Saturday, September 14, 2013

Flower deliveries around the globe

September is the birth month of the two of the most important people in my life.  My sister Mabz's (13th) and boyfie's (18th).  Let me share with you the birthday of my sister.  I was supposed to be posting this yesterday but I waited for pictures to be posted in facebook first.

A week before today, my brother in law thought of giving my sister a present on her birthday but since she is in Australia he thought it will be impossible. It's the 1st year for my sister to celebrate her birthday away from us and although she is with her friends and co-workers, I bet there's part of her heart that is still missing... her family.

I read somewhere that there are some flower shops that are catering international deliveries but I  was not quite sure.  So I consulted Mr. Google and noted two online shops: Manila Flower  and Pickup Flowers 

I sent these links to my BIL and he tried ManilaFlowers.  He did chose the flowers and the arrangement, put some information and ordered the flowers.  The delivery leadtime is about 2-3 days, so we were still just on time.  The only trick is that, the mode of payment available is only thru Paypal.  My BiL tried creating an account but he was experiencing error on his email address.  So I created my first ever Paypal account and that was what we used to purchase.  

We were hoping that Manila Flowers will be able to deliver his present on the day of her birthday and true enough when my sister went home from work yesterday, a bouquet of flowers is sitting in her doorstep.  She did not expect to receive anything on her birthday and indeed was very surprised how his husband did it.  She was very happy. #thoughfulhusband

My BiL also invited us over for a small dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday.  We are greatful to the technology, she can see us celebrating her birthday thru Skype.  There's really nothing impossible in this world, talagang pag may gusto, may paraan.   Thank you Yang for making my sister super happy.

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