Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The tagging feature of facebook or probably other networking sites can make someone's life stir to a different twist.  Do you know the feeling when you are keeping secrets then suddenly you got caught because someone tagged you in his/her photos?

My only brother, his 23 years old now has been very secretive in his relationships and I don't actually get to meet any of his girlfriends (if there were, i really don't know).  I still treat him as baby brother as well as my youngest sister that's why they became dependent on me especially during their school years but they never got to share their love stories.  I never probe anyway, I just know they were not interested because they were still studying before.

Tonight, when my youngest sister and cousins arrived from their running session, they immediately went in front of the computer and opened their facebook account.  They saw the tagged picture of my brother from a girl showing a french fries formed date (3/3/12) and a note "thank you for this date".  The curious girls begun the search and browsed the profile pics.  It's really funny to look at them browsing every picture and making side comments.  Later, they found out that this girl has another boyfriend and my brother was just a bridge for his two friends. Boink!

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