know he did like the Ray-ban sunglasses boyfriend gave him last year, i saw him using it for several times now.

For the father's day I thought of just dining in somewhere.  But since I was again busy on the week before the occasion, I wasn't able to reserve any place.  I tried calling restaurants saturday morning, unfortunately all of them are fully booked.  I came across the Tong Yang restaurant and learned that they already have branches in Makati and in Malate inside the Diamond Hotel.  Of course, Tong Yang in Malate area is more nearer our place so I tried calling it first.  The phone just kept on ringing so i tried the Makati branch.  I learned from the receptionist that they already closed the Malate branch and will be opening one in Robinsons Ermita soon.  Luckily, the Makati Branch still can accomodate 10 pax and was able to reserve us for 6pm.

Tong Yang is a Shabu-shabu and Bbq Restaurant serving more than 100 types of different meats, vegetables and desserts.  We only paid 585Php per pax and we had a feast!

Happy Father's Day papa!


  1. Wow, dami ng pagkain . You are a very thouhgtful daughter:)

    1. Dads deservebthis kind of treats once in a while.