Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cold Stone Creamery in the Philippines

The first time I heard about Cold Stone was from my sister when she went to the US few years back. No wonder when my runningmates talked about Cold Stone in Serendra, I already know it is the same ice cream parlor that my sister was telling me before.

Cold Stone is the most talked about ice cream in town and of course I insisted on trying it out although I should already be on diet. #cheatday.  The company history is already posted on their walI when you enter their place, so I guess there's no need to retype. #tamadmode.

I will be sharing though my thoughts and hope you'll join me in reliving my few minute experience in this place.   The moment we opened their door, we were welcomed by the very enthusiastic staffs.  The energy level of the staffs are so high as if we were the first customer they got.  They assisted us and explained their offerings.  Cold stones' best sellers are already labeled as their signatured mixes but you can always create your own mix.  After choosing your flavor and mixes, the staff will start mixing them in a granite stone.  Wonder why they use a granite stone?  Same here, I am also curious so I did a little research.
Based on the website I saw,  ice cream is like granite... How?  Both ice cream and granite start out as liquids which when cooled became solid, and both will melt again if the temperature gets hot enough.However, ice cream freezes at temperatures below 0°C, while granite freezes at temperatures below ~650°C.  It is also true that as both granite and ice cream increase in temperature to near their respective melting points, they get softer, as those of you who like to microwave your ice cream can tell.  So the properties of both ice cream and granite are indeed correlated.

To continue, after mixing all the ingredients in the granite stone, the staffs will surprise you with their stunts.  Your ice cream will be tossed in the air and throw it to another staff and capture it with your ice cream cup in precision. It was so cool!  I was so amazed so I wasn't able to capture the stunts.  
I got a pistaccio mixed with almonds and boyfie got one of the signatured mixes: the peanut butter cup perfection, it is a mix of dark chocolate ice cream (P158), peanut butter, reese's peanut butter chocolate and chocolate fudge (P168)

Well, my taste buds are not really a very good judge for food because I appreciate almost everything but i can tell what's not yummy for me.  For Cold Stone ice cream, i'll give 2 thumbs up for the taste and a standing ovation for the staffs' performance. So, here I was enjoying my ice cream.  Enjoy your evening everyone!

Cold Stone Cremery
Serendra, BGC
Taguig City


  1. There was a Cold Stone Creamery in Greenbelt before. 2008 yata, if I remember correctly. They closed down. Late I heard they were just testing the waters to see if there would be a market for them here in RP. Now yata, fully operational na talaga. =)

    1. Wow, i didn't know that... It took them 5 years to finally be convinced to operate here in PH. Aside from Serendra, they also have another branch in MOA. :)

  2. dami ko nang dapat puntahan dyan. tyak tataba ako:)

    1. kaya nga nananaba ako mommy joy lately.. hehehe!