Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's never too late for summer

It's been a while since I last posted my blog, my busy schedule since last week won't permit me to create one.  I will still be busy this week and I should be preparing for our upcoming event in SMX, but here I am again tempted to compose another blog.

Anyway, I just attended two outings from my two groups last week.. one for my business and one for the technical group, No need to elaborate on the groupings, just absorb that I belong to two groups in our company, ok?  There were lots of activities so I hope I've got to share our fun through pictures:

Our business group left Manila early morning of Wednesday and met at Petron SLEX for breakfast in Pancake House.
Breakfast in Pancake House
After breakfast, we traveled around 2.5 hours before reaching Lago de oro Beach Club in Calatagan Batangas.  Lago de Oro is a cable ski park and resort and is famous for wakeboarding activities nearest to the metro until we learned that they have opened another one at the Solenad 2 located in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna which is way nearer to the metro .  Our organizers might have not known this new place earlier, so we still needed to drive several hours just to reach the place.

I found this picture from their website and it says the first cable wakeboarding park in the Philippines, i'm not really sure about this but as far as I know, CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex) in Camarines Sur was the first wakeboarding park in the Philippines.
I tried not to do the wakeboarding at first since I still have my leg injury due to running, but I can't really say no to the team.

This is not actually my first time to experience wakeboarding.
I have tried it in CWC 2 years back 

Looks like a pro?

Boink! I didn't even reach half of the beginners lake.  hahaha!  
I can still recall that the instructor in CWC almost gave up on me before I did cross the lake.  So I didn't push my luck here in Lago de Oro.  I just accepted that Wakeboarding is not my thing.  The guys enjoyed skiing and tried it to the actual wakeboarding area while us girls enjoyed the swimming pool.  I believe no one's gotta finish 1 loop and then the operation was stopped due to the lightning.  In fairness to Lago de Oro, they have lightning detector that measures the distance of the lightning to the area.  When it reached a certain distance and became hazardous, the management decided to stop the operation.  Safety first!

So then, we left for lunch and dined it at Kainan sa Dalampasigan in Nasugbo Batangas.  It seems like a resto in a forest when you enter the place going to the parking area, there were lots of areas wasted that can be converted into beautiful gardens, sayang!  

The food is really good though and our hungry tummy consumed all the food in no time. ^_^ 

Mini falls and the roots falling out from the roof made the feel of a forest in the resto.
After then, we again drove to Cita's Resort in Tagaytay to rest and stay overnight.  Cita's garden was one of my choices to spend my birthday before, I have to say the this place is more smaller than the Wooden Bridge Resort.   The problem with the place is the limited restroom.  Since we are only 3 girls, we had our own room upstairs and no restroom available for us but the common restroom outside.  Lucky for the boys they had their own restroom which is more wider and cleaner, so we girls needed to control our liquid intake just to limit our use of restroom because everytime we need to use it, we needed to pass through all the boys beds before reaching the restroom.  It's really a hassle for us girls, huh!

For dinner, we dined it at The Boutique Hawaiian Bar-b-que.  The place is so cozy and we girls just loved the restroom.   

Grilled chicken with mango dip
(don't really know how they call this dish but the taste is good)

I can't comment any further, I really can't recall how it tasted I just know I love the grilled pineapples.

And of course, videoke galour!

The videoke King and Queen - Chris and Cheska

Kwento magdamag

Poker Boys

Cheska for her final farewell to the group.
She's not leaving the company by the way and is just transferring to other group.
This leaves us to only 2 girls in the group.
She's our baby, very down to earth, jolly and excels in what she does.
We will surely miss her around.

This is just the first day and with my business group, I still had activities for my other group the next day.  Isn't it tiring?... naaah!!!!  It was definitely FUN!


  1. I enjoyed looking at your trip with your friends. It was like I was there with you:) Thanks for sharing. gonna wait for the next time!

    1. hi joy! they are my workmates in 3M. di mo na notice? nandyan si ariel, lagi nga lang nasa malayo kaya di mapansin... hahaha!

    2. hindi kasi mahilig magpapicture at magpicture yan kaya lagi ko wala picture sa alis namin, unless sabihan ko siya na kunan ko, hayz...

      hinahanap ko semplang pictures niya. wala yata sa fb post ni tommee (tagged). =)

  2. hhhmmmm... mukhang wala nga. medyo malayo din narating ni manong ariel nun pero mas magaling si Gian on the first try. then di nila tinantanan yung sa malaking lake, kaya yun, nung morning on our way sa Fuego sabi nya mukhang dislocated daw left arm nya...but i bet he enjoyed it a lot.

    1. kung hindi yata pinagbawalan, hindi niya titigilan yun. buong weekend masakit ang arms niya.