Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Haircut

When babies are about to get their first haircut, the old folks believe that it should be done by intelligent/talented people so that they will grow as intelligent or as talented as the one who cut it.  Our family believe in this superstition so when we had our niece and my nephew in the family, they asked me to cut it for them... i didn't volunteer, i swear! they just thought I am more intelligent than everyone else in the family, guess they have no choice though :P... so then I cut their hairs and thought it's worth trying, if it will happen in the future, so be it...

Those first hair cut moments were long forgotten until my sister reminded me last thursday about it.  My niece, Yanis Uaine got these several awards from the Nursery school: 2nd honors, Best in Math, Most Industrious, Most Polite, Most Diligent, Most Helpful.

I want to believe that it's because I did her first haircut that's why she had these awards but i really cannot. I know that everyone has their own level of intelligence and it's a matter of developing it.  I saw how my niece discover things, how she'd learn her first words when she was 10 months old, sang taylor swift songs at 11 months old, know almost all Barney's songs, learned the ABC at 1 year old, etc.  so I really know that she can learn and excel from school.    It's a matter of teaching the kids the value of education, having fun while learning and gaining friends, and most importantly, know their interests and encourage them to excel in what they chose to do.

I really don't believe in this superstition, but if you'll ask me again to do another baby's first hair cut? You can count on me :D


  1. wow! congratulations: galing naman ng pamangkin mo. mana siguro sa yo. hi hi. Kung totoo yang supertitions na yan, then I must be proud for everything that my children accomplished. Ako yata ang gumupit ng mga hair nila for the first time. hi hi. Joke only. I give all the credit to GOd and to themselves.

  2. Hahaha! Pwede nga, tsaka nasa lahi yan.... I agree, God gave us all different talents, it's a matter of how we develop and use it.