Monday, March 26, 2012

Daryll's Surprise

Early this morning, Daryll, my officemate asked our boss for a day off tomorrow.   He needs to prepare for their 13 years wedding anniversary.  Imagine 13 years of marriage and he still makes efforts for this wife.  I can see that Daryll is really a sweet husband, no wonder they already produced 4 kids. hehehe!

During lunch time, he asked me and Chesca on what food to prepare.  He wants to cook for his wife and doesn't know what's best to prepare.  He just want to prepare for lunch but we suggested to surprise his wife for the whole day.  Below are the options that we suggested:

Breakfast in bed:

  • Toasted Bread
  • Omellete
  • Coffee/Tea
  • 1 long stemmed Rose
Lunch Time:
  • Food from his wife's favorite restaurant
  • 1 long stemmed Rose
After lunch:
  • Drive his wife to the salon/spa, let her feel pampered by all the services enough to buy him time to prepare for dinner.
Dinner Time:
  • Steak - told him that he can buy fresh meat in Mahogany Market at very affordable price
  • Mashed Potato
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Red Wine
  • Candle light setting
  • Bouquet of flowers
He can actually involve his kids to help him on the preparation of food, so they've got to see how men should be treating women, (kidding!).... a good bonding for the family.

... I remember a book that I read before from Nicholas Sparks, it's called "The Wedding".  It's the story of the husband who took his wife for granted because of too much work, it was almost over for their marriage and he realized he wanted to repair and regain the time that was lost for all throughout their marriage. Their daughter came home one day and told them that she's getting married in a couple of weeks and there's really a little time to prepare.  The poor wife was the busiest among all because she wanted her daughter to experience the best wedding of all time, in which she never got to experience since they were not married in church..  She was actually having the headache because her daughter doesn't know what she wants so the mom's got to choose for everything... the motif, reception, the food, the music, etc.  Finally, during the big day, it turned out that the wedding that she prepared is actually for her own wedding, It was the kind of wedding that she imagined eversince. It's a dream come true for her and she never thought that it will ever happen. 

...I was so touch by the story and as usual cried while reading it.  All I can say is that, it's never to late to rekindle the love and passion of a long asleep relationship.  Someone just need to make an effort so before giving up, try your hardest to regain what was lost.  But if there's a chance to always show how much you love your partner, don't waste it... just Love... Love... Love!


  1. tips for me too who had been married for over 21 years. But like you said, love,love,love. That is all it takes:)

  2. pakifriend nga si daryll kay ariel baka mahawa ng pagiging thoughtful and sweet. =) i've read that book.

  3. hahaha! sabihan ko nga... pero knowing Ariel (not long enough for me to judge him) pero mukhang di nga sya ganun ka showy... hayaan mo, i'll help you. ;)

  4. @joy... wow! 21 years? that's incredible...
    My parents are married for over 30 years, but my dad is always away for work... but he always makes up the time when he's here and he's the sweetest. :D

    Hope to also have the same kind of marriage. Long and Happy.

    @Michi, may pag-asa pa yang si Ariel... don't lose hope.. .hahaha!... kidding aside, basta happy kayo, and I know how he loves you and ethan so much, that's the most important thing.