Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy birthday dear fiance!

It's my dear boyfie's birthday today and we are just stuck here in his room and decided not to go anywhere or even eat in a fancy restaurant... Why? Because he is so excited to play with his GTA (Grand Theft Auto 5) in his X-box 360.  This is always the gift that he wants for his birthday for few years now.  The release date of this game is always on his birthday that's why I really need not to think of any gift for him every year.

Reserving for a copy of this game only costs P500 in Data Blitz. You would be surprise with the long list on the reservation and we were lucky that we  still we're able to get one.  We had 6.5% discount plus a poster for buying on the first day... And all the CDs for this game were sold out afterwards... famous game, huh?.... Whew! Gamer it is!

A week before his birthday, I got him a Kinect for X-box.  Kinect is an accessory for x-box that detects voice commands and has a motion sensor... Original price is ~P6500 so I was having a second thought.  Apparently, we saw an ad in of Kinect (2nd hand) for only P3500 only.  I asked boyfie to try calling the seller and when he dialed the number, he was surprised that the number registered to a friend's name.  So we were able to get this Kinect for only P3000. #GoodDeal.  Try visiting, there's always a good find there.

So finally, we were able to try the Kinect and enjoyed a great dance night with Dance Central 3 and ultimate Zumba... #PawisToTheMax #HappyDancing... Nothing really beats a family bonding moment... 

Ooops!  I think the Yellowcab delivery is already here... Pizza, anyone?


  1. Wow... heypee bday kay fiance!!! Good buy ha... 3K lang...

    1. oo nga eh.. slash ang wallet kung di ko nakita tong 2nd hand.. hehehe!

  2. Happy birthday to your sweetheart:) .Glad all of you had a great time:)