Monday, June 18, 2012

Wishes for my dad

Have been inspired by the post of Em of Akira and Everything Nice about 50 rules for dads of daughters.  I was so touched on how Akira and his dad bond together.  So I thought of creating one for my dad as well...

...I wish my dad saw us while we were growing up.

...I wish I was holding his hands during the times I was not feeling well.

...I wish my dad walked up us in the stage as we receive our medals every end of school years.

...I wish my dad thought me how to tie knots because I didn't learn knotting during the girls scout

...I wish he was there every time I cry because I didn't normally receive any gift from my Ninong and Ninang during Christmas.

...I wish we have more pictures together

...I wish he was always there during my birthdays

...I wish he scared my boyfriend when I first introduced him

...I wish I had a dance with him on my 18th birthday

...I wish I can recall moments like those of Akira with my dad, but seems his urge to give us a better life limited our moments together.

Regardless of those wishes, I cherish every moment when he is with us...

...I love when he cooks for us especially the midnight snacks

...I love pretending I ate all the food served in my plate just to get the money posted in the door as a price for eating more every time.

...I love him even if he cut our hair into his "Barbie Style" haircut.  *Barbie Style is a shorter version Dora the explorer hairstyle.  We were all so thin then and he was telling us that the nutrients are going to our hair, so we need to keep it shorter.

...I love the times when he was bringing us to the beach, taught us how to swim and went home all so tan.

...I love when we just walk in the park at night and buy burgers in Frank's burger, each of us sipping coke in the plastic.

...I love every time he tells my mom to let us play with our toys.  *My mom wants to always keep our dolls in her China Cabinet.

...I love him when he tried to teach us Karate so we can defend ourselves. *My dad was a Karate Black Belter by the way

...I love his humor

...I love him when he went with me during the enrollment in college, wearing the all so proud dad look, like the rest of the parents waiting for us freshmen to finish the queue and especially love him when he was able to attend my college graduation and still wore the same all so proud dad look.

...I love hearing him so proud of our achievements

...I love him when he went with me to have a 2nd opinion when my medical said I have something in my breast 6 years ago but gratefully it was just excess fats. #scary moment

...I love him when he asked the nurse to call the doctor to do the dextrose installation instead when I was last confined due to asthma attack 3 years ago.  I saw the  pain in his face when he saw me crying behind the pillows after the 8th try of the nurse and still couldn't do it right.

............I have all the pages to write all the things I love about my dad but I know I am already boring you...  I just can't thank him enough on all the sacrifices he made for us all.... We love him so much and now he's about to retire, we now have a chance to show him our love everyday.

...It's our time to let him feel special so we gave him a gastronomic treat for the father's day.  Will tell you the details in another post.

Also check out my other post to know why I am a certified daddy's girl.


  1. I was so touched at nakakaiyak naman although my part na nakakatawa about the hair cut. Thanks for sharing this. Nalala ko tuloy father ko who passed away many years ago. Pero, if I write about it, baka maiyak ka din.....but maybe one day.

    1. hi joy, laging mababa luha ko when talking about dads... i just so love dads because of the sacrifices they do for their kids... but i believe they are of equal sacrifice with the mommies, it's just that it is not for my case. :D

  2. daddy's girl ka nga. like you, wala din ko natatanggap sa ninong at ninang ko.

    1. actually we all are daddy's girls and boy... my sister actually started blogging and her first post is about our dad...

  3. my favorite blog of yours so far.. I feel you. :)